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concerned wojak.jpg
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How can I tell if I'm a brainlet?
I feel myself getting stupider and stupider every day and it scares me.
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What does it matter if you're stupid or not?
Because if I'm not mildly smart I have nothing else.
In grade seven, I was my country's equivalent of a valedictorian, but it's all gone downhill from there. I feel slow and stupid and problem-solving feels like a painful chore. I feel tired constantly.

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>day 1 of wagecuckery
>already want to go back to being a NEET
how the fuck do people do this for their entire lives?

I'd rather be a fucking hobo
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this guy made it through a few years and in the end said it wasn't worth it from day one
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don't become a hobo that doesn't sound comfy
I feel you op. When my debt is gone, I'm out. I'm just going to walk and hopefully end up either freezing to death or in the grill of an 18 wheeler. Fuck this gay earth

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>gone through whole life trying to juggle between loneliness due to social isolation and extreme stress when I do socialise
>extroverts seem to have it best of all worlds
>google if introverts can become extroverts, and how
>"No, for the simple reason the brains of Introverts and extraverts may be wired differently from birth so that each handle dopamine differently. An introvert can practice extrovert behaviors and become more comfortable with them but cannot change his basic nature"

Well just absolutely fuck my life, then.
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you arent a fucking introvert you retard. you are an extrovert that failed. you want to socialize with other people because you cant handle being alone but no one wants to give you the time of day because you are pathetic. just kill yourself already
I can relate OP because I have no desire to socialise. In fact, I often get angry if I'm not left alone. When I'm at home alone I feel a sort of bliss, but as soon as someone opens the door that disappears

In public I just try to go from point a to b and ignore the normies
"I can't relate" I meant to say. Fuck mobile

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worried pepe.jpg
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>going to study university in Canada starting this year
>have spent the last 2 and a half years in isolation and extreme sexual repression
>worried I'm gonna become a turboslut when I get the chance in Canada and fail school in a year

wat do i do?
I won't be able to hold it once I'm there
I'm worried it will distract me from school
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>>worried I'm gonna become a turboslut

Post boobs and ass :)
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>going to study university in Canada
why would you do that?

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>"you're my type emotionally but not physically"

i've heard this too many times in my life, most recently last night.

and i'm not even that bad looking. not overweight, not short, not deformed. some might even say above average. but apparently not enough above average ;_;
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Did you guys catch the cavs last night? Rekt lol
Dont worry, someone ready to settle down will take you :^)
>you're my type emotionally
what the fuck does this mean? Is she talking about personality?

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>Blow someone the fuck out in an argument
>They get the last post before the thread 404s
>Still feel like I lost despite me destroying every single one of their arguments and making a fool of them
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>browse at night
>btfo someone
>fall alseep before I'm completely sure
>anxious in the morning because I don't know what they said next
I know that feel op
the two people arguing don't get to decide who won.
the wast ocean of lurkers silently watching will evaluate the facts and determine who was correct
wast isn't a fucking word it should have come up with a red underline so I could correct it it vast
fuck you mr. dictionary

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Autistic things you do on a daily basis.

>get on my knees and piss into the toilet
>started out as a way to make it quieter
>now i do it out of habit
>take shits with a blanket over my head because it's comfy
>sing spoof versions of songs when I'm waiting for something, like coffee brewing
>"black hole ass, won't you shit, take away the PAAAAAAAIN"
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bump come on guys oregano pls
I noticed you didn't put down
>watch anime
Any reason why?
Because I don't, that's every other day.

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When was the last time you fapped?
I'm 2 hours for me it'll have been 3 years
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About 10 hours ago, probably won't be long before I do again.
some time earlier today.

forget what I came to.

you know how it goes in this hell
I really want to reign it in. I stole one of my moms condoms today just to spice things up. It felt ok, but I would rather escape my flesh desires more. I just can't convince myself it's worth it.

I kind of wish I was castrated or something but I don't think I want to do that to myself

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>tripfag tries having an opinion near me
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Fembot here

What's wrong with tripfags lol?
Fembot here

Fuck off you fucking idiot
Fembot here, why are you so upset

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Explain to me why we aren't meant for this board
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>Implying MBTI hasn't been thoroughly debunked and isn't just extremely cringy
I'm assuming that you did the test, received an MBTI that you hated, and wanted to spread the salt, yes?
You never receive a type that you don't agree with because the results just reflect what you think of yourself. It's totally unreliable.

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"You like that, whiteboi?"
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Yeah that's pretty good DESU.
Do people seriously like tits that are so ridicously big? They are gross to me
Yes some heterosexual men visit this board

File: 1497021812076.png (256KB, 464x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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After 2 years of browsing /r9k/, I've finally decided to quit. It's nothing but normalfags and desperate "robots" who'd suck dick if it means getting noticed by the more socially successful normies around them. Not to mention all the "fembots" and their orbiters.
There's literally no reason to stay if I can no longer relate to anyone. I'm not actively seeking a gf and I don't mind being a virgin. You niggas don't seem to realize there's more in life than just being noticed by Stacy and getting laid.

/r9k/ is a waste of time which only damages what's left of your sanity. I have absolutely zero friends in real life or online, so fulfilling my social needs won't be easy, but I will manage somehow. If anyone else knows how I feel and wants to talk, here's my discord: phantomtrash#1286 . Anyone's welcome.
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you have a discord you are part of the problem so long anon
you're right, i honestly just come here for the occasional interesting thread or some /thatkid/ shit
/r9k/ was never good, goot needs to pull the plug.

File: 1497208110475.jpg (2MB, 3500x2500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3500x2500px
Does anyone else notice how normies never directly say "You need to get a gf/get laid" but they'll always imply it with stupid shit like Nofap and "don't waste time doing X when you could be talking to girls"
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Take a good look at the loudest of them.
Most of them are of below-average intelligence.
They can't fathom happiness from anything above the level of apes.
what's even bothering you?

that's a cute drawing.

How the FUCK are you supposed to tear this shit clean off??
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follow the perforated line you dumbass

>Tear it slow as a snail on cough medicine
>Still rips a chunk the size of Oprah Winfrey's ass


File: ugugahghaAAA.jpg (50KB, 500x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hello guys, fembot here

>tfw you haven't told anyone in 2 minutes that you are female
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REAL femanon here
>announce in a fembot feels thread that you are a femanon
>no one gives me any (You)s
>post tits time stamped
>still no (You)s
what the heck
File: 1492269719105.gif (458KB, 194x172px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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^Post some tits with a timestamp and i might give you a (you)
fembot here tehehe like omgggg what flavor coffee should i order at starbucks??? lol im so confused lmao

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