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just make a new better meme
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Good riddance, hopefully it never resurfaces
Stanley pics don't even fall under the new rules.

>Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Ok I'm not stanley

>Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.
No need to when you post stanley.

I for one, love this new rule and sticky.

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fattie wojack.gif
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>be fatass wanting to improve
>decide to change fatass ways
>get a brand new, really nice bike
>ride it once
>literally everyone who sees me laughs their asses off
>never ride the bike ever again
>go back to fatass ways
I hate life.
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Think about this. You hate them anyways.
Why not carry a gun and kill them when they do this?

Ride with a mask or a wig something, fuck man its that easy. Just wear something to mop up the ridicule
you can turn it into an exercise bike with a trainer

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what's the closest you came to killing yourself /r9k/?

>I loaded the 30-06 into my M1 but took it out right after
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no specific but often get the urge to just drive into another truck or a tree when im driving.
Collecting all of my sleeping pills (like 20 zopiclone and 10 zolpidem) and a vodka bottle
Drank the vodka till I passed out and threw the pills out once I woke up
turned 27 today and im a virgin. should i kms?

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are romanticism and rationalism compatible or contradictory?
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Ask /lit/ - we're not smart enough to answer you
Yes, rationalism and pragmatism can be in the light of romanticism by seeing beauty in the everyday, practical, and efficient. You must look beyond the colours of a flower and see the beauty in its use and its role in the machine.
Get out nu male, you aren't going to fool me with your cuck mindset

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>tfw job interview tomorrow

>tfw don't really want to go

>tfw must wear suit like a wagecuck and wake up early and travel to city

fuck this life tbqh senpai
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>tfw don't even have suit

Suit? Wear slacks and a collared shirt. Unless you actually have a career you have been in long term, then a suit is over doing it.

If no one there is wearing a suit then neither should you. They won't likely hold it against you, but don't suit up for entry level.

How is that not original

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Post the wear that have "virgin" stamped all over it.
Starting with the velcro wrist watch.
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White underwear? Yes I do!
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Wow! We're off to a very good start! Just gonna pop by to post this key holder. If I even knew a vergin he surely wore one of these!
autism sneakers + cargo shorts

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onion pepe.jpg
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Amazon bought Whole Foods and is probably going to turn them into Amazon Go stores, where cashiers are nonexistent and you pay with your phone.
How does this make you feel, wagies?
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Whole foods has these canned smoked oysters that I can't find anywhere else(not made in china). The removal of the cashiers will make the acquisition of my property much easier.
Make one of these in Detroit and we can talk about it later anon.
>another day another haircut for the neetnigger
Get a job.

I am a complete noob at fighting games, having essentially never played one, but I want to learn and become better at them. What's a good place to start?

I have a PC, PS4, and PS3.
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SFV is one of the easiest fighting games ever, start there
if you don't want to spend money on games you can just boot up fightcade, plenty of good games on it
Pic one with characters you like. Persona 4 arena was my first real fighting game.

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are you sad every time a /comfy/ thread gets archived? are you a person who doesnt talk much, even online? then help me build the archive together. short comments on posted pictures are very welcome.

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everyone's welcome

oh man this is so nice

exactly the kind of discord i was looking for

True robots must be ectomorphs.

>being born with the most feminine body frame
What did God mean by this?
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There is nothing worse than having wide hips and gyno. 5lbs underweight but still look fat and can't wear tshirts.
>have high natural strength

be jelly skellies
>implying we're not based endomorph

So apparently everyone who posted a photo in that >see if you guys r ugly< thread got banned.
How does it feel being in a containment board for autists?
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>So apparently everyone who posted a photo in that >see if you guys r ugly< thread got banned.
>How does it feel being in a containment board for autists?


they deserve it SO much

Oh, like that time that they allowed furry shit on /b/ and then banned everybody who posted it.
I've been wondering why things seem more civil around here.

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Hey robots
Im dead broke
Can someone pls buy me the weeaboo VN humble bundle.

Ill send you a shit-ton of hentai or somethin idk
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Maybe if you suck my cock.
Just pierat it anonsempainanifamalamdingdong
Man these VNs don't even look cool
don't even look RAW where are my RAW VNs

This is where you must spend most of your waking hours. What do?
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I have my own office. I close the door and shitpost on my phone.
>sleep 8 hours a day
>40 hour work week
>40 hours free a week on work days
>32 hours free a week on your days off.
Also this. Not my own office but all I do is shitpost on my phone at work.
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nobody with value works only 40 hours a week

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Have computers ruined your life or have they kept you alive during hard times? i cant tell for myself.
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They ruined my life and are now keeping me alive.
thats what i was thinking, but im not sure if school wouldve been better if i didnt spend so much time at the pc.
That image
Holy fuck

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So after I was pressured by people to lose my virginity just to feel like a human again, I finally got a hooker.

The experience was pretty underwhelming. The handjob was the best part, something I can do myself.
I did it with a condom, but after a week, the top of my penis is really cold and I can barely get it up (before that I jacked off 3 times a day).
The color of the head is light grey now, I think the blood flow is cut off. I have no idea what kind of STD is this bullshit.

So don't follow a dead man's path, it's much better do die a wizard if you can't find a woman you love with zero diseases, instead of dying for something retarded like this.
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That's not an STI. I've taken a course in that stuff.

With this timing between the hooker and your symptoms, I would hazard a guess that your issues are psychogenic (psychological) as a result of distress. They will likely self-resolve given enough time but if it persists for more than a month go see a doctor about it. Another likely possibility is a drug-based issue (even prescription) if you've started taking any lately. Less likely but not out of the picture is you having have some underlying disease that has just begun to affect your penis's circulation (like hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipedemia etc). Much more rare causes in your situation would include neurological issues, hormone issues, or radiation exposure.
Hand jobs are fucking terrible, those things are not even pleasurable. You'd actually pay for that? Pathetic.
I agree with you op, I truly hope this message will be read by many robots.

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