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For me, its spraying hot water on insect bites.
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>taking long baths
>scratching ankles after wearing socks all day
>scratching ankles after wearing socks all day

Good choice man

What do super morbidly obese people eat?

So I definitely know if someone is 20-30 pounds overweight , they probably like McDonalds and soda a bit too much.

But someone who is morbidly obese. What do these guys eat?
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Its not what, its how much. They eat junkfood just like many others, they just eat a LOT of it
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They eat the same as normal people, just 5 times a day
Liquid calories are the ones that really get ya.

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>tfw fapped to cuckold creampie clean up porn again

I want off this ride. Fuck you /r9k/.
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You realise the shame you feel from it is what keeps you addicted to watching it?

You feel shame, and therefore it keeps you excited.

If you moved past all repression and just accepted that you might be bisexual, you would probably not find it appealing anymore.

Also, who cares anyway? It's only porn. As long as you don't actually let your gf do it in real life.

I mean, just think about how black people with "domination" fetishes must feel?

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hey devon I still love you. sorry for shitting up ur board, bots.
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it's so stupid lmao I hope I get dubs
East Devon is shit. Fucking hate being stuck here I swear
Can you talk to Devon personally if you wanted to?

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>he thinks that moving to Japan will save him from inceldom
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I want to live there becuase it's always looked cozy
I don't, I just think that it would have been an interesting series of events in my life If my dad had gotten transferred there when I was younger. Like obviously I'd lose friends here, and I'd also obviously hate the japanese schooling and work culture and would likely be unable to deal with it if we stayed there, but would I be popular over in japan? probably not cause I bet military schools are separate from japanese public schools. But I'd get lots more nostalgia from anime I think. I'd probably make friends there and then move away to rarely see them again if ever. Life would seem to be more story-like even if it ended up feeling worse.

It's weird to think of how small things could change a life so much. what-ifs and could've beens haunt my thoughts.

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Who here wishes they had a wife to take care of them?

Describe the wife you want.

I want evelyn lin to be my personal asian slut.
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One who's a friend mosly, and wants a family. I'd rather a woman around my level or lower even, but who's chill and shares interests/similar personality, than some super attractive woman whom will just be strife overtime.
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This list has compiled the essentials.

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Spits out a Steam key

If you'd like to thank me, please check out one of my stories:
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Oh hey, thanks anon. This was one of those games I always meant to check out but never could justify buying. I had to make an account and link my steam account to it, but that's not too inconvenient. Thanks for the game! I'll read one of your stories.
bumpa scrumpa dumpa lumpa wumpastumpajumpa
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i almost got it during the last sale
glad i didnt

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My mom turned sixty on Tuesday and for her birthday she asked my dad to take the whole family out for a fish dinner. My dad selected Red Lobster.

Initially I was incredibly skeptical. I don't care for clams or hush puppies so what good would it be to dine there? I was really wrong!

>surf and turf options the whole family could enjoy
>quite simply the best rice pilaf I've ever eaten
>a unique lobster pizza as an appetizer!
>Lipton iced tea
>based cheddar bay biscuits (I had 4, lawl)

This is my plea to /r9k/ give Red Lobster a chance. Embrace something different and try a new culture of food. Don't stick to burgers and fries.
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I've gotten good poisoning every single time I've gone to Red Lobster. Shitty chain, but this thread is a good meme.

What did you order? You might have an irritable stomach. Next time try the Rice Pilaf
Dont go to red lobster
They make seafood wrong
I dont know what specifically they fuck up but i know what fish should taste like and this is NOT what fish should taste like

What would you do if you found her in a dumpster /r9k/?
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leave it there

trash belongs with other trash.
i would rebuild her... to be stronger than ever before
take her to my house and try to fix the broken pieces obvioulsy senpai

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>One of the rules is no gender jokes
>Who wants to make gender jokes?
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Can anyone else tell me if they're experiencing this?
>go on Tumblr months back to find amateur porn
>primary used the me tag
>could find all kinds of porn
>try to find porn on there now
>barely any
Did they start hiding or banning porn on there? I'm logged in and have safe search off so what the fuck is going on?
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>Parents forcing me to get a job
>They think I'm going to keep going to school while doing it
>Lie in interview saying I can do everything required easily
>Lots of it will cause me physical pain
>Parents stopped really caring about that because I stopped complaining to them about it to be less annoying even though I still tell them it's as bad as before
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bumping with another wojack

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Fuck, I'm a high schooler and am friends with way too many emo chicks- gonna be fun listening to all the whining in social media, it's like when fucking MCR broke up back in middle school
Guess all that crawling finally got to him
This was predictable, I'm glad he finally freed himself from this misery

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Is 'Dear Zachary' the most /r9k/ movie ever made? Prove me wrong.

pic unrelated.
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No, the guy had sex.

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My mom is trying to sign me up for a job and theres this other job i can get in easier but im trying to get someone to do it with me, its just taking a while? How do i handle this, get this through to her?
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