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Please don't tell me you play video games on a computer.
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I want to
I plan on saving up my money from now on to buy the parts, I'm so tired of paying 60$ for an old game
Paper specs are never equal though. Consoles have to hit a very, very tight price target and thermal envelope that PCs aren't restricted by.
the fuck is he talking about

they also optimize the use of standard hardware

Who here unironically subscribes to political ideologies outside the typical realm of discourse and why?
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Anarcho-primitivism? What's the thought process here?
I've unironically voted libertarian the past two elections

I unironically voted for dudeweedjohnson twice not because I see 100% eye to eye with libertarianism, but because I hate the two main parties too much

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Who else can't wait to beat their future wife because she found you so late? ^.^
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She'd probably you leave and report you, that's messed up, man..
Or she could the one to end up beating you up to. Never under estimate your partner/gf/bf
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>KHHV for 30 years
>Meet qt.3.14 7/10 grill at social event
>Asked her out for a date because I deserve the normie life
>She said yes, robot no more
>Fast forward two years, everything going well, relationship better than ever
>Popped the question, she said yes
>Spent a fortune on our dream wedding
>Agent r0b_9001 activated
>Overcame by senseless rage for whores and beat wife senseless
>Wife filed for divorce and took everything I have
>tfw women are vampiric succubuses which suck life out of men and thieving whores who rob you of everything you have with no repercussions
/r9k/ was right!

Who said I live in the U.s.? XD



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I'm 5'8; what's the best way to feel small? I know I'm already short for a guy, but how can I really feel smaller?
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Walk around on your knees
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Google Carl Sagan's "pale blue dot" speech
Fuck man.

That really made me put shit in perspective. I feel strange, like I'm lost.

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Apparently a lot of the BLACKED girls escort.

You don't have to be a wizard if you spend money.
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>the meme porn girls are literally whores
Hmmm, really gets the noggin's gears turning
But they cost alot

like 3000 USD

you can get a good high qoulity stripper for like 300 bucks, much better deal
Wouldn't pay more than $30 usd

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>maid outfit
>own collars, toys
>using plug rn
>tfw trap

feels good, man
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we'll be the judge of that

post pics fuckboy
felix is kind of weird though
despite the way he dresses and acts he still identifies as a boy.
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So how long you planning to go on for? 5 years? 2? A couple months?

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>dragged to house party by my party loving cousin
>nervous so start drinking heavily
>getting a little tipsy
>talk to his friends and conversation turns to women
>say "haha yeah man those bitches only want to cuck us with chads"
>"what..." they ask
>me: "y-you know... chad thundercock..."
>"hahaha who the fuck is that, bro?" they tell me
>me: "you know... the guy who cucks all the betas out of their oneitises"
>they start laughing really hard
>I start getting red in the face and go to the bathroom
>when I come out, they all start chanting "THUNDER KEK THUNDER KEK THUNDER KEK"
I am now known as "thundercuck" in their circle. Just end me.
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you should be able to turn a nickname like thundercock to your advantage
>using the terms cuck, beta, and oneitis in real life
It's your own fault.



You dont exploit the body's ability to create tonally controlled vibrations to produce those words physically right?

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What are the chances someone dies from 10mg of adderall? I read that it causes heart failure and now I don't want to take it. My doctor told me it'll change my autistic life a bit
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Just stopping in to let you know this is a stupid question and you're stupid

So I won't die ?
Pls help answer

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How do we liberate the wage slaves or should we? It's a miserable existence.
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They have the weekends and like14 vacation days.
Their weekends are spent catching up on errands and 14 days to be a freeman is like putting a crack of a window overlooking paradise in a prison cell that only opens 14 minutes during the day.
wageslaves are still required for this delightful cushy modern existence

maybe give 'em 'pro bono' access to a few prostitute visits per year (diverting tax money to the prostitutes lol)

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>tfw my parents signed me up to the military and I just went along with

I start basic in less than a month and I honestly don't want to do this....

Should I just go with it and see if I like it?

I'm a 21 year old NEET
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You're an adult. It's illegal what they did. You don't have to do it.
They'll kick me out if I don't though

I could maybe injure myself in training so they have to discharge me
it will be good for you, unfortunately you will always stay a loser

t. milrobo

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Really wish I had a gf
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These threads remind me if a Dark Knight movie, where Joker said that he is like a dog chasing cars, he wouldn't know what to do with one if he caught it.
If you just want some abstract girl, it's dumb.
>tfw i had an ex so i know what its like

i really wish i had a gf as well.... i literally cannot wish for anything more. its the only thing i ever wanted in this fuciking life

the voices in my head were mocking me again
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Care to share the transcript?
Have you been taking your crazy pills, anon?


Your ironic memeing has irreversibly fucked with my head, to the point where I am completely miserable. I'm fucking ready to take the last step into the elephant graveyard.
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I scored 18, that good I think
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orniles bebis
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wizard casts gun.png
2MB, 1920x1058px
Pretty nice, that's one of my favorite numbers.

I'm only 25 at the moment, so its still 5 years till the full wizard status is achieved.

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Isn't it amazing that you can experience one piece of music while another never does until their dies. That you can listen to sounds of different volumes and different frequencies in specific orders that provoke specific feelings. Isn't it sad that you will die never experiencing a drip compared to what's out there
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music is just the same 7 basic notes and their slight variations over and over. thats all music is. the same shit made differently.
>Isn't it sad that you will die never experiencing a drip compared to what's out there

This is more terrifying than death to me. I've been on a mission to get my footing in this hobby for over a decade, and even still I feel like it's impossible to really have a good understanding. I feel like no matter how much music I listen to it's impossible to build some kind of foundation where I can feel comfortable. It always has me on my toes. That's what I love about it. I'd guesstimate my total number of albums listened to at around 30,000 so far but it's still the same as the first. My biggest fear after missing the treasure is going deaf. I think I could spend my entire life trying to get to first base and I'd get nowhere. Along the way I pick up sounds that are so important to me that it makes everything worth it. It always comes out of left field, right there where I wasn't looking. Just a face in the crowd passing by. Real treasure in every nook and cranny. I try not to stagnate and continue on leaving the treasure in the dust in search of more treasure so I can have enough to last me a lifetime, but sometimes it's nice to soak it in for awhile. I have the tendency to soak until it expires so I schedule myself out these days and set a goal of around 10 albums a day. All of that fear I feel that there is all this treasure to be found, the soulmate equivalent of SOUND, it gets canceled out by the underdog that was just passing by. I like to imagine the treasures that never get dug up before the board gets cleared and I disappear are playing in somebody else's ears.

Sorry if that was not very coherent.
>7 basic notes

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Anyone /ghosted/ here? I feel that people just ignore me, they just don't answer when I talk to them, don't sitting with me, even teachers are pretending that they don't know I exist so I have literally never been asked by them at lesson. I don't even get the (You)s at /r9k/ and I'm a threadkiller. Anyone can relate?
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Yes, anon. I have felt your pain. I posted in my first thread that didn't die today
i'm also a threadkiller

i had three dates with women i met online in the last three days. all of them ghosted me.
it hurts so much.
That sounds very painful, anon. I'm sorry that happened to you. At least maybe you learned something about yourself in the process, but that doesn't make it feel any better right now. I'm sorry.

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