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here's a lil something that just happened, sort of

>me five years ago
>weird 14yo faggot kid that only wore sweatpants and played mobile games in class
>happy with my life at that point, only had about three friends but they were good i guess
>15th birthday, girl from english class comes to my party
>tells me before she leaves that she "likes me"
>know nothing about dating and couldn't give less of a shit about females, go with it anyways
>start talking to her at school and shit, exchange phone numbers and steam names
>(note that she's maybe 6-6.5/10 at this time)
>we eventually start "officially" dating (whatever that means)
>fuckin and such
>around a year in, she stops talking to her own friends as much and starts hanging out with me and my friends instead
>she's a 3.5+gpa student that's usually nice to everyone, is depressed and had an eating disorder
>basically, she has max pity points from everyone i know
>if we ever argue about something everyone immediately takes her side instead of mine
>a while in, she was talking about how her "friend" said one of my friends, who i'll call John, is the "strong and silent type"
>nigger what ok
>immediately think that she's going to cheat on me soon with "John", one of my very few friends
>fast forward to one year ago, i was 18
>we broke up mutually, we're both 7/10's at this time
>it's summer, and because we broke up and basically abandoned all her friends a while ago she ends up spending summer with my few friends
>i avoid all of them completely
>spent the entire summer interacting with only job-related people and family
>fast forward again to a few months ago
>she starts talking to me again for some reason
>i start talking with her and friends again
>we end up dating again, but without telling anyone
>she notices i usually avoid responding to her saying "i love you"
>she's extremely obsessive and possessive during this period
>she frequently mentions "what would you do if i started seeing someone else" ->
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>she's making sure we don't officially tell anyone we're dating again so she doesn't feel like she's cheating on me if she starts fucking someone else
>i'm psychic
>she stops messaging or talking to me for a couple days
>i didn't really notice because i was with family
>texts me at 7am last monday
>"we can't see each other anymore, i'm dating John now"

Even though I predicted this for a long time, I'm still hurt like a little bitch off of this. Why do I care? Obviously went back to not talking to any of my friends again, because even if I told them what happened, they would either not believe me or not care. What would you do in my situation, besides the obvious "get over yourself faggot/kys"
I honestly have no advice for you, but I liked your story and I'm sorry you're in this situation.

This is just me acknowledging you, OP.
feels as good as advice, thanks my guy

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I have two questions

1. Did you have braces?
2. Are your parents low class/villagers/middle class or higher

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Reviewbrah is pretty fuckable as a girl
My parents are low classe and my teeth are fucked up I wish I had braces, even now I'm 17

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how do i stop wanting a gf? help

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Get really angry so it blocks out all feelings of love and live in that state forever :)
Look at your bank account.

If you had a gf, it'd be $0 or overdrawn.

Take huge sigh of relief.

You're where you're supposed to be: Safe, content, and resourceful for yourself.
get emotionally invested in a visual novel and realize that nothing in real life will ever offer that

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R9K, I need some help here. My dad thinks I'm mentally disabled now because I don't clean up my bedroom or my bathroom. What's worse he was thinking about having me institutionalized because he's having second thoughts. Hes been telling me to do these things for 10 years but I don't really care for chores, I suppose, to do them.

He has to prompt me to cut the grass and do other things around the household but sometimes I'm able to do things on my own accord like going to the library or going to the store and back.

I can't talk with people that well, admittedly I suffer from processing problems and social anxiety, neither can I remember simple things like other people's phone numbers or how to solve math problems

Idk, am I disabled?
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What color are you?
File: IMG_0307.png (44KB, 744x687px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm white
do you have dependents (kids)? are you able-bodied?

to be honest white males are pretty much last in line for government bucks. Unless you're actually fucked, but then you're likely to be interned in an asylum or something. If you're an obese diabetic black female with three keedz, you'll definitely get housing and food stamps, they don't want you out on the streets with your pham. But white males are where NEETbux originate to pay for that desu.

>be me
>fall for the jewish contact lenses trick
>my eyes hurt every day now and the inside of my eyelids look like this

I want to fucking die.
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>Jewish contact lenses trick
Lmao what
Don't fucking scratch your eyes. My mother has been using contacts since the 80s with no problems.


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What kind of porn do you like, r9k?
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I enjoy white girls kicking black males in the balls, I self insert as the nigger even though I'm not black. Its hard to find decent clips of this because usually it isn't racially orientated, the sub is just someone who happens to be black the dom never actually tells him he is a worthless subhuman etc

There is no market for it but I still find some clips here and there, the girl usually holds back though

It's quite a risky thing, since it can cause many negative mental health effects.
I would say use it in moderation.

I like to watch the super passionate intimate stuff, where people who are in a relationship together do crazy shit.
Like the other day i saw some dude pissing with his boner (which is impressive enough in and of itself) while he was inside his GF and they both loved it lol. Pretty hot.
>It's quite a risky thing, since it can cause many negative mental health effects.
Stopped reaiding. MODS!

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>you will NEVER get to suck on developing HRT trap titties while you are thrusting your cock in their ass
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>tfw your HRT breasts are so sensitive that you can constantly feel your nipples on your shirt and they're painful to the touch
>tfw turned on by pain so it's even better
>tfw no one will ever suck on them because I'm a tranny that likes girls so I'm guaranteed to be alone forever
Give contact info please
>tranny that likes girls
Why didn't you just stay a man

File: 1490893060282.png (124KB, 588x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey white boy l, I'm an alpha black guy who's ducked over 20 white bitches, how do u feel about that?
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desu desu
How does one duck a bitch?
File: 4f7ab511.jpg (96KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how am i supposed to feel about that?
i don't care about women

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Is beauty objective?
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To a degree, however it is mostly subjective.
>that ugly cocoa puff nipple

Yes it is.
>doesn't like puffy nips
Looks like you're objectively retarded phamily

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elvis presley.jpg
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Girl here.

I have a boyfriend who I love but he bores me. I need to be owned and made to feel like a filthy whore. What's wrong with that? He is nice, devoted, loving, which is great, but I also need to be controlled, used, owned, made to be as filthy as some sadist pleases - I am for his pleasure.

Nothing turns me on more than being forced to be nasty about my boyfriend while I'm being fucked by another man. It makes me feel bad and I don't like it but I get so turned on - to have my pussy fucked, my hair pulled, hands around my throat, forced to say how small my boyfriends cock is.
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I don't think I need to further explain the situation, just proceed according to the protocol
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ok, but why are you posting here?
i think sites like tumblr or reddit would be more fitting for this type of subject desu
Either bait or a really stupid kid.
Tell him about your fantasies, thats how relationships work.

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Caught little brother (12) watching mlp
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time to disown him.
To merciful

Kill him op
Im 19 btw

>on discord
>here the door from other room open
> mom says "I'm gonna- haha your a bronie"
>ineligable screaming
>door slam

How can a 3/10 looking man be so likeable and charismatic?
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He's talented.
He took all the diamonds
Be in a popular Quentin Tarantino film.

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What does it feel like to stigg benis in bagina?:DDDD
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Is the pic part of a series?
If so I want to see it.
File: benis_vagina.png (979KB, 1280x1350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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eh, it's breddy gud but not so amazing that it justifies all the effort some people put into getting it
memes aside not even as good as fapping

filling a rubber glove with olive oil sticking between pillows and humping away feels 10x better

Any right wing anime fans here?
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Yeah but I'm a card carrying Libertarian, I don't support Drumpft.
Probably the majority of the site.
ayy lmao what does right wing mean?
t. future POTAS

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Another week another drink

Misaki is almost here to celebrate easter with us
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I like misaki.
what do you mean she's "almost here"

Don't filter me I love you bby

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