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>20 years old
>Not doing anything at all
>Work menial jobs for 7$ an hour
>Will never realize my dream of becoming an animator
>Not even a Normie, so I'm fucked
>Can't see a good reason to go to college because I'll waste my life whether I attend or don't
>Will likely go to a sort of vocational school
>Have no intention of reproducing into such a pointless, god-less world

This hurts.

There's no way to get what I want out of this world because the 2D animation industry is on life support, and only the best of the best succeed in it.

Who /fucked/?
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What turns you on actually?
Fuckinh christ this was bad from the start

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Endless hordes of mindless drones ready to post inane things like "LUL" or spam emojis. These comments are usually very short lived, disappearing within sometimes less than 1 second. What causes people to do this? I'm assuming it's little kids, but I know adults do this too.

Twitch chat is just endless streams of anal-expulsive mindless garbage, the lowest forms of human thought and expression. Some of these streamers are very smart, and they make a living streaming video games on Twitch. They must find it hard sometimes to not be patronizing to the tards that pay them thousands of dollars to play video games. The deviation in IQ between the streamer and the average loser in chat is immense.

Fast 4chan boards like this aren't much better.
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monkaS they're onto us monkaS
me weeb
me spam
mods baka if ban

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Does anybody in New Zealand like anime and want to be my friend?
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I'm kind of ambivalent towards anime but I don't want to be your friend.
Nobody wants to be your friend ya fucking poof.
Sure, but I want to see a picture of your cute penis first!

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Give me orders to do sexual things to my body and I will do them, real girl here.
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Write "pig slut' on your ass and post it here.
kill yourself,,,, sexuaklyys
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aIso open your ass

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robotics, choir, "asian culture", quiz bowl, whatever it was most robots were probably in a club of some kind during high school. post stories from the part of your life where you kind of had friends sort of.

>member of the Asian Culture Club during sophomore year
>an excuse to watch anime at school
>around Christmas Vice President chan plans an anime party at her house
>don't wanna go but I'm the Secretary
>get to the house, trash and ash trays on the front porch
>walk inside, club president san glomps me
>house is dirty as fuck, over whelming smell of cat piss occupies the whole place
>vp chan's thicc sister and crackhead mom are both wearing seifuku
>anime characters on printer paper taped to the walls everywhere
>theres a snack table with off brand doritos, a punch bowl, and a pile of promotional Burger Kind cups
>it seriously smells terrible
>we start watching Clannad
>sister chan is quoting the episodes in broken Japanese, mom does too occasionally
>at one point a cat that looks like it's dying walks past
>club president san puts on Whisper of the Heart
>it makes everyone cry, except for the resident fedora who complained about the movie until his mom picked him up
>after the movie, vp chan and her family do the fucking hare hare yukai as finale/thanks for coming
>walk home with the fat ginger chick who had a crush on me but never told me
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I went to the anime club in my uni and there was only like 7 people there.

In the end we just decided to watch South Park.
my high school experiences taught me to instinctively avoid anime clubs, but I decided to check one out at my college a few months ago. I go to the room and there's a single black kid with a Naruto head band watching One Piece. he asked if I was there for the anime but I made up some lie and got out.
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>started dating head on anime club
>she closed it down the year later because she wanted to focus on me and school

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Share your stories.
You didn't pull a Forest Gump now did you?
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i've had lots of girlfriends and sexual partners. once you've become experienced in sex you realize that it's not very interesting.

it's like a roller coaster. you enjoy being on a roller coaster but there isn't much to talk about. you go really fast and sometimes you lose your sunglasses.
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Got any oats?
One time I molested my friend's sister and he never found out.

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ITT: We post comfy images
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I've always wanted to climb a really big mountain.
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comfy 33.jpg
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Please don't let this die
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More comfy photos from the Caucasus.

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fire starter.jpg
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>one shot at life
>born a ginger male
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>one shot at life
>Be an autistic virgin that sits complaining at a computer and playing videogames instead of trying to do anything about his life
Could be worse. You could've been albino. Or a nigger.

Normalfag tourist is mad.
ginger is cool no op. atleast it is in the UK

>I see that a lot of /r9k/ is for slut shaming but isn t normalizing slutty women gonna make getting laid easier
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when i'm choosing how i treat other people my own personal motives isn't the most important factor...
Most robots don't want sloppy roastie leftovers, they want a proper companion.
I will never be that deep

Went to a party tonight. I wasn't gonna go, but I sort of promised I would so I ended up going.

Anyways, it was a total fucking taco fest. I was literally alone with a bunch of hot drunk chicks for over an hour.

Being a friendless, autistic virgin I was sort of out of my element. So at the first whiff of a room full of pussy I did the only thing I could and drank as much whiskey as I possibly could hoping liquid courage would help to get me through it.

Somehow I ended up talking to one of these chicks for a couple of hours about fuckings cats of all things. I don't know if the stars aligned this night, if it was my Hawaiian shirt, if I impressed her with my knowledge of pussy, or if this chick was really fucking wasted. But somehow she asked for my facebook. I told her I closed it because I got sick of all the farmville requests (but truthfully I closed it because I didn't have any fucking friends). But this chick was persistent and got me to give her my number and told me to call her and take her out to dinner.

I don't know what to do at this point. I've never gotten this far with a women before and I don't want to fuck this up. Honestly she was a 6/10, but really slutty. If I could lose my virginity to her I'd do it in a heartbeat.

What the fuck should I do? I don't think I'd have a chance with her if either of us was sober.
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how about you go an take her to dinner? like she asked you to? its not rocket science op
I'm new at this, what do you figure she'd like? Would it be cringey if I took her somewhere classy on a first date?
Why the fuck would you ask r9k for advice with women?

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Why do your parents support your NEET lifestyle?
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Sad days.jpg
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Enabling parenting type coupled with apathy and disinterest in their child's life.
she doesn't want me to kill myself
Easy going and loving parents. I needed discipline. I needed manhood to be beaten into me.

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>Forced into this world as a cock-hungry homo
>Disregard the 50% of the population that are female. Disgusting.
>Disregard the 98.5% of guys that are straight and won't look at me
>Disregard the 49% of men that are overweight or obese
>Disregard the 74% of people who aren't kinky enough to want to tie me up and keep my penis caged
>Disregard anyone under 6/10. Let's say that distribution is even.


>Consider only the 3,000 people in the vicinity of my town
>There is only 1 and a half people I could love

>He probably wouldn't love me back
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Faggots should burn
sucide is the only option
Whats a 6/10

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>12yo neighbor at my home again (my mom often babysits)
>she likes to play video games with me
>I can see at the corner of my eye she likes to look at me
>one day she can't resist and makes physical contact with me; her hand is stroking my arm
>say "I can't concentrate please stop doing that"
>she takes off her top and says "what about now?"
>tfw she is barechested and even though I have never had a gf, depressingly lonely and am double her age I quickly get her jacket and cover her
>she clings onto me and tries to kiss me
>I push her back and she falls knocking her head
>her mom is back from work at this point and rushes into room and sees her crying with no top on
>get a death stare and made to feel like it was my fault
>she says he tried to kiss me and take my clothes off in an act if spiteful revenge
>her mom says "this won't be the end of this matter" and storms out
>tfw probably have to go to jail soon for defending and protecting her daughter

Did I do the right thing? In a perfect world, she probably would've grown up and made a nice gf but I have to follow the normie morals in cases like this. Why does life have to be so messed up?
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You are going to Prison
I did nothing wrong. I have aspergers so hopefully they understand.
RIP OP, you can't win a legal battle with against a kid. Might as well kys now.

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Tell me what you see, anon. It's OK to be honest.
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A gas mask
turtle skull face
mammoth skull

Is cystic acne proof that God doesn't exist?
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No you're lack of intelligence is.
ingrown hairs, ingrown toenails, testicular torsion, and hemorrhoids are all proof that life is suffering
that's not cystic acne faggot.
cystic looks like you have marbles under your skin.
this one is just irritated white skin.

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