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Is this what wagies actually believe?
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We are contributing to society while you continue to be a drain. At least I can feel pride while you continue to jerk of to your cartoons until you eventually find the courage to hang yourself
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What exactly is it that you're "contributing"?

I'm going to be straight here. I am a cuckold, but I am also a black nationalist. I believe that blacks have contributed more to humanity than any other race, we were the first race,we invented the super soaker the list goes on. But when it comes down to it, whites are just better at fucking. Theres no shame in admitting this. There is no shame in admitting that despite the infinite intellectual and moral superiority of the black race, white cock is just better at pleasing women.
The reason black women are turning from the cause and running to crackers is simply because they are not being sexually satisfied. Can you blame them? If you dont get enough to eat at home youre going to go out to eat. The only way to save the black race from miscegenation is cuckolding. My pure black wife is my ebony godess, the apple of my eye. And I want nothing but the best for her. So every friday she gets to have her fill of big white master cock. And our relationship goes on like normal. We love each other, and plan on having a child soon. She also shares my red pilled beliefs.
Monogamy is a tool of the jew. Just give it a chance once. Its exhilarating. Theres something deeply majestic about watching a toned muscular white stud going in and out of a beautiful ebony godess. Try it once
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Only had to read first and last sentence. kill yourself
The site of a wild caught nigger broken tamed and domesticated, serving the white man as is her place fills me with pride.
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>we invented the super soaker the list goes on
i laughed thanks op

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Fucking cucks man. Why they gotta be nice to random sluts on internet? Why they have to make them feel better about themselves?
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It's probably the way he was raised. Always be nice to girls etc. He probably doesn't even notice that his behavior is strange, to say the least.
the problem here is that girl was just trying to make a joke, play the comedian and maybe even get some likes or stars or whatever the fuck they give you for participation on that site - but men take depreciative talk from women as a comment spoken in truth because it's a free chance to compliment them and maybe get a dick in a vagina or whatever the fuck life gives you for being nice to women
All these cucks need their dreams crushed by those roasties.
I wouldn't have been a beta faggot either if girls had called me ugly and shit from the start. Instead they acted "nice" while probably cringing on the inside. That's even worse because it keeps the beta from realizing that he is hated by women. Everyone needs to accept it. WE ARE ALONE. We are not liked or needed. Accept it and stay alone.

So why did Suckerberg marry such an average Asian woman?

I understand that they both went to Harvard so they've have very smart kids, but I just found it strange that he didn't marry a model.
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pic related is what Snapchat CEO is banging
I get the feeling I would be happier with an average , smart girl than >>36813439
Because she tolerated his ugly ass, when he wasn't Mr FB yet. It's not rocket science, anon.

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haha i love piety lol
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i knew it all along
you dirty fish
I loooooooove piety holy shit
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all this jealous numales

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Rose thread.

Move along nothing to see here edition

AKA it's never about Rose edition.
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King here. Posting random shit because that's what I do.
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out of touch.jpg
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I had more ideas for threads but as always didn't do any of them, game ideas, playing a new character, posting mario levels and my own game levels and other shit but as always decided not worth the effort if I don't post here enough.
That new board already seems terrible.

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Anon, let's get married
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No, sorry, I'm not ready for marriage yet. Be gone, bitch!
you look 90% like my oneitis so yes please
Too good looking.
Sorry but my brain can't comprehend it.
Leave me alone. This is obviously a trap.

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Guys don't lose hope.
>Was robot for most my life
>Only had a few close friends rest were just randoms i got along with.
>Forever alone virgin
>Meet girl at 19 in second year of uni
>Not FA anymore.
That's how I escaped robotdom never lose hope
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>close friends
>randoms I got along with

nice try, but you aren't gonna fool me normalfag
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>Meet girl
>lose robotdom
If it's that simple for you, then you weren't a robot from the beginning.
I'm way too scared to even make small talk with girls my age, in college I only ever spoke directly to girls if I was paired up with them in group assignments. I would never dare show interest in one, and none showed interest in me.

I'm 24 now. When will it be my turn?

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>Be 24 kv
>Start dating 6/10 girl
>No sex, literally just dinner dates and shit
>Within a month she's pregnant by a guy literally called Chad
>Instantly dump her for cheating on me
>Within a week literally everyone's angry at me for "leaving a single, pregnant woman no matter who the father is"
>Girl's aunt and friends call me "disgusting"
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Disgusting or not, you did the right thing yo
Kill her then yourself
Seriously though she's in the wrong fucking whore
Those are the people you can expect to behave that way. Her friends will be impulsed to defend her because friendship extends a sense of shared identity and values between people, so by treating someone unfavourably, you indirectly treat their friends unfavourably too. The shittier the person is, the more their friends will feel personally attacked, I find.
The aunt is pretty much the same, although she probably has the ideal of men sticking by women no matter what, as many women project this notion because it alleviates fears and anxieties about being left alone without a strong protecter. People don't like it when you show their hollywood romance beliefs to be made of cardboard.

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What does the word "Nigger" mean to you Robots?
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>What does the word "Nigger" mean to you Robots?

If I heard someone use it unironically irl I would be a bit worried.
>What does the word "Nigger" mean to you Robots?


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I really don't get people who have kids instead of just enjoying their lives. Birth rates are declining because people are more educated and see breeding as a primitive, pointless activity
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Because having children who love you is enjoyable.

That's a stupid opinion.
That is bullshit propaganda to get whites to stop breeding I live next to a town where the somoli's have 8+ children in a small apartment
>white couple
>Jewish author


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Robots please help how do you properly wash your ass I'm tired of always having stank ass and every google search and youtube video takes it as a joke. Do you use your hand, or washcloth this is completely serious I'm desperate?
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either hand or wash cloth is fine. The trick to ass washing is to push your asshole out a little bit like you are trying to lowkey take a shit. this allows you to wash the inside of your asshole.
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5-10 peices of toilet paper(depends on how dirty you are,even 1 will do )
then you wash your ass for 1-2min
put some semiliquid soap(not the solid soap) on your hand and spread it on the arse with your hand hile the water is still going then dry with some toilet paper
Make sure you wash it multiple times just in case.

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>meet girl
>she asks me out to my surprise
>thought things were going to get better
>barely has anytime for me
>makes me question why she even asked me out in the first place
>want to break up so I can find someone else
>can't because it's destroy her
>more depressed than I was before I started dating her

What the fuck have I got myself into?

I just want a normal girlfriend that's actually able to talk to me for more than half an hour without having to fucking do something like volunteering in which it was her decision to start doing.
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It would destroy her*
I'm stuck in her fucking grasp, I'm chained to her while I watch other single girls I could've made a move on pass by
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Good relationships are always boring as fuck.

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a-are the americans still asleep?
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I'm awake, but I just haven't gone to bed yet.
A lot of Americans are awake, though. Especially those in Eastern and Central time zones.
I'm awake, I've been awake all night. It's a couple minutes to 7 AM.
I've been awake for the last 10 hours

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So the buyer pulled out and Chris didn't get his shirt. Now he won't be getting that $25 K.
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>total autistic fuck up
>he actually became slightly better after a while after transitioning
really makes you think
How did he improve in any way?
Do you think this guy is going to eventually kill himself?

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