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fucking grossssss..jpg
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How do we stop White hipsters from existing?
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Why? We didn....I mean those hipsters didn't do anything to you.
Hipsters are actually the last bastion of uncucked white culture so we have to tolerate them. You literally cannot refute this.
More like cannot bother since it such a nonsensical statement. Also you used the world 'literally' like a drooling, retarded shitster you adore and probably identify yourself as.

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>mom saying that i should get a job or something because she will die and i cant be neet if she dies
she doesnt wanna accept the fact that im gonna kill myself before her death
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Your mom seems to love you a lot so that's something.

Ur a good person. U can do good things
Just get a job already, fucking hell

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tfw completely let myself go, no longer showering and putting on weight while my mental health deteriorates

What's the point in trying? I've been trying for 26 years and nothing good ever happened, it's hard and shit work and makes me hurt on the outside as well, not just on the inside, and this is just so much more easy and sweets taste good and fuck me if I could even care anymore I'm not going to get a gf no matter how attractive I would look
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Anyone here ever had anything stolen from them that makes them completely wary of people? I had a friend in 8th grade who stole my PSP and a couple of games while he was over my house.
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I'm a doormat of a person and have had my mother's side of the family take a large sum of money from me. I wouldn't consider it stolen since I was stupid to let it happen, but I guess I'm now wary and think people have ulterior motives whenever they try to be nice to me.
i never really speak up which has gotten much better in recent years but the anger of not speaking up and keeping at inside has lead me to become this ticking time bomb of either suicide or mass murder i dont know which one to take seriously yet but whatever

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>dad works physical sweaty job
>refuses to take showers for days

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>sweaty job
>refuses showers

File: 1491943367109.png (132KB, 380x496px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>daddy is dead and refuses to come back

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Are friends a meme
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of the flock.jpg
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no, but when i was an edgy 16 year old i unironically believed they were. and now at 22 i'm finally starting to make friends and it's been pretty good for me i think. it's just hard as fuck to find real friends.

so i'd say false friends, or friends you settled for, are a meme. real friends are pretty necessary, or at least genuinely beneficial for most peoples' mental healths--ya know, feeling wanted, feeling validated, etc.

>tfw you've been a NEET for years, and your brother gets you a job that you're massively underqualified for

I've been there for four months, and I'm freaking out, thinking I'm gonna get fired all the time. Bosses keep yelling at me, because I'm slow. Everyone else is at least twice as fast as me. Brother's getting mad at me for messing up his reputation, even though he put me in this situation. Not the other way around. Fucking family keeps telling me that I just need to work hard, and everything will be fine. I've been working hard since I've got there. I don't have the fucking knowledge. There's no fucking winning.

Anyone ever been in a similar situation?
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You can't win, OP. No matter what you do, it will never be good enough for normies. You could bust your ass and do your utmost, they'll still scorn you and berate you for not doing a good enough job and not making enough efforts. Normies don't understand us and never will.

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>everyone: Why don't you have a girlfriend yet, Anon?

Why is it so foreign to people to not have a girlfriend?

Is that all life is? You get a girlfriend in high school, go from girl to girl during college, settle after you start working, marry some girl, and die? So much for that Greek way of thinking everyone loves so much
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They are pathetic and a girlfriend is the only thing easy enough for them to get. That's why they flaunt it at every oppourtinity as some kind of achievement.
Because the most primal part of human nature besides surviving is to procreate. Society's accepted form of procreation is a gf/wife. It's inhuman to not want to pass on your genetics.
>Why is it so foreign to people to not have a girlfriend?
Because the overwhelming majority of human beings regularly have intimate relationships with members of the opposite sex. It's as normal as eating breakfast.This place is an echo chamber, you forget that people like us are extreme outliers.
>Is that all life is?
From a purely biological perspective, yes. It leads to reproduction.

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why do I have sad eyes when in a neutral mood? is this window to your soul bullshit true?
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Why are Prius drivers with Hillary stickers the fucking worst?
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I actually think people who make unwarranted assumptions based on car choice and political affiliation are the worst.
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fucking lol. 2 real.

File: 1497480908976.png (2MB, 951x949px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>20 kvhh truecel
>the levels of gratification and ego boosting chads and stacies have received must be like crack cocaine compared to hellish lonely existence ive endured all these years
>its not gonna get better
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calm down and rephrase that whole shitpost

File: 1472399813833.jpg (402KB, 1280x853px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're all so boring and unimaginative. How can you have all this time, likely on here all day, internet at your disposal, but you just repeat the same shit over and over?
You're all so limited, it's laughable. No wonder nobody likes you, you boring fucks.
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>is a grimes fanboy
>thinks he is in any position to criticize others

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sad pepe.jpg
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>tfw 19 birthday
>tfw mom is calling me to blow the candles
i wanna die, im 19yo and im a kv loser neet, i cant do anything, i dont have any purpose on life and im too pussy to kill myself

i think im in coma, this is a dream or something
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You're only 19 bro. I felt the same at 19 too. Now I'm 21, and I feel a bit better about life. Not much has changed, but maturing is good for the mind. And I know there are people of every age older than me who feel the same way you and I do.

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l ll ll l_.jpg
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Tell me some stories of autismo moments you've had recently.
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i was cuddling with a gurl last night, and i accidentally let my morning wood touch her booty. fucking next lvl 'tism
> be me
> be in 4th or 5th grade
> be really into Naruto
> wear a bandana around my head because i like kakashi
> playing soccor at reccess
> drooling all over bandana while running
> people looking at me weird
i still cringe to this day at how cringy i was back then man it sucks
>last night
>morning wood

Fake and gay

File: IMG_2256.jpg (46KB, 520x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>penis is 12 cm
>friends say it's normal
>fucking urologist/andrologist says it's perfectly normal, can perfectly please, and the average in the country
>search online
>vaginas are 7-8 cm deep and then strech
>g-spot is around 9 cm
>still not convinced it's ok

I want to die.
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Thats below 5". You might as well be dead, kiddo.
File: penor7.jpg (2MB, 2448x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2448x3264px
At least you don't have tastebuds on your cock.
The only women who care are roasties who have already taken in hundreds of different dicks, and have a fetish for it. If they really were that undesirable, they'd have been bred out long ago

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