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Would any femanons sugg my neet cock
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are you cut? post your dick flaccid
Here's a semi
They might if you're a virgin. Idk though.

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>tfw aimless
>living with no plan

Who else
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same here, living life as if im watching a slowly progressing film
Best way to live IMO.
Just get a job, and you'll figure it out pretty quickly.

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This one will hurt. And will be long. I want to get it out of my chest. But anyway, here it goes.
I lived in a small village with my mother for all my childhood. My father worked away. She had her own pharmacy in a neighbour village. Life was good, as an isolated child, reading a lot.
When I had to began elementary, she went through oppositions to become a health inspector. She got a job in the capital of our province, so I began school there. My father also got a job near our house, so we became a family in a flat owned by my mum, as she was working pretty much alone for 20 years in that pharmacy. School and higschool were pretty normal. Always introverted, I had some bad experiences, others great. Overall a simple boy. My father become unemployed because of the crisis, and although my mum had a nice salary, my father couldnt stand doing nothing, so he decided to go to Argentina to work, as he was from there. Every summer we went visit him, and he would come on Christmas. My mothers family lives in Madrid, and in summer and Christmas we visited them.
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folloooowing the original
In 2012 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I cried the night they told me. We were alone. In the beginning, a simple treatment worked, but cancer didnt stop. Methastasis happened, infecting her neck bones. For a long time she was in unbearable pain. Almost all alone by herself, and me. I wasnt the perfect son, but we had each other. We always knew that. My father was heartbroken as he couldnt come. That methastasis was not detected early, for us much as I told her to go to the hospital. She didnt want to leave me alone. She had depression. And chemo left her bald. She was weaker by the day. I still lived my life, and always try to made her happy. In the beginning playing the clarinet, then with studies, Friends, girlfriend. Just seeing me made her happy. We were always by our side.

In 2016 as I was finishing HS I presented her my GF back then. I was happy. She wasnt doing bad, after all shed been through. My grandma used to come to help her. We even went to Dubai to see my uncle. I got my driving license and I was accepted in a pretigious University she wanted me to go. But it was in Madrid, so, as she was retired prematurely because of her illness, we decided to move there. Nothing was left behind in the town were living in. After all, many of my friends would leave the city. So we sell the flat and bought a new one in Madrid.
We went to my uncles house to stay while the new flat was being reformed. She got worse, and had to enter hospital for treatment. My life was over. After Uni I always went to visit her to the hospital. Her face always lightened when seeing me. As and usual serious person, I did all I could for her. Sometimes she got better, but in the end, not much.
Last year Christmas she was at the hospital, with my father. Same as New Years Eve. Our last Christmas, and she wasnt with the family. She got worse. The doctors told us nothing could be done. My father and I cried while returning home by bus.

On January 8th 2017 she passed away, after a night when she told me her last concious words: I will always love you. It is done, honey. And hugged me and my dad. I smiled when she was passing away. I wanted her to rest, finally, after fighting her whole life. I smiled because thats the last thing she asked me for: Smile more, son.

>be asian
>auto-lose at penis size
>begins jelqing
>penis when 50-80% soft needs constant "affirmation" mentally while never getting to full 100%.
>really hard to ok-grip my borderline non-existent penis at 2 inches minus 1 inch head.

Any PE bros around to confirm if Jelqing helps for them? Pic of girl I wanted to fuck in college, but eh. Useful for positive affirmation.
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Common anyone?
you can't fix your babydick lmao get fucked
at least it isn't 3 inches

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Why are you not viewing BLACKED.com RIGHT NOW?

Get the jergens out and grab a sock!!
Fellow pornography patricians, it is once again the time for our nightly countdown for BLACKED.com new release to be uploaded on the site every Monday night at 9PM eastern time.

Anybody heard any twitter news or rumors?
Who will be featured?
Creapie or facial shot?
Perri Piper again?
Annette Shwartz?
Dani Daniels?
Male talent??
Shane "man hammer" D-Sol?

The most wonderful time of the night, every night, right now. Here it is, the nightly BLACKED.com thread. Time to get comfy.
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This has to be the most jewish thing ive ever seen
/pol/ pls go
Also what the fuck do you even mean by that?
seriously stop spewing edgy buzzwords and actually attempt to explain your (lack of) logic for 5 seconds
Not him but you really need to relax, Schlomo

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Lurkers, show yourselves
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inb4 only reply
I'm always here with you.

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Heh, laugh at you idiots on this board. No, its not because I think your posts are funny. Its because I pitty you.

You see, back in my late teenage years and throughout my 20s, I was called by my friends and, yes, even girls, Mr. Muscle. Everyone knew me by that name. This is because I worked out and pumped the iron. People used to call me short stuff, but, now, they admire the physique I have built with blood, sweat, pain, and tears. I even flexed and tanned in school, this is how confident I became.

Oh, let me tell you about clubbing. It would not be uncommon for a girl to grab me by the hand first, even before speaking to her. I danced and fucked with tons of chicks. This was my life back in the day, how will you remember yours? Yeah, I thought so too. Heh, now you understand why I laugh. It is not because I'm mean, but because you are pathetic and you are doing this to yourself.

Catch you all tomorrow when I come back to laugh at your miserable sufferings again. Oh, before I forget, pic related is the place I used to stand to catch some numbers.
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We all totally believe you anon, 100% doesn't just sound like the fantasy of a lonely, autistic, fat neckbeard. I'm sure when you're finished banging all these chicks you think "I can't wait to brag about this on a anime image board "
Why don't you go lift or something and maybe one day you'll be able to go into a club without your fedora and finally lose your v card
This actually made me angry I hope you are proud of yourself

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>I have only one desire, and that is you
>I can only hope that you'll love me too
>The way you smile sets my heart alight
>I want to love you every single night
>I yearn to feel your warm embrace
>And to see a smile on your face
>The thought of kissing you is stuck in my head
>Being separated makes my heart sink like a balloon filled with lead
>We could go on walks, your hand in mine
>Any memory with you would be divine
>Everything I've done in life seems unimportant
>Because you weren't with me to share the moment
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But I love Emilia!
Just remember, your waifu got her virginity taken in one stroke and now you're cursed to be cucked forever.
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That's fine by me. I just want her to be happy and love me.

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>get no matches on tinder
>switch preference to men and get super likes
Why wasn't I born gay?
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Men, gay or not, swipe like crazy. It's in our nature. Women are the picky ones, even OKC did some data-mining and found that women are basically ruining social dating by not replying.

If they were as active as men and willing to message first ("hurr durr guys make the first move... also fuck the patriarchy" - a woman) you wouldn't need to ask, "why wasn't I born gay?" because you'd have female matches.
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Thats because your parents didnt have the gay gene. Most gays have a closet dad that passes on the gay gene
>born gay
>he hasn't taken the 30 day gay course yet
what the heck are you doing anon?

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neet speaks.jpg
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When you think about it you really have to hand it to them.

Normies come on here and endlessly boast how they're not like us, they're not virgins, they're not neets, they are validated by females ect.

But since we have all the facts and arguments on our side...the truth is the normies are suffering...and in all their bottomless suffering, through work, through school, through trying their best to hold together a relationship when everything is going wrong, they still get on their computers every day, come to /r9k/ and boast.

We're really all they have in the end.

Now remember wagecuck, get to bed early, wouldn't want you to go to work suffering more then any normal day would cause you. Maybe you'll even get sex!
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As a cyborg i both have to do normie working but have the socialization ability of a straight robot
sh sh sh I need my second cup of coffee
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Laffin Pepe.jpg
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Based Neet-lord go easy on the wagies!

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>he actually viewed his day to day life as if it were a video game

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Please anon not this today
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>he actually literally and literally unironically imagined himself with super powers
> he actually took the time to think what his power would be

>he acts how he thinks han solo would in social situations

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> 25 yr old neet
> Chad younger brother in argument with gf in the other room
>" You cheated one me! I saw it on your phone.You fucked her last night and fucked me today! I even sucked sucked your dick you are disgusting! We're done take me home." After 30 minutes of arguing and her freaking out and breaking shit they finally fucking leave.
> Fast forward two days later to today and shes back

What are females?
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you act like men have never taken back a cheating woman

love is a crazy thing
Is every girl ultimately a cuck for chad?
i think the chad younger brother cheated, not his gf. So he's basically a cchad

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I have been taking Concerta 54mg for a year now, and today after a week of abstinence, I took 108mg (immediate release) over the course of 8h
If I wake up tomorrow (in 10h approximately), can I take it as prescribed (54mg extended release) and still feel a bit of the therapeutic effects?
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Please help.. Me guys
Could use some advices

Yes as in I can take it tomorrow at the regular dose?

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Every time I get behind the wheel in a car I worry that I'll crash the car in some catastrophic way. Anybody else have this feel?
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>mfw I actually did crash the car in a catastrophic way and totaled it

Totally wiped out my saving too. Fuck cars and fuck driving. I was happier biking everywhere.
>tfw I don't have my license because I have no confidence in my ability to not accidentally plow it into somebody
desu I don't even care about myself when thinking about this. I just don't want to inflict pain on someone else.
me too to be quite honest with you
the thought of fucking someone's life up permanently really gets me worried

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>TFW someone ghosts on you.

Why is ghosting socially acceptable to normies?
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Yes, only normies ghost.

Actual robots can't really afford to ghost someone to be honest.
Sign of a breaking down of social standards in a multiracial democracy. Read Bowling Alone
What's ghosting?i understand faintly through context,but I want a better definition

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