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>"Nice to meet you"
>*shakes hand*
>"OMG ANON YOUR HANDS ARE SO SOFT! Emma! Come here and feel Anon's hands! They are softer than mine HAHAHA"
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I had a girl at my work who used to joke that I used too much lotion (yes in that sense)
Which is weird because I never really use lotion anyway
>Which is weird because I never really use lotion anyway

did you tell her that?
Yea, She doesn't believe me.
My hands are probably soft because I never work hard labour work

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Would you press the button?
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So I become irresistible to women and nothing else changes? Sounds like a good deal.
So all women in the world would be attracted to me?
No. It sounds like it would be annoying to deal with.

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I'm in Atlanta and homeless for a while, and have nowhere to be for the next few days. Anyways I'm bored as fuck, anyone want to hang out?
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If I lived in America, sure I would, stay safe on the streets though
btw I'll buy drinks I have the money but I'm not 21
Are you near midtown OP?

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>He uses Marxist buzzwords like "proletariat", "patriarchy", "trickle down economics", "institutional racism"
>He calls himself a feminist or feminist ally
>He voted for Bernie
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>tfw conservative and still virgin
Better to be just a virgin than be both a virgin and a cuck
Those kinds of guys actually get a ton of puss, especially on college campuses and other similar hipster SJW filled places. If he's that vocal about it, he's definitely playing it up to get sum fuk.

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>beta flatmate asks us to take the trash out, then quickly apologizes and does it himself
>now he's cleaning our apartment for us
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What exactly do you get out of being an asshole in life?
Well, pretty clearly, he gets someone doing his chores for him.
wtf? do people actually act like this? I mean I'm pretty beta in terms of social achievements and
my ability to verbalize my thoughts, but I like to believe that I have some fucking dignity

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Somewhere, there's a party, and you're not invited.
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Holy shit, OP... Youre right...
Just like all the other fucking parties as if I give a FUCKING shit YOU DUMBASS
Parties suck. I'm in a fraternity and usually make excuses to leave ours early, and we're not even one of the bigger frats on campus.
Kick backs >>>>>>>>> Parties
Nothing new there then

But then again who would want to be surrounded be drunken dicks

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>decided against giving a gift to a girl that I don't know because I realized that it's creepy as fuck

Holy shit what was I thinking lmao
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You crazy anon?

That's really weird
What was the gift? Is she a regular girl or a thot with an amazon wishlist? It makes a difference.
good call
with this decision you'll save face and money

For example look at this picture these two could be different species. The one on the left looks beter in every single way than the other guy.

How does this happen?
He just lucked out on the genetic lottery.

His life will be pure bliss. Imagine the dopamine rush he gets every time he looks in the mirror.

Honestly, sculpting your body is one thing but having an attractive face trumps everything.

Literally every single person, from every cultural background in every time era feels a strong attraction to pure beauty.
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Improper usage of proper genetics can result in huge loss of potential.

And every freak, disgusting male can get a +2 on the zero to 10 scale just by being fit and lifting well.

Except in really extreme cases like ronny with his roid gut. I dont think that he is attractive to any woman out there.
What's up with the model's eyes though? They are so far apart and narrow like jap eyes.
>The one on the left looks beter in every single way than the other guy
when did you realize you were gay? go back to /r9k/ nobody buys into this shit except virgins and beta numales

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hey robots just wanted to tell you that uhmm
khalesi attacks the lannister army and burning them alive while her dragon gets sniped with a spear by bronn and needs to land for a moment dunring wich khalesi tries to take out this spear. At this moment Jaimie tries to kill her but gets fireballed but bronn jumps on him and saves his life
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>watching GoT
>not stubbornly sticking to the books and pretending that GRRM isn't a fat, lazy fuck
>reading books
cuck, nerd
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Nie ogladam gry o tron. Pierdol sie normiku.

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Who else here go to treatment as a child
>Wilderness therapy for 13 weeks
>1 year in an rtc
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^ for drugs?

I didn't have to go, but my brother did, and I know a bunch of the guys that he went with.
What the hell is an rtc lol you're fucked up dude
No, I basically went full NEET mode at 15 so my parents sent me away

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>be me, 20 yo guy who is fit and has a good job, nice hobbies and interests
>find qt at college bar and hang out a bit
>she is also 20
>we like each other
>fast forward four months
>buy qt expensive ring with job money
>sit down after a nice evening of walking through parks and eating at restaurant
>show her the ring
>qt tells me there is someone she met a week ago
>my heart takes a break and goes to take a dip in my rectum
>"What? Who is it Anonette?"
>qt shows me the pic of her sudden crush who she met a week ago and already had sex with, or so she says
>take a look at the ultra filtered pic of a emo dude whose face is pestered with metal piercing all over the nose and lips
>he is only 16
>she takes my hands and smiles in the most apologetic way I've ever seen
>She opens her mouth again to speak but my ass is becoming the universe right now and can not hear a thing
>I sit in silence as soon as she finishes with "I know I lied about me wanting to wait for sex but that is just what the heart does to you"
>realize I still have the ring in my hand
>stand up and lead her to the door without saying anything and close it as I hear her sobbing
>come back and see she forgot the phone without the screen lock on
>find the conversation between emo fuckboy and whore
>see he likes receiving rimjob
>it's time
>send his nudes to all his friends and post them on whore's fb and twitter with convo pics
>return phone after a day although she did not know I had it
>a few days pass
>find out the kid tried to kill himself after finding out about the posts
>all his classmates bully him as the school laughs and shares nudes with normie memes
>parents blame the whore and she gets sued
>she tries to blame me of rape and theft of phone
>nobody believes her as I got an alibi from friends who owed me big time
>I sit in my couch before my fireplace
>throw ring in the fire as I watch it get engulfed by the flames
>I am smiling
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I want to do my moralfag, but somehow I can feel your satisfaction from this. And it's possible I'd do the same if I were you, so... Yeah, enjoy it.
Fuck them, I hope it feels good as hell. It's a shame he survived the suicide attempt but being the emo faggot that he is he likely didn't make a serious attempt. Protip: don't buy expensive shit for roasties unless they've been with you for a long time and you can see yourself marrying them.
>My ass is becoming the universe

Do you watch penguinz0?
Also, this must feel amazing, good on you.
Last laugh is beat laugh.

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Stacies tell you to take off your shirt.. would you?
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I'd tell her no.
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Those are clearly very underage, like 15 at the most. So no.
>Implying I would be near these underaged girls
Anon, give me some credit. I'm no pedo.

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>I said I was a skater boy
>she said see you later boy
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>absolutely no lyrics at all
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>Yeah, sold my soul, I'm a bad man- write it on my tombstone.
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>ive bee dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
>that what you're looking for has been here the hole time
>if you can see the one who understand you
>been here all along so why cant you see
>you belong with me

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Can we get a shit in threat started?
Want to know why other robots hide away from the world
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there's pretty much nothing for me to do out there
It's way too noisy outside.
It's boring. I live in a shitty town, where everything you can do is the lowest of the low commercial garbage.

There is no opportunities job wise either, so there is no point me getting a shitty minimum wage job, might as well just stay on bennies

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I thought whites were at the top of the food chain?

Looks like it's changing............
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all I see is deodorant fail
So if blacks are on top that makes them the oppressors. Where is my free money since you are the privileged class?
yeah, hispanics and asians are taking over
bad time for blacks and whites ahead

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