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why dont you have a beard?

>tfw 19yo and i cant grow a decent beard
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>why dont you have a beard?
>cant grow a decent beard
i have one and i look better with it
I have a beard
Reason being: I don't have a job and hate shaving

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Any tips on where and how one could find a gf?
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School, job is where.

How? No idea.
just go to your local church
My school ended already. Never really managed to make a female friend.

Oh, are nuns nice?

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First things first /v Is shit.

Now that that's over, Any robots interested in playing? I have a chill little server but not many people are actually interested in games there. (Preferably PS4) but I have a 3DS, Xbox and Vita. If you can't play now that's fine but if you're interested in finding some people to play with maybe this can help. I'm usually free myself.

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But do you play Dragonball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 though?

I'd like a remastered collection of all three games, but no. Only DBZ game I have at the moment is Xenoverse 2 (Xbox)
I have a PS4 and Vita but I don't play much online apart from Soulsborne stuff.

You can still add me if you want though

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>be me
>hanging out with some of my best friends, all a bunch of shitposting robots
>one of my friends sister hangs out with us
>I think she's a qt 3.14
>shes in my program, i've already known her for a year, but shes recently single
>Im ALSO recently single

What do I do???? Should I ask my best friends sister out to drinks or something?
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>What do I do????

kill yourself, livestream it
just fucking ask her to drinks you pussy

>mfw I run into someone I went to high school with
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>mfw I run into someone I went to high school with
>while I'm at work
>wagecucking in a grocery store
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>have prosopagnosia
>can never tell whether the person I see is actually someone I used to know or just someone with a similar body type and face type
>too shy to initiate contact in case it is just some stranger
It probably is a stranger at least 80% of the time, but I can never be sure. You should consider yourself lucky you can be so sure.
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>Town with population of 8,000
>Constantly see my former teachers and classmates when going to the store

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images (1).jpg
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>get qt match on Tinder
>exchange snapchat
>send pic of my face
>she starts acting distant and only gives one-word replies
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b yourself anon :)
That doesnt make sense. She saw your pic on tinder, right?
Listen to this after hearing how women are its hopeless


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>when you lose int rest in hobbies
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>when your favorite hobby makes you lose int
it's time to do no fap/no porn then anon. And probably quit drugs if you do them.
lost interest in all of them after being NEET for too long,

aside from my financial problems, it was the driving force on me going back to work.

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I want to try tinder but I don't have any photos of myself. I could take selfies but everyone says to have other people take pics of you. I don't have that option due to lack of friends. How do I make a good profile?
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Take a selfie still
Or just put your camera on a timer and set it somewhere to take a pic of you
Pretend you have friends that way
Take one of those vain mirror selfies where you're not even looking at the mirror. Let's just say I've known some roasties who have gone on and dated guys who had that kind of pic on tinder, and they're not traditionally attractive.
>everyone says to have other people take pics of you
I'm a tinder master and never heard this.

What you *should* have is ALSO photos taken with friends.

But as far as selfies, they're fine, and selfie sticks are like 5$

>Take one of those vain mirror selfies where you're not even looking at the mirror.
These are terrible.

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>falling for the fembot meme
>falling for the femboy/cute boy meme
>falling for the trap meme
>falling for the edating meme
>falling for the roleplay meme
>falling for the discord meme
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I roleplay knowing full well we're both weird gross dudes but it's a lot nicer than looking at pictures and is fun to be creative, plus sometimes it might give you feelings.
I'm not one of those dumb anime roleplayers either mine are a lot better.
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>falling for the trap meme
I don't regret anything
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It's getting cold in here, isn't it?

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what happens when you become older than 25 and lost contact with the last couple of friends you had that tolerated your presence enough to get rip roaring drunk with you once every two weeks?

is this it? is there any going back at all?
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there's no going back. they will have kids and you'll never see them again.
I doubt they will have families they are just slightly less of a loser than me.
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At least you made it 25.

I stopped having friends at 19.

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>26 y/o
>poor as fuck

Will I ever make it lads? I'm living life on survival mode, I will never loss my virginity

Should I end it lads?
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Same but I'm unemployed and trying to stay away from cocaine as well
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Anon, if you will accept it I can offer you something better. Anon trust me, the Christian God is real. He has shown me supernatural signs and altered my being. I'm not crazy because other Christians say they experience the same supernatural things. Anon, what religion shows supernatural signs to you? Our God is real, and that is partially why Jews are so successful as a group of people.

Became a Christian, accept Jesus Christ who lives somewhere else in the universe and ascended. And he will help you change yourself so that you might be worthy to enter into "heaven" or the universe and know God. As of now, humans are barbaric in God's eyes and immoral and most are not worthy to enter his heaven where he rules. And he will rule on Earth soon, but is giving humans like you a chance to repent so you do not get condemned to hell, which is miles and miles beneath the Earth where there is caverns and magma.
Holy shit, man, just fucking kill yourself.

Don't listen to this faggot, OP. Don't delude yourself with Christcuck bullshit and actually get your shit together.

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Story time-

>be me
>28 yrs old
>CRJ Series captain at a shitty regional
>flying is the only thing i'm good at
>job is fun, get to fly a multimillion dollar jet
>management treats us like shit
>scheduling treats us like shit
>ramp workers are cool
>scheduled to fly a 5 day trip
>means that ill be working a 5 day rotation away from home, visiting such exciting places like Newark, Boston, Akron, Indianapolis etc.
>same crew for the whole trip
>arrive at the airport day of trip
>meet crew
>qt f/o and faggot flight attendant
>we'll call her anna, and him faggot
>anna is 23
>just finished line training
>we head out to the plane, begin setting it up
>raining outside, pretty warm, moderate winds
>rainy outside, not too bad, fairly warm
>Since I'm the captain, Anna gets ready to do the walkaround
>Realizes she forgot to bring a raincoat
>I don't bring one, since i don't do walkarounds, and I spend my layovers playing vidya in my hotel room
>She needs to do the walkaround regardless of whether she has a raincoat or not
>does walkaround
>comes back soaked
>can see through her uniform, black bra
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>sudden urge to fap
>not now, too busy
>we start our checklists
>shes the pilot flying this leg
>this means that ill be reading the checklists and talking on the radios, and she will do the flying
>weather is getting worse
>need to leave soon, or we wont be going anywhere
>as we're running the checklists, I keep looking over at her
>looks so hot reaching to the overhead
>short, so she needs to stretch out a bit
>urge to fap worsens
>we are cleared to taxi for takeoff
>taxi to the runway
>weather is really shitting itself at this point
>we call tower and get takeoff clearance
>as we line up, I give her the controls
>she advances the thrust and we go flying down the runway
>as we rotate, we start to get some pretty bad chop
>not dangerous, just a pain in the ass
>Anna's tits are bouncing all over because of the chop
>dick about to explode
>decide I need to fap
>wait until we get cruise altitude
>as soon as we reach it, i call the faggot in from the back
>there need to be two people in the flight deck at all times
>go to the lavatory, start fapping furiously
>edge like 4 times
>solid 15 min session
>all while thinking of anna
>cum buckets
>clean up and head back to the flight deck
>faggot gives me a weird look
>says" took you long enough"
>sounded like a typical white bitch, but gay
>i say im sorry
>he goes back to start drink service
>anna and I are alone
>time to make my move
>i ask her how she likes the job
>says she loves it, but she hated that she had to move across the country
>we're both based in cleveland
>shes from florida, and believe me, it sucks donkey dick to commute
>she lives about an hour away from me
>she just moved to cleveland, and says she doesn't know anyone
>say i can show her around if she would like
>she says she would like that
>hell yeah
>continue talking
>at this point we are about ready to start descending
>as we're cleared for our approach, she decides to hand fly down from about 10,000
>shitload of fun
>since im pilot monitoring, i get to enjoy the ride
>still fairly bumpy
>shes handling the plane like a pro
>diamonds again
>her touchdown sucked to be honest
>i say "make sure you double check those tires on the walkaround," in a joking tone
>she laughs
>im lucky, because shes basically forced to talk to me, being locked in the flight deck together and all
>we talk for hours as the day goes on
>shes really cool
>also kind of introverted
>we get to the hotel that night, and check in
>agree to meet for drinks with anna and the faggot
>normally wouldnt, because id rather play vidya, but the urge to fuck is too strong
>we agree to meet downstairs in an hour
>i shower, and put on my layover clothes
>hoodie, jeans, sneakers
>faggot comes dressed up like hes prince or something, i could've sworn he was wearing makeup
>anna shows up
>wearing a blouse and skirt with a pullover
>looks hot as fuck
>can hardly keep my dick in my pants
>we head out to a bar next to the hotel
>since we were on a early rotation that day, and had a late rotation the next, we order some drinks
>3-4 drinks later anna is tipsy
>i am too
>we can't do anything while the faggot is there
>fucking the f/o is frowned upon
>faggot goes to the bathroom
>anna slips me her room key
>says to come visit her
>its on

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>only "friend" comes over to chat and play vidya
>"so what are you doing later today?"
>"oh, I'm going out drinking with some friends because it's my birthday"
>doesn't invite me

If he wasn't my last link to the outside world I would shoot the fuck and walk away.
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Anon, just cut him out, this is one of the rare cases where being alone is better than being with another human being
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>friend comes over to play pokemon cards
>he just got a mobile phone
>gets a phone call from someone asking if he wants to go to mcdonalds with them
>doesn't invite me
>he left his deck
>I keep them and tell him he took them when he quickly left

later sell his 1st edition charizard that he brought to show me
Find out where they're going and shoot it up

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Will i go insane if i own one of these?
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Mine started talking after 3 weeks.
Saw her moving too.
Burned the bitch.

Ask that anon who bought one and wound up fucking it in his personal storage for two days straight then called in sick that monday so he could fuck it for a 3rd straight day in a row. Didn't even sound like he stopped to eat.

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>20 years old
>Think about getting a girlfriend
>Only a carpenter
>Look like I've got no real future, and college girls want nothing to do with me
>They probably think I'm dumb or something

This is the worst
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please explain more, what do you mean?
You failed in life, bear it with pride.
Trades pay more than most uni educations

T. Comp sci bachelor with 2 internships

I work in a mine now

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