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Whatcha smokin, drinking, or taking
Post experiences
Favorite and least favorite drug
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Haven't been outside in a couple weeks

Really want to go outside but I hate hot weather. anyone else?
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>want to go outside
>cant go outside without a reason because im scared to go around because people will think im a rapist or isis bomber
It's cool out early in the morning
>tfw want to go outside
>tfw outside but want to go back inside

Me everytime

The pics normies post make it look like being outside is cool but the reality is it's fucking boring.

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No, this is isn't a self-help or "b urself" normie advice. That's not about getting laid, working out or getting your life together. It's a zero-effort way to feel better. It's about trying to feel better every day robots. I'm on day 2 of my experience and it's going great so far. I'm more or less a NEET since I left education and my family is away so I have a lot of time for myself.Anyway, post feedback or your daily routine. Here are tricks that I found make me feel better:

>stop doubting myself (only check once for door closed/right animu episode/gas valves closed)
>go to sleep between 00:00 and 01:00 AM
>wake up between 9:00 and 11:00 AM
>stop picking my nose
>don't overthink
>don't think about the future
>don't think about her
>maximize escapism, minimize real-lifeism, minimize sources of anger
>go out with mom to the mall/restaurant at least twice a week when she visits
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But I hate being around my family.
That's up to you, but it worked for me. They also take it as a reward for allowing me to stay home so they leave me alone the rest of the time
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>gas valves closed

many robots would want the opposite

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>jacking it with dog in the room
do they understand what im doing?
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No they don't have thumbs
Idk dude. My dog can open closed doors and walks in on me all the time. Annoying af desu.
>mom found the dogs prolapsed anus

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FUCK YOU I won't do what you teIl me!!
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/r9k/ how does it feel to be a waling meme?
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Waling isn't a word dumb ass
lel I meant walking

but srsly how does it feel to be a walking meme lmao
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Tits or gtfo, and take your shit tests to the kitchen

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so you are trying to say masturbation is bad? but when i wake up and instead of jerking off have sex with a my loving girlfriend while we kiss and cuddle afterwards and she whispers to my ear how much she loves me and how proud she is to be a mommy and raise a child with me while i go make her some breakfest and we eat it together in the bed sheets naked its perfectly fine?
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i like the breast

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>Working till close
>Working after close because obnoxious customer comes in 10 minutes before close to do a full shop
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>work grocery freezer deadstock
>It's organized and neatly stacked
>Next day
>It's completely ruined by lazy fucks
>Rinse repeat
It doesn't bother me anymore

Is anyone at that point where they get triggered by any mention of romance?

Fucking normies with their attractive bodies. How do ugly people do it? How do they pretend to be normal when they are clearly not?
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Staying inside, only going out at night, and at best socializing in bars.
>triggered by romance
not that far gone thankfully.
my triggers have more to do with people I KNOW doing something to remind me of experiences I went through when I was younger, more specifically they have to do the exact same thing.... kek what are the fucking odds they actually would....

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So /r9k/ time to share the pinnacle of my autism
> be in 6th grade or something
> boring class as always
> suddenly I feel the pressure in my rectum
> have to shit really really bad
> teacher won't fucking turn around (we had to ask to go to toilet)
> mfw
> I get up and say "I have to go to the toilet" while leaving the room
> go out of classroom, close door
> Floodgates open immediately
> mfw nearest toilet is still a bit away
> run there while shitting
> in the toilet take off my underwear
> put the semi squished turn into the toilet
> underwear dirty as fuck
> I clean my ass, put on trousers without underwear
> clean underwear in sink
> it stinks like fucking hell
> hear door opening
> mfw I'm standing there with underwear and half dilluted shit in it
> It's a cleaner lady, she seems to think and then leave w/o opening the door
> I go into the school's basement (noone ever goes there)
> There's a small hatch, I don't know what for
> open it, put shit underwear in it
> noone will ever know
> normal school day but feel guilty and humiliated
> noone notices a difference because autist
> After classes ( we had to stay longer as others in a kind of daycare program)
> go into basement
> get shit underwear
> stillwet.wemb
>go up stairs, paranoid as fuck
>hear someone
> freak out, put underwear into backpack on the floor
> mfw it's not mine, just looked like mine
> mfw the dude who I heard knows me and talks to me
> mfw I can't find an excuse and need to leave with him
> mfw when I come back ~30 mins later the backpack is gone

Some poor kid found shit stained underwear in his backpack together with all of his school stuff, most likely all of his stuff was smelling like shit as well

Never heard of anything again, so he didn't tell anyone

What retarded shit did you guys do ?
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ITT: Autistic things you did when you were a child

When I was trying to fall asleep, I would always close my eyes and pretend a monster/alien was in the room, and if I moved it would see me.
>never met anyone else who did this
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I was sure it was real, as soon as I thought about I couldn't get it out of my head. Happens to me a lot with bad ideas.
I would have to constantly repeat into my mind, like some mantra,"Good dreams, anything good. Good dreams, anything good"

If I forgot to do this I would have terrifying insanity nightmares I could not wake up from. Life sucks being someone who has very real and vivid dreams. Luckily I figured out out how to wake up from one nightmare and into the next, since reality is more terrifying.
As a child I used to be terrified of the idea of eternal life after death and for a while I listened to music while going to bed to distract myself from the dreadful thoughts. I later realized that christianity is retarded and the thoughts went away. now I drink myself to sleep to avoid the dread that comes with pondering the nature and goals of life as a force in the universe. like, is it just an endless spiral towards further intelligence that we can never complete/escape or do we hit a point where we did it and then the adventure is over and there's nothing left to pursue. I'm a dumbass that would never contribute to the advancement of intelligence but these thoughts freak me out for some reason

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Story time
>be me, single at the time
>lonely as all hell and wanting a bf
>time passes and I start to get really frustrated
>even more time goes on and I'm getting more frustrated and my fantasies become more and more elaborate to account for this
>finally a guy likes me
>he's nice and we get along
>one night he wants to get closer
>here we fucking go at last
>he wants to give oral and is super timid and submissive about it and won't go further won't even let me give succ
God damn it I thought I had it I thought I'd finally get some but no. god FuCKiNG CUNT NUGGET
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He might be lesbian
Lol homo

Of course OP can't be female because the neutral state for women is having sex.

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every fuckin thread
>someone makes a intresting post based on his story
>some reddit cancer appears
>"story time"
>"epic greentext?
>"grenetext that shit "

get baited you dumb ass piece of shit fuckin cock mongler, just like you got baited by this image
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god damn, everything in that picture is gross as fuck
the failed attempt at ducklips
the loose jaw/weak chin
the weirdly-shaped tits facing farther apart than a chameleon's eyeballs
the one single droopy lonely ball
the uncut "girlcock" that looks like it's cowering down in shame
the swollen sausage-y hips and thighs that look like this bitch has been on a lifetime of mcdonalds
just, ugh, discustin.
oh boy here we go reddit wants something

I'd probably fuck this thing if the butt is nice.

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>take a shit
>it's an explosive, putrid battery acid
>had use toilet brush afterwards because it was fucking all over it
>been that for a couple of weeks
wtf with my asshole
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>yfw this is someone's son
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son and daughter are literal biological terms. any moralistic values that we falsely deem intrinsic and inherit will prove wrong time and again.
Even if I had an attractive mother with a 10/10 body, I wouldn't fuck her. Even when given the chance, the idea just sounds wrong. Of course, this is assuming that she has the same conscious as my mother's.
The fact that a person went to this length to transform himself into what appears to be something he was subjected to a lot, a pornstar, tells a lot about his mental state, views and future actions. I pity the parents.

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