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There are approximately one million corpses from the Second World War unfound, rotting away.

In the pacific, many cave systems used and made my the Japanese Imperial Army remain unexplored, the corpses of perhaps hundreds of Japanese soldiers are yet to found, many dead from mass suicides, and Flamethrower related deaths.
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>ywn slaughter warriors of the other tribes to win fucks from qts
And there are massive bonefields in Russia so wat
No they are likely dust by now.

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I'm bored.
Let's do one of these.
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And the template

original postt
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friendly reminder: if you do not suffer from dissociative disorder and ptsd then you are not a real robutt.
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here is a better image of my waifu

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Ask anything a dickgirl who is into filling very masc men's asses with cum
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should you kill yourself?
oh wait i already have the answer
the answer is.... yes!
No u
I'm 6'3" and pretty toned, I want to wear frilly girl clothes and look completely ridiculous because of how masculine I am, and then get pumped full of cum by a girl with a penis.

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Autism Thread.jpg
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>go to http://underviewed.com/
>find videos with minimal amounts of views
>post the interesting ones you find

I found this one. Its a korean man scaring the crap out of his kitten
The video is from 2012, yet it only has 5 views (one of which is me)
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I remember these threads. I can't forget the video of the indian kids sucking in water with their asses and shitting it out.

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Superior to league.

It's like 99.99% less rage inducing than league of learning disabilities.
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I would play it if my toaster could run it.
Gave up on mobas after 3400 hours in one

No point in playing without friends, more work than fun
>League of learning disabilities
Spot on. And yes, far more enjoyable

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This is such a fucking double standard. If a male journalist writes this article he gets blasted for sexual harassment.
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Link or something fruggar?
Are you gay ?? Oregano Origami.
what a whore dirty roastie

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You know the drill. Write a letter to someone who will never read it or simply vent, whichever you prefer.

Dear M,

You're a great friend and I adore you. However, the closer I've gotten to you, the more red flags you've been showing and now I'm in a situation where not only do I not know if I should keep trusting you, but you're also starting to become rather toxic. I really hope we can fix this, I don't wanna lose our friendship.
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Dear AnyQT

Please love me. I give you 3 and a half years before I kill myself
Dear K,

I still think about you every day. I wish you'd at least care about me like you used to, I want to know how your daily life goes, I want to be apart of it.

Dear r9k,

please stop being gay, i mean... come on

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Do I spank her
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Slap her in the face with your dick

Too late, awkward fag
Tell her she's a fucking thot
I already did but that was at the beginning, she's a strange one

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>ITT we talk about Piety and how much we appreciate her.

Who here /devotedtoPiety/? if not, why not?
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ugly cunt lol
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Just look at her cute outfit and features. How can you not love her? Are you gay or something, Anon?
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Does anyone have any rare pietys they'd like to share?

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>It's another /r9k/ thinks they deserve a girlfriend when they can't even handle their own lives let along handle one with a girlfriend in it.

Face it, you post here all day whining about feels and no girlfriends when the fact is, you could not even handle one if you got one.

In fact, this is most likely why you can't even get one in the first place.

Sort your life out then maybe you can get one.
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>it's another I failed to format this meme properly episode

Stop trying to make sense of what is here or try to bring others here to their senses.l
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>its another episode of a newfag thinking he is smart but actually everybody already knew this and just whines for the sake of it
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>it's another robots lash out at others who are trying to help them just like they lashed out at their parents who tried to get them off their computers and out onto their bikes to ride outside when they saw the path anon was going down

Hello. WoW wagecucks. While you are all out there socializing and practicing your abilities I'll be enjoying a stroll around stormwind. Maybe I'll stop and feed the local birds. I really got Nothing to do and no where to be. I've got all the time in the world. Enjoy hunting dragons and nearly dying today as sir goldensacks pays you a measly 500 gold for the dick of a rare, powerful dragon.
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this is a bad thread, from a fellow NEET
Wagelord here

Getting paid to browse 4chan on a Monday
You missed a trick OP. You can buy Time with in game gold in WoW now so it's actually accurate that a true NEET no lifing WoW can actually make it a self sufficient hobby now.

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confess, now!
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i've been here since 08 and i still don't know how to link to other threads on different boards.
I've unironically tried to summon a succubus and create a tulpa after browsing /x/
The "new" built-in extension will automatically format it if you copy-paste the post's url.

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Quit fapping, quit watching pornography. Quit wasting your seed. Quit damaging your mind through overstimulation of pornography. Don't let the roastie's body enslave you.
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The Daily Mail was banned from Wikipedia because of "poor fact checking, sensationalism and flat-out fabrication"
Wikipedia isn't a reputable source either. There is a video in the link about the study done by scientists.

Here's another link: http://www.medicaldaily.com/watching-adult-films-alters-brain-activity-similar-drug-addicts-alcoholics-347224

So quit your shitposting and lying.
Why stop at no fap and no porn? No video games. No tv. No 4chan. No internet. No junk food.

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is vaping really that bad if I do it for my health?
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>if I do it for my health?
that makes it even more retarded. If you worry about your health start inhaling unnecessary smoke
If you do it as a means to quit cigarettes then it's good. Else you're a faggot.
vaping is for edgelord. Quit feeding your body poison for the high. Your lungs aren't meant to inhale any substance on fire constantly.

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Guys help I lost my pepe folder
Can you share some please?
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You should've caught me on my laptop, but I have one handy.
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beautiful pepe gif.gif
471KB, 512x288px
Here's one of my favorites, enjoy anon. How did you lose your pepe collection?
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dumping this 1
do u like it

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