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Lets write a java program r9k, one line at a time.

public class r9k {
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double age;
private String fuck;

>lowercase class name
java is faggot shit for retards

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i know a secret down in uncle tom's cabin
i know a secret that i just can't tell
know who put the bodies
know who put the bodies
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Post more anime QTs please
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i have like a 6gb folder, it's so hard to choose. pic is me right now, btw
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Upload a mega or something please anon I'll love you

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So are you guys done orbiting Piety? I see his waifu club channel was frozen. How does it feel that a lot of you guys gave a guy your money?
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>he doesnt think the orbiters are tranny loving faggots
Hes an anime poster for fucks sake of course hes a faggot
What about the guys who were actually fooled? Which one do you fall under?
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you know sometimes i go on here because i know that as bad as my life gets i don't think i'd ever stoop so low as to orbit some girl online (in this case it was a tranny but w/e). in some sick way you pathetic faggots make me feel a bit better, thanks i think

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And just for punching roastie bitch too
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I got no respect for him. Female porn stars are the heroes of today's society. People who hurt porn stars are scum
Dude, he got life, LIFE he will never be free ever again EVER and just for punching some roastie, think about it. For a chad like him getting pussy is essential and he will never see pussy again.
She is NOT some roastie. She's a porn star. Do you know what porn stars go through? They willingly risk being a social pariah just to provide an outlet for the sexual repression and frustration of countless of incels. She deserves more respect that what this monster did

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can I be considered a robot despite me not being sexist/racist/not feeling any irrational hatred towards anyone in general ?
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i recommend hating normies or women, they're really easy to hate.
yeah, but the longer you browse here the more resentment you will build

although i highly doubt that most robots are actually racist/sexist either, at least not in a traditional sense. it's more just hating culture than anything.
Yeah, there are many different kinds of robots. Some are bitter, and some are just depressed.

You don't need hate to be a robot. You just need to be sad and not have a gf or social life.

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chad haircut.jpg
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Let's continue from last night, post your own shit
start new projects etc.
>pic related, made my own
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It's shit. I thought you deserved to know, since no other robot was kind enough to tell you.
Complete shit.
This one is garbage, I can already tell this meme will get stale fast
>I can already tell this meme will get stale fast
But it was good until this dumb nigger made his unholy turd of a "meme"

Fuck these guys man, its what ledditors do
Beat a good joke dead and then keep flaying its corpse

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I have asked over two thousand women to have sex with me this year alone.
they ALL declined, many responded harshly with names and insults. Because how DARE I ask THEM for sex.

I give up. We really can't win.
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>Dark eye circles
>Complete shit haircut
>Joyless expression

If pic related is you then I can understand why. Try presenting yourself in an appealing way before you get mad at women for rejecting you.
randomly asking people for sex is weird as hell dude
Do you have a mental deficiency too, Anon?

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would you say a suit is too much for a job interview?
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Depends on the job. What are you aiming for?
You look fine bro but the button up needs to be ironed
Probably not, but it depends on the job. Data entry sure, construction not so much.

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What do you suppose it would be like dating an autistic girl?
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a whole new spectrum of excellence
It would probably be like dating yourself

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ITT we write my suicide note

no virtue signaling "don't do it faggots" please, minds made up and wanna make the note funny
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How about we do it the right way and write one word per post, /r9k/ style
I'll start

why tho
nobody would read it
>"virtue signalling"
>wanna make the note funny

I'm not going to outright say don't do it, but I can tell your brain is not developed enough to make this decision.

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>hugging your oneitis
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>she kind of flinches and pulls away if you hold on for too long
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>want to get my oneitis a valentines day gift
>on my visit to the store see a giant teddy bear
>don't have enough money for it so I get her something else
>give it to her the next day
>she gets visibly ecstatic
>she hugs me and tells me "Anon you're the best!"
>she's warm
>her chest is against mine, breathing
>for the first time in my life I felt content
>see her on facebook the next day with a giant teddy bear saying "Thanks chad you're the best! <33"
>oneitis says hi to me as we're crossing street
>get startled, bump into a person while returning the greeting
>she giggles
it was hopeless anyways lol

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Frog and Feels.jpg
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Hey there, welcome to the tavern! Order a drink and tell us a story, or just how your day has been, anons.
I'll only be able to stick around a bit before heading off to sleep, damn course schedules. I'll try to serve as many patrons as I can, though.
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Hey, can I get a few pints of pure vodka?
I need to forget that I fucked up yet another shot at putting my life back on tracks.
What brand do you prefer, anon? I've got some Smirnoff here.
I've never ordered for myself at a bar. Just surprise me with anything alcoholic, please.

Am I supposed to vent before or after the drink?

1. Talk to random girls/guys and fail
2. Every time you fail, lower you standards
3. Once ppl start saying "yes" to dates, you've found your league
4. Start having sex
5. New social/sex life will give you the energy to improve
6. Improve yourself, continue asking people out
7. Level up until your accept yourself / cannot improve anymore / find real love

It's that simple. It's what every normal person does without thinking about it. If you don't see enough people in day-to-day life, you'll benefit from moving to a big city.

That's it. That's literally the whole thing
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>It's that simple. It's what every normal person does without thinking about it.
No they don't. Why don't you give us a few examples of when this worked for you?
>No they don't. Why don't you give us a few examples of when this worked for you?

Okay: early 20s, living in the city

Couldn't attract any women at work.

Go on OKCupid and hit up many women. Most aren't as good looking as their pictures, not even my type

Get drunk on every date and have sex with them anyways. To them I am "a hot guy" even though I am average

Did that a handful of times and slowly gained enough confidence to pull myself out of misery
if you only want to fuck, grow some balls and rape a girl. its not that hard.

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Hide yo girl, nigga. Dem niggas takin pride in what they do nowadays
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There's no such thing as a nigger on earth that wants to steal your woman so he can wife her for himself and raise her children.

On this list. 1 and 5 are the only ones that's true.
>pull off biological imperative
>move on with life while well meaning cuck takes my place

was this supposed to be an issue
hmm maybe a woman wrote this to scare men.

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>tired of being neet, parents yell at me or passive agressive to me every other day
>look up jobs online
>its all 10+ hours at under $10, these people dont give a fuck about me and im supposed to be their dog for half the day, every day
>get discouraged and come back to 4chan
>every day since the start of the year
>will never be hired at this rate

i hate my life
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Do shelf stocking at nights anon
But then i will never get to see my sister who is 9 still...well she already has a phone so shes probably going to end up being a bitch in a few years. I would prefer to work days though but i dont see anything like that, my mom would have to pick me up still since i cant drive yet
>Got a stem meme degree in EE
>looking for jobs online, hunting for hours
>virtually every ad requires 2+ years of experience minimum (majority want between 5-10 years)
>apply anyway to these jobs
>400+ applications sent over the course of 13 months. 4 interviews (no offers), a handful of rejection letters, and the rest don't respond
>parents passive aggressively attack me if I'm not constantly pumping out resumes during all my waking hours
>don't even want to work at this point anymore, just want some form of basic income

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