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Anyone else helplessly obsessed with serial killers?
(can include fictional serial killers too)
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somewhat but whenever I start reading into killings too much I get nauseated, so haven't done it in some time.
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I love murderers. Tell me series with serial killers in them.
I was in 11th grade when I took Forensic science, and we mostly just watched serial killer documentaries and films.

twas pretty cool

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>hey anon, why dont you take your shit off and come swim with and my friends???
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>why don't you take your shit off
Wow watch your language, we're in public
*wipe your shit off
>b-b-but you always keep it on, why?

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Have you seen a young picture of your mom?

What would you rate her out of 10?
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She looked kind of like Sigourney Weaver

My mom literally destroyed every single photo of herself from when she was young.
My mom was a traditional country qt, would've dated her in a heartbeat. She's nearing 50 now and is real chunky, so is dad. They are very happy with each other and I Love them both very much. Great parents too.

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i wish i could scratch the inside of my ears sometimes
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It's called a q-tip retard
those are not for your ears you silly
You could use a knife and slice them open to reach further in

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What up dudes guy bros, gnarly waves today brah, gonna hang 10 on some rad swells and burn smoke the cannabis weed plant hemp. I talk to bikini wear hot sexy dandy fine beach girl babes who are foxy dame chicky broads that like to drink alcohol beer whiskeys and do tobacco cigarettes
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Not much buddy pal just making some online friend mates on the net
Yeah guess these dweb geeks are to busy engaged in lies to hear the real grand conspiracy
That is a real unfortunate disappointment shame that the poor livestock will never get to learn the pen is opened by lifting the bar, this conspiracy is so extreme people have been institutionalized who know it

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So I'm probably getting laid for the first time ever soon. Her previous bf came within 30 seconds the first time they had sex

How I prevent coming within 30 seconds besides thinking of my dead grandpa?

I'm nervous, what do I do?
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Get her off by playing with her boobs
Then get her off by playing with her pussy
By then, she'll be satisfied so she'll just want to make sure that YOU are able to cum
If you cum early, who cares.

You have a mouth and hands....use them. Honestly oral feels fucking amazing. Slip a finger into her pussy and asshole (if she's into that) and start a rocking motion. At the same time lick her clit....vary the tempo.

It honestly feels better than sex sometimes.
Catch a nice buzz first. It'll numb you up a bit and you'll lay pipe like a Mexican laborer

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What the fuck is wrong with this board? Why is literally over 40% this board gay? Is this why you are all virgins? Pic unrelated
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Non-Meme answer: Reddit and Tumblr moved in and started literally pushing gayboy + tranny propaganda to turn the "prison gay" virgins into "regular gay" virgins. Since gays and trannies can't reproduce, this is how they do it: by spreading their propaganda

memes are units of propaganda
there as always a lot of fags on 4chan, the question is why do they end up here. It's probably because /b/ is trash now
I just told you. They ended up here because they (correctly) assume(d) that /r9k/ is the most receptive to their proselytizing.
>h-hey fellow luckless-in-love virgins
>berginas and the women attached to them sure are mean, huh?
>you know what's just as good as puttin yer dingus in a bergina?

It's literally a case of "hey these virgins are desperate enough to lap up our propaganda". Lots of the fags who either have become tranny chasers or trannies themselves have done so as a sort of "last resort" because they're that desperate for some kind of other-than-platonic attention.

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Have you noticed chads never have social anxiety problems? Never shy, never quiet, never awkward?

People that have social anxiety always LOOK like they would have social anxiety. Its like they're hyper aware that their genetics are sub par.
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working out makes you confident
everyone knows at some level that looks are everything
>working out makes you confident
Lol I enjoy telling virgins this meme too

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Hello /r9k/,
I'm so autistic i'm coming to ask you guys for advice on email etiquette.

I just got this thank you email; should I bother to reply with a "you're welcome" message, or am I good?
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"it was no problem at all, thanks for featuring my work. if you need anything else, just email me.

sincerely, anon"
There's a book all about these kinds of things. It's called "How to Say it."

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bingo thread - at what age does potential stop mattering edition
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Can't be diagnosed for depression because poor but I'm 99% sure I am
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>at what age does potential stop mattering
after high school ends its time to end it, not just because you didn't get laid or whatever but because it never gets better or easier to have friends or a relationship, you may think right now your lfie is ok because you have become accustomed to it but one night as a normie would make your life look like utter shit in all honesty. juust having friends you can laugh and joke with, share a silence with whilst listening to msuic, or even just talking to a girl and smiling at her occasionally is better by a million percent. its time for me to end it.
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i used to smoke wee alone but then it triggered anxiety and i cant even drink alcohol anymore

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Why do people say girls are quiet and sweet, when all of the girls I've met are bossy and commanding?
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>Why do people say girls are quiet and sweet
they are at first when/if they are attracted to you
The majority of girls I know either boss me around or try to get me to act girly
You attract what you act like

Do you ever think that the only reason you're a robot is because you over think literally every possible aspect of human existence. To be a true normie, you must think like one: very little. You could always pose as a normie, but then you wouldn't be a true normie.
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Yes. And I prefer this to being a drone.
>I'm not like everyone else guys
>I'm unique
no he's just saying he would rather not be an ignorant piece of shit.

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What are you having for breakfast, robots?
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I try to eat as little as possible for each meal so I had toast and some water
can you just explain what it is you are eating?
This isn't my image, I saw it posted here yesterday in a similar thread. I just had some yogurt and nuts with coffee for breakfast.

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>outside on a hot and sunny day in London
>seeing attractive girls everywhere, all of whom consider me a disgusting non Chad while picking among their 5000 tinder matches
>demoralised as fuck with life

Subhuman by day, subhuman by night. Life is one gigantic party if you're not a subhuman.

Being 26, having had no friends since 18 and no attention from women ever, I have wasted my youth, have no passions, feel besieged by propaganda everywhere telling me how to live and turning all my hobbies in to work (you can't read what you want, you have to read loads of boring classic books; and so on for everything else becoming a pissing contest).

Meanwhile the world's biggest party takes place in front of my face 24/7. It's just plain demoralising seeing attractive girls and knowing they consider me disgusting. School and university reveal people's true perceptions of you, freed from politeness, HR codes, and drudgery- I had no social life at all in university, no attention from women ever, and saw women only go for Chads. Now I have no hope of a worthwhile career because I'm not a normie clone with normie interests. At work I became the ugly loser loner beta autist that nobody talks to within two days.
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Drink booze. The rest will follow.
Be Benny Hill.
just be yourself bro maybe look into plastic surgery idk

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>this is someone's daughter (son)
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Apparently the majority of the board wants to fuck that thing.
This is someone's son*

>tfw don't even need to be a tranny to be a disappointment to my father

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