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Show me a better body than this.
Protip: you can't
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That's a thick black bush but I got you beat.
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>scroll to random section in pictures folder
>find better body type

ez you gaylord

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How long did it take you to mature? What was it that made you get your shit together?
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The realization that no matter how hard i try I'll always be a failure and trying to change it is pointless.
24 years. I ran out of money.
When i was 11 my mom beat the baby out of me and from that day forward i have never cryed over small shit ever again.

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Are Turkish girls white?
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75% European so yes
No less white than Spanish
I used to live in Istanbul, it really varies. There are a lot of 'greek' Turks who have light hair, skin and eyes. But there's is also a clearly Persian phenotype.i.e green eyes and pale.

They are such a genetically diverse people, I think,it depends on most recent ancestors. I knew a qt Turkish ginger when I lived there.
Only if they are not muslims.
Islam automatically turns white people into non whites .

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how to become a vigilante???
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Anonymously tip off the city about your neighbours uncut lawn.
Killing and robbing drug dealers is profitable and very positive for the community.
is it alright if i do the drugs?
should i just say i found it and turn it in to the police?

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>Tfw you realize white knights, cucks, and sluts are ruining civilization.
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Not really, they're just making people miserable. Its not going to end civilization, just make themselves and others miserable. The only people who will be happy are the 5% of men fucking 99% of girls in the natural voluntary harem model.
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>tfw you realised civilisation is an abstract concept that doesn't need to be defended
More and more children will be born without a father, raised by single mothers. Virgin females are becoming a rarity, feminism doesn't look like it is going to stop, the majority of voters are women and they are useful idiots for the politicians to legitimate more laws. Pretty soon less and less people will have children and no children means no future.

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>be me
>dating a guy in real life for the very first time
>loser shut in who plays Vidya and watches anime all day
>never been to a party
>never kissed
>got bullied throughout high school
>I feel like shit because I'm too weird for him
>he goes to a birthday party tommrow
>tfw I've never experienced that
feels bad
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Why don't you just do those things then?
how did you goys meet?
>loser shut in who plays Vidya and watches anime all day
>can stay that way and still get love&sex or get taken by the hand while stumbling into normalfag life
Vagina bonus

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>ate well all day
>ruined it by eating a chocolate biscuit and a slice of fruit cake

why do all the foods that actually taste good have so many fucking calories ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR
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How big a biscuit/slice of cake are we talking?
why do people even care how food tastes? the pleasure you get from eating food doesn't even compare to the downsides of actually purchasing and then preparing that food. to me good food means cheap, long-lasting, healthy, and easy to prepare.

I'm also a skeleton that eats twice a day.
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So what.

I'm eating an entire block of chocolate this very moment.

> 10mg of melatonin doesn't make me sleepy as it used to anymore
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Cut out alcohol and caffeine, if you're taking either. Both will mess up your sleep schedule.

Make your room as dark as possible before you go to bed.

Etc., etc. How's your sleep hygiene in general?
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you are not suppose to take it every single night ya dummy. Just dont take it for a while and then take one when you need it.
studies have shown that higher doses just make you restless, the golden spot is between 1-3mg

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when you go outside, how do you interact with people? are you polite? are you a dick? do you even interact with people?
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>headphones music
>ignore everyone
Only interact when is necessary like paying stuff
It depends on what type of mood I am in that day. On most days, I simply do not interact with them in any way. The second most common way is for me to be slightly abrasive if not outright rude. This is when I show absolutely no desire to hide my hostility for people I dislike. The third (and very rare) thing is for me to be polite or willing to strike up a conversation with someone. Those days are far and few.
What is this...."Outside".. you speak of?

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>it's been two months since i started to become more and more intrigued and infatuated by this barely legal looking jewish schoolgirl that i see every single day on my morning commute, we always sit in the same opposing seats
>i literally can't get her out of my head, her deep dark blue eyes, her eyebrows, her hair, the way she tries to sneak a look thinking i'm not trying to do the same, the way she's starting to throw me a little smile, her simple black pleated dress, her dark thights and her stan smiths
>all I can think about is taking her virginity, slowly corrupting her, getting her to the point where she's trying to choke me with her soft little hands, her trembling voice calling me a filthy goyim

What do about this feel ?

>pic related what she looks like, except brown hair and blue eyes
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Is that herpes infection on her lips?
Do you think you could manage to cum on her without anyone noticing?
inb4 just talk to her anon

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Can anyone help me with some advice please? I'm pretty sure I have low testosterone. 3 months ago I would get hard just touching my girlfriends side, I would constantly be getting random erections and always want to fuck, but now, I don't get hard unless i'm rubbing my dick, and even then it's a pretty weak erection usually and doesn't last that long if it's not being stimulated. I used to fuck around 4 times a day, now if I'm lucky it's one. It's not just my girlfriend too, thinking about other girls (guys too) doesn't do a thing for me. My balls are also fairly close to my dick, when I jerk off they go inside that little pocket, and are usually being crushed when my girlfriend is on top.

Is there something I can do? I'm only 18, I don't want to be like this. Should I work out? Take something? Pls help.

Morning wood is also kind of infrequent, although I've been getting it more often recently. But not every single morning like I used to.
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I just feel like my dick is dead. I think about it every time I'm about to have sex and I'm not hard, leading to even more stress. My girlfriend knows about this and is pretty supportive, she has a really high libido, and I used to be up there too. :(
My libido fell off at 16, Viagra doesn't make me hard, I don't get full erections, I think I injured myself. This is the end boys, I was so close to being a mormie and talking to women now I have this to deal with.

It's not low testosterone. It's low dopamine. Quit jacking off to porn for 3 weeks and see how that goes.

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>find a flaw

>you can't

my wife is perfect
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femanon here. the fact that someone like you likes her is a red flag.
She has removed her wedding ring to make it easier to cheat on you.
She looks like Joey fucking Salads.
Now fuck off you LARPing faggot.

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If youre gonna be a fuckwit and tell people they arent "real robots" Ill nuke the thread. You faggots have fucked up no less than three of these in under two days.
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but anon if I can't find some minor detail to call out as being something that a normie does or thinks or experiences, how will i know that you're a REAL and TRUE robot

there is a very strict criteria for posting here, it's explained in the rules that you must be certain things to even be allowed to read these threads
>spent morning masturbating, setting up yugioh games on my psp
>spending afternoon / evening studying pen testing
>in own place
>do IT repair for well above award rate
>have a small number of friends that are good to me and message me from time to time
>have a wonderful gf who is like a live in mummy for me

I could havbe never imagined my life would be this way when I was 20. Fuck, even being a NEET from 2013 through 2015, I thought that was as far as my life was gonna go.
Good point robot. I think that what a normie is at 20 and what a normie is at 30.. much different. So probably a lot of young fucks judging old fucks

im a normie. this is my first time on this board. whats up
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Lemme guess, you arent a virgin either. You normies never cease to bore me.
Are you lost?
No, I'm seriously asking, what the hell are you doing here?

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My girlfriend is going to wake up in the next 5 minutes, what should be the first thing I say/do to her? And yes I actually do have a girlfriend but am still a NEET loser just like the rest of you. How? I have no fucking idea.
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She's still not awake or at least out of bed yet. QUICK! There's still time.
ask her how is she mad at the world, if she says she isnt break up
look her deeply in the eyes and say
then leave the room

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