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Dubs decide what l fap to. No gay, anime, trap.
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originale post
You fap to pictures of food.

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>Hey virgin, I'm your new neighbor!
How do you react?
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I don't wanna live in the fucking city. I hate city people, I hate city noises, I hate city life.
By moving.
>Want to go for a drink later?
>hey let's go get icecream
Pretty hard.

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Please, do NOT say anything to me. Not one word UNTIL I have had my cup of coffee. Once I have had my cup of freshly brewed joe then you may talk to me but not one word until then PLEASE.
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Have a rough night?
Who is this attempting to mock
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*says a bunch of words*

Anyone here ever have a really clingy girlfriend who was obsessed with you?

Tell clingy girlfriend stories pls

Tbh I want a clingy gf really badly
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I know there are normies on this board. Pls tell me stories about your clingy obsessive girlfriend
I fucked a clingy obsessive girl once. Good thing I gave her a fake name and number.
You don't want a clingy girlfriend unless she's hot or a freak in bed.
t. normie stuck in a lease with a not-hot, vanilla clingy gf until January.

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>be 22 y/o neet robot
>INTP, aspergers and virgin
>some guys I know asked me if I wanna join them on a roadtrip becuase they have space for one more person
>gonna go as far as to call them friends
>but I'm pretty sure I'm "that" friend to them
>I'm one of the few who got a license so that's probably who they wanna bring me along
>we're gonna rent a big cabin
>have to share living space with 10 other people for an entire week
>they're gonna drink, play music and party all the time
>I can barely drink a six pack before I have to stop
>I get such insane hangover anxiety that I stay in my room for 2 days
>my insomnia and allergies are peaking during summer which isn't gonna help much
>I don't think I can endure a trip like this and it really fucking bothers me
>it's not like I can just go home once I've had enough
>I just wanna be able to enjoy these things
>if I go I'm probably gonna be a downer to everyone
>probably gonna be the only one who wont get laid

Why the fuck I am like this?
I know it's my autism but how am I completely unable to even pretend to enjoy these things?
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just be relaxed, and be cool.

if you are a complete loner shut in, do something interesting or crazy that they will remember you for, and possibly ask you out to do stuff again.
Its a self fulfilling prophecy. Stop overthinking everything and just have a good time. You dont have to impress anyone
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>I know it's my autism
anon, you have the choice that could probably change your life.
don't go and continue to live in a way in which you are comfortable.
or face your fears, have a fun experience, and become less autistic
what will you do?

How are you guys holding up?

>tfw sunny day
>tfw all those women in sundresses

Day ruined.

Why cannot I just be normal? Fuck you God.
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Sure is empty in here. I thought this was r9k

kek is within us
> went to r9k to create this thread, it's already here

it's not just sunny days, i feel bad seeing photos of happy couples in fb

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>teenagers everywhere are killing themselves in imitation of this dumb show
>tfw it's actually made as a part of a conspiracy to weed out the more fragile members of the next generation so the human race will be improved
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>teenagers everywhere are killing themselves in imitation of this dumb show
Citation required. Also good show desu
>weed out the more fragile members of the next generation

It all sounds pretty good to me
It's a good show, gave an interesting perspective on life, but if it's a tool to weed out the idiots and the weakminded then finally

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>he thinks his mum never noticed the white stains on his socks
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Cumming in socks is so yesterday. Why on earth in this day and age would you not have a cum wall. Having one elevates your power level level to stratospheric heights. Pffft cumming in socks... how amatuer.

never seen dried cum before, anon?
Anon Ive had a skud wall for 15 years

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I had a bad dream!
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poor little frog
Would you like some warm cookies and milk?
At least you were sleeping

Be grateful

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Do boys really do this at your sleepovers?
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Ive done this, it doesnt feel as good as you think
it's very cute though
Why else would you even have sleepovers?

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> be me about two years ago
> 250+ pound weeaboo faggot
> say fuck this
> start hitting the gym and eating right
> now 175-180lbs
> looking better and have cloths that fit me
> went on reddit and took r/theredpill
> have two dates this week
> both girls are super nerdy
> one is going into IT security
> the other is from cali for the summer
> both want to get coffee
> start running anon
> lift some dumbells anon
> do some crunches anon
> no sugar or sweets aon
> you can do it anon
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I'm already underweight
for some reason thisaint original
I'm gonna try do it again. I get in pretty good shape sometimes but then I stop going to gym and relapse into alcoholism. And put all the weight back on.
>why dont you just attempt to lose weight ?


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So robots? What does the scroll of truth say?
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Most of your problems are your responsibility
This shit is reddit tier
Cant you just try and have some fun you bitter mongoloid. I found it on /fit/, idc where its been before that or who made it.

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indian guy.png
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Daily reminder that no matter how bad you have it, at least you're not Indian
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Indians can't be cha-
That's me and I probably slay more pussy than all you fucks here. Don't think everyone here is a loser virgin and don't DARE think every pajeet is a skinny beta that will take your shit.
>Don't think everyone here is a loser virgin and don't DARE think every pajeet is a skinny beta that will take your shit.
Oh go poo in a loo, tough guy.

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Is /r9k/ rural or urban?
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Your wife's son says you touched his peepee.
Rural. City people are shitheads.

Rural people are fucking retards. Especially in my state. There are absolutely zero jobs in rural areas here because all the natural resources are able to be super efficiently extracted, or are located within 30m of the cities. So all the rural people just collect social security and Medicaid all day, while also consistently voting Republican, so the cities get all the money drained out of them just so Kayden James can stay in bumfuck nowhere and try to charm snakes at his megachurch.

Republicans literally only fund social welfare programs so they can award contracts to their buddies with city people's money.

I hate this dumbfuck state and I'm moving to an upper Midwest state in the next month to get away from this idiocy

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I seriously hope none of you use a trifold wallet. Trifolds are for autist.

Bifold is the only correct choice.
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it's 2017 who even uses a wallet
my wallet has a zipper on it
>not having an RFID proof card folder
Have fun with your leather botnet

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