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Who here /firedforbeinganautist/?
I actually just got caught using machinery I wasn't licenced to use, so I'm NEET.
Any NEETs have any tips or experiences to share?
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How can some people have such niche and expert knowledge about things?
For example, I stumbled upon some random organisation's website and it mentioned their employees. They have listed papers that they wrote and some of those are ridiculously niche.

And then here I am, who has no interests or knowledge about anything that's not superficial and cannot be "learned" in a couple of minutes.
I feel really bad now, I don't know what to do except hope to die in my sleep.
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im so fuckin mad lads

when i get angry i do the stupidest things in wow
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>Daily bait thread gets posted
>Autists sperg out yet again and tell OP that he needs to leave
>Autists inadvertently bump the thread, and keep it up longer than it ever should have been

Every fucking day.
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I have been alone for ten years since my soul crushing divorce. I thought that I was repulsive to women--and men, even guy's wouldn't fuck me. Then I started on a self improvement kick: yoga for my poor posture--I was sick of slouching, and I stopped eating and drinking crap that was bad for me. I lost 40 pounds and walk around like a fucking tiger now. After more than a year I went on a an online dating app. I changed my standards of a suitable women to such that they be 1) attractive enough that I would fuck them and 2) that they be interested in fucking me. It worked. We have had 4 dates and today I am going to her house to eat elk burgers and pumpkin cheesecake. That pretty much makes her my GF! Ask me specifics but pretty much the key to success is to be yourself and lower standards to nearly nothing.
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It's so fucking ez to discern a redditor, tumblrina, and whatever the fuck normie shit now. Why did all of you choose a site that so desperately shuns You? I need a new fucking site away from these people

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Cutlet here, how the FUCK do i moisturize my Dick? Shits dry as fuck
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Sorry to say this but you don't, anon.

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Do you consider pubic hair exposure to be indecent or does it act as an effective modesty shield for the actual lady bits?
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shes got some fucking gross knees
asians dont shave. idk why.
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Pubic hair don't qualify as pants, if that's what you are asking.

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Can you go from normalfaggotry to robothood as an adult and after losing one's virginity?
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Women are so shallow that they can only fall in love with a man's looks or his status. They are increasingly setting the agenda for public discourse and in 100 years we will be living in a female "utopia", which will be hell for men who don't make the cut. If you have shit genetics and have children, remember the kind of world you will be bringing them into.
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You forgot to take AI and artificial wombs into account.
If anything, women will become obsolete.
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just bee a better version of yourself then faggot
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We are already living in the female utopia.

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>ywn live in a dystopian mega city policed by ultra violent supercops
>ywn be part of a neo tokyo biker gang
>ywn fight other biker groups on the road, having to outrun police
>ywn go home to your small apartment, greeted by your housekeeping ai
>ywn browse the internet in vr, enjoying vr porn, games and doing drugs

why couldn't I have been born sixty or so years in the future? Modern cities are so boring.
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All of those things are technically possible already
Your pic made me think of this video.


Is Akira good? I can't remember if I have seen it or not.
but we don't live in the setting for it. our cities aren't yet absolutely massive, layered concrete jungles brightly lit by neon. give it time

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I have average looks and low standards, but little confidence in myself, so I have never had a girlfriend. What should I put in my tinder bio to get girls to match with me?
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if you aren't completely fucked lookswise just go for a minimalist and somewhat confusing profile

I like using lyrics from screamo songs that sound vaguely ironic or philosophic
>I have average looks and low standards
>so I have never had a girlfriend.
Like pottery.
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>to get girls

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It's been 8 months and I'm still obsessed with her.. how do I stop this madness
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"Champ, it's time you went outside and got a job. Why the gloomy face? It's simply a part of growing up. I'll take you around town to look for one, and we won't stop until someone hires you right on the spot. Head on in there and ask to speak with the manager. Stand up straight, look him in the eye, give him a firm handshake, and hand him your resume. It's as simple as that, Champ."
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Stop forcing shit memes.
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"Champ, it's time you stopped blaming other people for your problems. And the first step to solving them is getting job. All it takes is showing up, speaking with the manager, giving him a firm handshake, and telling him you want the job. It's as simple as that, Champ."
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just go in there and shake the manager's hand, billy. do it for your grandpa.

>average day
>something good happens to me
>immediately feel guilty like I don't deserve it
>feel sad for the rest of the day
Anyone else know the feel?
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>Anyone else know the feel?
No, you lost me at
>something good happens to me

Yes. I know that feel.
Inferiority complex is like cancer. It makes everything good ultimately bad.
To an extent, yes; but at the same time I'm violently xenophobic, so I got that going for me

be realistic, but not realistic enough as to say "inexistent"

>not from my country
>very chatty
>younger than me
>might be divorced without children if i meet her later in life
>might be a latina
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I'd say nonexistant but I guess I'll just go with the lowest I'd settle for a wife

>not obese
>not extremely ugly
>loyal and honest
>keeps up basic hygiene
>self-reliant for the most part
>is okay with me beeing NEET / househusband
>doesn't want kids
>doesn't hate me

Literally impossible
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>big mommy gf with a big dick
>big breasts and butt, glasses
>every morning she feeds me cock milk as breakfast
>every evening she injects her seed into my butt
the two things that i will not have

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