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At any given time a rogue leader can start bombing a country and then you'll get drafted to die in a pointless war
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At any given time a gamma ray burst can obliterate our galaxy in a matter of seconds and we wont predict it because its too fast.

Theres a decent chance youre gonna be mangled the next time you get in a car.

The lesson is the same: if youre scared to die, youre scared to live.
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>not wanting to fight in a war

Truly pathetic
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>wanting to die cause some politician wanted to wave his dick around

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>tfw I got her pregnant
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>tfw religion keeps my head clean of sexual wants
haha, sucks to be you Chad.
Just run
If chad can be a deadbeat dad you can too

Who here /geneticdeadend/?

When did you realize even if you could breed you have a moral responsibility not to?
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I can't even take care of myself so i have no business taking care of anyone else. Even seeing teenage mums with little kids fucking kills my soul, i wouldnt be able to handle having one of my own.
This year. Realizing the impact poor parenting can have on a kid, I've concluded that I would likely do things similar to my parents, and I don't want to put somebody through that.
The same time I realized life is pointless. It's not that my genetics are awful, but that life is not worth starting, not worth continuing in an offspring sense.

Follow the flowchart, see if it matches your type. I got straight to ENTJ, so it's validated on my end.
>inb4 MBTI is horoscopes
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What is it with INFPs? I always hear so much negativity regarding them, are they really that bad?
The ones I've met

>qt that didn't give a shit about classes, how degenerate, and spent all day laying down on the grass. Favorite movie was Amelie. Couldn't talk with her because she was ~feeling~ all the time
>white knight cuck from a Stats class. Looks like a huge faggot because he only hangs out with girls. Legit afraid of the fuckboys in class. Your typical guitarfag
>degenerate mentally ill homo who shares cringeworthy posts about anarchofeminism (KEKKEST) and posts like if she were a white girl despite being a shitskin
>obese autist who looks like Chris Chan had a bastard child. Apologizes for everything.
>an ESFP friend's gf who is kinda cute. Always eye fucks me whenever she sees me. Thinking about cucking the idiot because it doesn't seem like he's giving her a favor

And pretty much 90% of the posts in this cesspool.

I'm not sure why people say INFPs are the most ideal type for ENTJs. I have endured dealing with feeling types for like a half life yet I'm expected to be couples with one. No fucking way
Yeah see this is what Im talking about. According to pic related we're ideal for each other, but stories like yours make me think that any relationship would be a horror story. I'd try to get shit done and make something of myself while they'd alternate between wasting time and trying to survive a self inflicted crisis.

Based on who you've met, what do you think the best match for ENTJs is?

What does our society truly want out of men?

There's one side that claims hypermasculinization is the downfall of the gender. It's tied to ADHD. Being told to bottle up one's emotions for the sake of maintaining camaraderie and brotherhood is what gives way to physical violence, for those pent-up feelings could eventually get unleashed on the wrong person at the wrong time. In short, this side pushes for men to stop rejecting femininity in their lives.

The other side (here, TheRedPill) simply wants men to stop being, for lack of a better word, cucks.
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I just want to be cuddled up with momma while she strokes my hair
Momma as in a mommy gf?
Alfa bux beta lux

>tfw 7x6 inches
>tfw fucking this qt
>tfw she starts crying
>she can't move
>her pussy looks all puffy and swollen
>had to stop
>lied in bed and cuddled her
>went home with aching blue balls when she fell asleep

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>tfw 2 inches
>tfw will never fuck a girl

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>tfw 2.5 inches
>tfw fucked a prostitute that laughed and called me baby
>tfw so nervous and ashamed and disgusted with myself that i couldnt cum
You're honestly better off not even trying
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s-sorry brah

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Most of your life spent in solitude has been constructed in your mind by fearful thoughts. You have been living in a dream world. For the most part, things are actually ok.

When will you end this bad habit which consumes you?
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>For the most part, things are actually ok.
no they're not

what a retarded generalization to make as a thread. I hate this preachy philosophical bullshit more than any other kind of thread.
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Thanks for this post OP
>Most of your life spent in solitude has been constructed in your mind by fearful thoughts. You have been living in a dream world. For the most part, things are actually ok.
I needed to hear this, thanks lad.

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>Dad pisses in your bed
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Was he sober and you were sleeping in it at the time?
>dad goes on ypur computer amd masturbates at the end of your bed

Fucking cunt
He was drunk but I WAS sleeping in it. How can I ever recover, anon?

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Happy Peter Steele day!
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My sister in law was obsessed with that dude. Had his nudes as a desktop wallpaper and shit.

Personally I think he was a bit tryhard

Also I am pretty sure the general consensus here is this day belongs to adolf.
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>he was 6'7
Jesus what the fuck, must've been pretty intimidating to meet him irl
>Peter Steele day
Why is today Peter Steele's day?

i'm 20 years old and I've never kissed a girl
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same but I'm 23 :)
I'm 24 years old and I've never kissed a girl
Me too, turning 26 soon.

I feel like a faggot or a wigger when listening to hip hop rap music etc now. Anyone else have that happen? It's the lyrics. A lot of the lyrics are really gay.
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Listen to better hip hop music, then? Or if you're really that insecure about the stuff that you're into force yourself to listen to different shit. Who fucking cares?
listen to young thug, he's a right-wing conservative rapper
Maybe you are just listening to shit cause this doesn't feel gay at all

We used to be tight, now it's shoot on sight
Taking the ghetto right, sliding in your wife on a rainy night
Low budget nigga wanna act like
You'se a killer in the spotlight but never lived the life?
Throw the griller in your mouthpiece, rock you to sleep
Fucking wit Street, you better travel wit heat
Speaking my piece
You survived my attempt to homicide
Tried to slide and lit five rounds but hit the building side
This is how it's going down, ain't no peace until you're gone
Play around, with your life playa you won't live long
Probably got a vest on
But your thoughts react like a young pawn
That's when I swarm on your street dreams you moron
Carry on, forty lead dons went through your Teflon
I remained calm
Even though you straight passed through my left arm
I never fold I reload, keep my clip full mode
Empty out six slick, to bloody up your wardrobe
Plus that click you run with, I heard y'all niggas rub dicks
Greet niggas with a french kiss, some real fag shit
Seen the bitch in you, from the first day you came through
Saw the size of my crew, and started actin brand new
That bullshit you pulled, you gon' pay too
You went bubbling blue, it's dead on the avenue
I bailed you out, passed off a key to the stash house
So you could lay low, from your P.O
Before you mashed out
Then you went the wrong route
That's why I threw my dick in your girl's mouth
Get snuffed the fuck out, walk with your guns out

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Its fucking over. Today once again I confirmed that Im a complete failure in every single aspect of life and I cant get anything done right. I caused a car crash
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Dubs confirm

What did you do? Greentext please
sorry to hear that. best you can do is figure out what happened so you won't fall for the same mistake again in the future, friend.
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My clutch got stuck on the floor and didnt move. I had problems before with it but it was never anything too major. Today I had a problem to actually move from place because the clutch was still on the ground even when I didnt have foot on it. I was trying to unblock it while driving , I saw that truck in front of me was going left so I went to his right thinking I will just go around the corner and stop. Unfortunately the truck was just trying to make more space so he could make the turn but I wasnt focused enough on the road and didnt notice. He crashed into me. Thankfully nothing happened to anyone and truck wasnt damaged but my mom called me things that I really am, an idiotic failure. Getting a driver license was one of the biggest mistakes of my life

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I just don't know what I should do anymore.

>Wake up
>Be me
>Breathe in through my nostrils and exhale through my mouth. The air is sweet like a fruit in the heat.
>Go down the stairs towards the kitchen so that i may dine with my lonesome thoughts over a hearty breakfast of whatever I have.
(Inner monologue) god i hope I do have something good in.
>See that there is only cooking chocolate and old milk, old dead milk so dead intact that new life was born out of it through the bacterial colonies colonising the milk.
(Inner monologue) sooo it's gonna be one of them days eh? Well waste not want not.
>Pucker myself up and drink a slurp of that rotten milk host to lumps with a chocolate side.
(Inner monologue) should not of done that but i needed the calories
>Only actually managed 4-5 swigs before my body warns me of its ill feeling of ailment.
>See time and rush to the footpath as though a tiger was running towards an invading gorilla
(Inner monologue) I sure hope I'm not late for class
>That was when i noticed the person that would shape these coming months. They were holding conversation with a jock perhaps with an intelect bested by a rock. I could not stand for this as she looked a bit uncomfortable as she laughed nervously probably in fear.

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please never make another post ever again
I beg your pardone
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images (1).jpg
5KB, 265x190px

>I feel very jealous as well as zeleous
>Is this not my moment to shine? Am i not a man to stand up for everyone, my principals and my feelings.
>As. I approach to hit the jerk in the back of the head I stop myself after the punch is thrown.
>This results in a mere light tap
(Inner monologue) flopping flounders I'm in for it now.
>He turns around
>He sees me
I scream inside
>He says "hey do i know you"
No but did you drop this
>I hold up a cigarette bud that my hands picked up from the grey old ground.
>He says no in a smarmy way.
(Inner monologue) oh Hamburgers i better think fast.
It must be mine then I say
>The guy looks concerned as I briskly walk with the old end of someone's cancer stick to class.

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How are you supposed to figure out what to do for a career?

There is literally nothing I like or want to do. Everything is hard and boring. I can't think of a single career I'd like to do.
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Even if something sounds remotely appealing to me, I can't reasonably expect that I'd ever be able to do it. I think most people just take whatever job they just happen to get stuck with and make the best of it.
I can't do that. The only job I can manage to get is some low tier retail shit. I can't do that forever. I'd rather be dead, easily.
You should dress up like a girl and be some anon's stay at home boyfu

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why did /ourguy/ foreveralonefeels delete his channel?
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He probably killed himself. This is not even original.
Nah, georgie is of tougher stock than that. My feeling is someone was trying to fuck with him or his job.
>our guy
what are we reddit

oh wait..

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