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Hey, Anons. What's going on in your life? Saving up for anything? Got any romantic interests? See or play any good media/vidya lately? Anything at all?
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I'm in the middle of a two week fast. No food, just water, a little coffee in the morning, and electrolyte supplements. Going to lose a bit of weight, then possibly transition into an intermittent fasting kind of a deal.

Also, after dropping out of college two years ago, I've decided to finish up this year, so I've been practicing note taking after work every day. I don't think I'll need the note taking skill, I've gotten this far without it, but I think the discipline is a good thing to practice so that I'll be on top of my homework when the time comes.

This year is going to be hard, because I have an apartment and a car payment now, whereas last time I was in college, it was as a dependent on my father. Now I have to keep my personal finances together as well as my schoolwork.
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>starting second attempt at Uni with a meme degree at the other side of the planet
>still can't finish any personal projects
>got dick surgery about 2 weeks ago
I've been saving for a house for a while now, but I recently decided that I should spend it on travel. I only live once and seeing the world seems much more fun than just having my own house.

>Romantic interests?
I'm dating someone I met on /r9k/ and we might make it official soon.

Purchased a lot on the Steam sale, started a few games (Playing through DS3 now)

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>leave house
>feel amazing
>stay home
>feel terrible and post on 4chan
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>Something bad happens irl.
>Go online and immediatly feel safe and sound again.
I feel nervous when Im not in my room shitposting on 4chan.
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>leave house
>feel amazing
how do you enjoy the normie world?
>leave house
>feel terrible
>stay home
>feel terrible and post on 4chan
I can't fucking win

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>tfw I'm too scared to go to the gym
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I was the same nigga. 5'8" 175 lbs when I first started and now im down to 140 lbs and slowly gaining it back in muscle.

Its worth it bro. Girls actually compliment me now.
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>he still feels shame
Nice digits.

Just join a 24 hour gym and go late at night when no normies are around. That's what I did.

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Will hard drugs make me stop being sad all the time? I'm tired if feeling like shit everyday and overthinking every decision I have ever made or am about to make. I need something to fix this shit NOW!
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You think youre miserable now, that you've hit rock bottom, but you wouldn't believe how bad it feels to come off hard drugs. I'm telling you- It's not worth it.
I am 33 years old and I have 9 months clean by choice. I will tell you that hard drugs like heroin and crack will obviously help you feel better in the short term, and when you are withdrawing you will feel bad but I can easily see how someone can grow to associate all of their bad feels to equate to not having dope. So yes, it could help but its a double edged sword. Do whatever you want.
Yea they will temporarily.

Still probably not where you want to go tho

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Rich and his wife.png
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He settled. why don't you?
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more like she settled tbH

>he settled

This again
Which one is the he?

Any other Anhedonia sufferers on this board? Please, come in here.

Yesterday, after months of waiting, I found out that my insurance is to be renewed in mid-July. I've enjoyed almost nothing since December, so it's nice. However, these next few weeks will be a pain in the ass. I should be used to it by now, but the fact that I'm robbed of practically every reason to live and there's nothing I can do about it still blows. Sure, exercise makes you feel decent briefly after, and sometimes music is catchy, but it's not the same. Laughter doesn't feel good. Food tastes like nothing. It is impossible to care about anything. I envy people with problems they can make an impact on - stuff like this just doesn't budge.

How are you guys? Will this thread get a single response?
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I'm getting there. I can't bring myself to get a job that might make me money. The thought of surrendering 1/2 of my waking hours to make "money". It isn't worth it.

This realization came with me realizing I had to give up really ever desiring much of anything. This led to me slowly becoming less and less attached to things that used to bring me joy.

I still have "hobbies" and try to stay entertained but I have no money to put towards anything. For example, I have a bookshelf of books I could read, but I can't buy any more books; I have guns I could shoot, but I have a limited supply of ammo and would rather save it; I have aging video games that may break any day and mostly aren't that fun anymore. I recently got back into drawing, but I'm limited to a No. 2 mechanical pencil and few drawing pencils I have laying around.

I think by my next birthday, I will be largely without any pleasures and honestly one step closer to killing myself.
Do you still retain the capacity to enjoy things?
dope with weed can make a good afternoon, but it sounds like you're looking for a long term solution or a goal you can work towards.

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How's it going fellow wagecucks? How's it feel knowing we made it through hump day? I get paid tomorrow so I'm going to go buy a new pair of Vans, get my haircut and grab some Pei Wei for dinner after I cash my check after work, then grab a nice, tall cold one at my local watering hole. Tomorrow should actually be a pretty good day. How's the rest of your week looking like?
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Where are all the wagecucks at?
Greetings, I start my new job tomorrow. I've been neeting it up for the last 2 weeks, it's been a nice window to look through but as much as I hate working I need it to keep me sane. I don't know how people can stay neets for so long, my family's financial status and work ethic prevent that from happening to me.
Congrats bro! Good to see you're getting back into the workforce like a real man. What will you be doing anon?

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preview (1).jpg
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How do we kill all black people in America r9k?
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Originalio bump for interest
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Like this x20
What are you trying to say with that image OP?

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Anon! Help! He's got me!
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>punch her for throwing off jamals concentration
>take out my phone and start recording while yelling WOOOORLD STAR
Is this gameplay from the new Sims game?

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>''women are evil bro just fuck a cuteboy fuck a trap come on it'll be ebin''

>they all want chad too

ff-f-ff--ghghgtk-gkhk... -f-f--k-..... -n--....-.nnnnooorrrrr....noormmmiees.. .rr.e.
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cute robot boys don't want Chad
they want other robot boys
Let me succ you pls email me [email protected]
That's not me buddy
I'm sorry if I got your hopes up

How are your pussy-eating skills Anon?
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Woman of /r9k/ is OPs image effective vagina pleasing methods correct?

Don't lie fembots, we know you all had someone lick your pusssy before.
God that shit tastes awful. Does dick taste like that? I've stopped asking for bj's just in case- don't wanna inflict that on anyone.
It's an acquired taste, like oysters or whiskey.

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>be roastie
>april 20th 1999
>eating lunch outside school with chad bf
>"omg there are eric and dylan, they're such nerds lol"
>"haha they even have firecrackers. edgy losers"
>hear loser yell "go go go"
>they pull out guns
>"wait, what the fuck? no, please don't.
>*pop pop pop pop*
>get hit
>"AAAAAHHHHHHHH, please, no"
>get shot in the head
Who is YOUR Columbinefu, /r9k/? Mine is Rachel Scott.
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Rachel Scott is a roastie whore who deserved every bit of lead she got, if only they killed her brother so he didn't waste an hour of my fucking like talking to my class about how to be a norman in middle school
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Yeah, her brother seems like a real turbo-Chad who lives off the death of his roastie sister and le black friend (Isaiah). Rachel is still hot af, though, even though she was a roastie.
"Yeah, dude, my sister died, bro. Totally horrible man, yeah cool, now let me go make like a fortune and promote myself through doing talks and showing up to places."

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What non-caffeinated beverage mixes well with Jack, other than gingerale?
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I recommend mixing about 3-4 ice cubes in a rocks glass. You're welcome.

Frozen Jack is tolerable. I like it with coke zero but I have developed a sensitivity to caffeine
Fruitpunch and sprite.

it feels fucking bad to be a beta asian, especially nowadays.

>weebshit/japanese culture used to be big shit, and every other asian person would try to emulate jap people
>korean culture is the new big shit, and every motherfucking alpha asian is trying look like a kpop fuckboi
>every single asian girl i've met has been materialistic as hell, and are suckered into these trends just to be "in"
>every single asian boy wants that pussi, so they hop along these trends
>mfw i don't want to be a gook anymore

i'm sick of the milk tea and plastic surgery and phoniness. wat do i do?
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you have access to the greatest pussy reserve on the planet
i would chop my pinkie for a jap gf
I used to drink milk tea twice a day for years but now thinking about it just makes me sick.
know your feels man I started lifting a few months ago, made some babby gains but no amount of lifting will lift away 5'7" + naturally ugly face

>Every day a white male steals a black guy from their rightful white girlfriends.

What can we do to stop them, fembots?
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well first of all stop being a gay faggot witeboi
Kill all black people that's how.Also that penis is mediocre.
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It's better a faggot gets fucked by a nigger than white woman anyway

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