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I need help robots. Im 19 and ive never had a job in my life. Whats the easiest job for a brainlet that has zero social interaction? Im tired of being a poor NEET but im shit at everything i do
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>page 5
>zero replies

just end it all
I'm 25 and in the same position as you anon. At least when I was 19 video games were still fun
>>>/adv/ you lazy faggot

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The Virgin scrape
>uses good cream yet cuts himself every time
>bleeds profusely
>uses multiple strokes
>has to shave every other day despite lacking the ability to grow a nice beard
>hunched over sink
>dirty mirror

The Chad shave
>skims his entire face in one fell swoop
>not a single scratch
>blade never dulls
>has never bled in his life
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The Virgin's sentence.
chads wacky 1liners lol :p
>johnny is 5' 9"
not a chad
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Virgin Music:
Anything from image.
Neutral Milk Hotel
Animal Collective
Kanye West
King Crimson
Modest Mouse
American Football

Chad Ctunes( (Pronounced Chu-nes)
Katy Perry
Anything top 40

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I dream about it every day.
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No. I tried it and it was hell.
spoiler: they're still massive whores
Depends on how disabled, but most likely yes.
Doesn't even need to be hot.
"Average" looking disabled girl have a certain charm.
Absolutely not
no way nigga

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>wake up
>turn on the news
>breaking news
>a giant stacy is destroying a major metropolitan area
what do?
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I will never understand this how people can enjoy this fetish.
See if she'll swallow me
>earth's crust cracks open

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Devilish pepe.jpg
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Let's have a Devilish thread.

>Be me
>Be today
>Normal fag family comes round
>Roasties of the family are slowing down the wifi probably using normiebook
>Long onto the default gateway and change wifi password
>Everyone gets booted off of the network accept from me
>Wifi is suddenly fast
>Go back to playing roblox
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>at Billa when I was 7
>they left samples of some really delish candy
>there was a lable that said "Take only one"
>take two

>be me
>make thread
>never return to thread
That isn't even particularly devilish, you're just defending your lifestyle priorities over the amusements of brief visiters

Go on Google Image Search and type in your first or middle name followed by "the hedgehog." Post the first result. Most autistic submission wins.
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What the fuck why did this give me a half chub? Is it time to an hero?
Benis the hedgehog?
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images (38).jpg
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Tbh there were some pretty badass ones.

Anyone else living in a flatshare or lodging from strangers?

I am renting a room off a family in their house and its a total nightmare, that eats up 1/3rd of my disposable income.

I want to talk aobut it, but I also wanna hear other peoples experiences of this bullshit.
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Living alone is worth every cent. I would sooner fucking starve than move in with people
currently i'm living in a really shitty situation.

>live in a town where it would cost 2/3rds of my disposable income to rent a place to myself
>only in this town for work
>renting a room off a family
>discover the room is really badly sound-insulated
>they all wake up at 6 in the morning and the one child begins playing the cello at 6:30 in the morning
>they have dogs, one of which annoyingly barks at lot but is peaceful, the other one actively tries to attack me (its a big dog too) and i have to wait for them to get rid of before i can pass - there has been times i've been trapped in my room for hours because this hound has tried to attack me and no one was in
>have to go up 2 flights of stairs and through the kitchen to get to the toilet
>kids constantly watching tv which i always hear
>kitchen and dining room is the same room, they get home before me, so i wait for them to finish eating before i cook - this has sometimes meant i just starve because they don't leave the dining table for the evenign
>constant human interraction
>for some reason the mother is really passive aggressive towards me, even though i try to be as light-touch and presence-less as possible.

i would have moved out but i'm changing jobs soon, so i've been on the cusp of leaving for the last 5 months. if i went somewhere else the landlord would cuck me over with notice periods and all that.

hate it so much. its depressing enough to be a wagey, but to be someone who feels threatened by an animal, hungry because they can't cook and deprived of sleep and rest because of noise is even more depressing.
Why would you move in with a family? Seems like you never thought that through

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My situation:

>have no friends
>have no gf
>live with parents
>sit at computer all day doing nothing
>have no drivers lisence

My question is what do you do all day? Im tired of doing the same shit, browsing the same stuff. I want to go outside, talk to someone, interact with humans. I feel so lonely.

How do you do that? How do i make friends and what activities a lone person could do outside?
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>he still has the energy to sit upright at a desk
I truly envy you. How do you do it? All I can do is shitpost on my iPad in bed all day.
Im too poor to own an ipad and for the same reason have a shitty phone.
It's not like socializing is going to be easy/fun at first. It will be difficult to start if you never do it, but it will pay off if you learn to do it

What's with the /pol/ invasion?
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/r9k/ is a place for insecure, slightly racist, disillusioned white boys. it's kinda like hitler gaining ground in germany post ww1 in that it is just as easy for /pol/ to shill for their retarded e-celebs and opinions here as it was for hitler to spread his message.
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>/pol/ invasion

I highly doubt /pol/ advocates threads about trannie/shemale/fembots
They have to shit up every board with their "white genocide"

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Wizards, how is your life at the moment?
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not being a weeaboo unlike you cuck
stop bullying qt anime grills
35 here, it's going pretty okay. I've decided to move out my parents house finally so I feel like I've made progress as an adult.

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What's it liked to be hugged or held by a girl who loves you in return? I'm 24 and I have never experienced this.
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it feels like a hug.

Source: I've been hugged before
It's ok. It gets hot after a while just like spooning
By a girl who loves you? I have been hugged before but not by someone who loves me.

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How many pixels until something is considered pornography?
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8x8 because you could draw a dick and vagina with that amount.
You only need a few

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Tick tock, neet. It's almost time for your biggest moment of your whole week, when you get to pretend you're better than someone else.

Don't screw it up now, if you post it too early no one will be around to see.
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I start my new job Monday. I'm excited, and the extra money can be used to get a PS4. I'm really excited to play Dissidia
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oh yeah, I might get one of those someday. I had a deal with the next door neighbour who funnily enough, actually is a NEET/prostitute. Anyway, she was going to clean my house about ten times at ten bucks an hour and I'd just give her my xbox one when she hit 100 bucks worth of labour.

She's currently at negative thirty dollars. The xbox is further away than when she started lmao. She also likes to smoke and drink and usually needs her money for that. I should probably just take my box to the game store and get the store credit. There are good games coming out like FF7 and stuffs.
Wtf get her to suck your dick, dumb nigger.

Describe the modern female.
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>ridiculous standards
>brings nothing to the table besides a warm hole
>will hit the wall, deny that she hit the wall and deny that it's a problem
>probably become a cat lady
>describe the modern female.

a wet hole with an attitude

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>be healthy
>get fit
>dress like an adult
>look attractive
>be financially independent
>still can't get GF
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That's a shoop. Where's the camera?
>not holding your camera in your mouth while flexing
>inb4 'did you actually try talking to girls?'

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