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I think I got a gf now.
Wat do?
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Pressure her into trying anal. After she finally gives in, dump her.
But if I have a gf she can do anal whenever I want her to. Why dump her?
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OP's picture is the most convincing argument for "just go do it" that I ever witnessed.

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do I get back with my ex after 10 years being apart. Should I contact her?
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You will look like the most pathetic man alive if you try to get back together with your high school gf. Trust me, she doesn't want you.
If it's been 10 years no contact chances are she's long moved on.
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I don't think that's advisable, leave well enough alone as some would say. Just isn't worth the fuss.

What's the scariest thing you've ever seen?
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That picture you just posted.
There's a lake with some woods by me. I was drinking there alone there one night looking at the stars and huge crackling sounds were coming from the woods about 50ft away from me. It was weird. I just stood there drinking and basically shitting my pants. I left when it stopped. It lasted like 20 minutes.
>Not walking towards the sound and embracing it


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NEET Pepe.jpg
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How much in NEETbux are you currently getting, robots? I get a little under 900 USD a month in SSI and free medical insurance.
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>TFW I get ZERO (0) dollars a month in neetbux.
Likewise anon, fucking hate it.
There's no NEETbux in my country, you either work for money to support yourself or be a hungry street hobo. You white people are lucky

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Hi brothers, 2 months ago I met a girl, she lives 200 miles away from me, we got very close online and we managed to meet in real life 4 times more, we like each other a lot. This weekend she came visiting me, we had a great time except for a problem, one night on the sofa she practically told me to fuck her but I didn't dare since one of the first times with her I dared too much, then later in bed I tried but she stopped me after foreplay.

When she left she asked me to wait for her to think about what's next for us. I don't hear from her in two days and I'm trying hard not to text her. I want her and I don't know what to do
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Should I text her? I'm not sure it's a good idea
You should text her, talk in person, and be honest, tell her what you just tell us
Yes last weekend made me understand that I really want her, I will ask her to move to my place... She asked me to give her time so I will wait a couple of days more

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Niggerbob Welfarepants
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I just peed my pants laughing

I hope you are fucking happy
Pics or it didn't happen

Also original
And he lives in a fucking melon. lmfao

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Why the fuck did i have to come into existence? And why the fuck am i a human and not some other animal
Existence is stupid and weird
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To feel
To think
To share and articulate
To work
To experience pleasure
To play
Maybe dance
You can always commit suicide
you can
be a
if you
want to

rate my mog robots
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Transmog is lame. What is even the point of armor?
>world of warcraft

why not play a real game like runescape?
I see you have a 1680x1050 screen like me, can't wait to replace my shitty mouse so that a proper screen will be next up on my to-buy list. And is that a monk mog?

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hi am apu dis mi nu skool do yuo like veedo gams?
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what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this thread
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No, absolutely not, I hate video games and video game culture.

My hobbies? I play video games and watching gaming videos on youtube 16 hours a day and hate myself.

really makes you think
Get easy (You)s from suckers like you and me

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>tfw try really hard but still dumb
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i feel man

>receive opportunity to escape NEETdom
>fuck it up because stupidity
>too embarrassed to log into Steam because don't want people to know about my latest big fuck up
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feel tbth

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Again, can you explain me, how white person can be a robot?
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You see white people are more civilized and can't just go around raping woman.
Must be hard to imagine from your perspective
I can't. Whites can't be robot
But civilized people are normies

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dg dfh fghfgjgj
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lol you guys only hate this because reddit likes it

if it was only mildly popular and reddit hadn't found it yet you guys would be gobbling it down like chad's cum

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>t. trigger rick and cucky fan
>dog pleb
good ridddance
/r9k/ isn't your personal blog.

>using the word normie instead of normalfag
Underage/newfag detected.

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>when his dick size starts with 7
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Bullet dodged I'm only 6 inches
>when his dick size ends with .3
why would someone censore that

Do women enjoy rape? Serious question.
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Serious answer - who gives a fuck what women think?

If yoy enjoy it then do it. Their enjoyment isn't relevant
No, they think they do. They actually enjoy rough sex with someone they trust. With safe words and what not.
Nah it's like scat porn, hot in theory but in practice it's awful.

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>get a new gf
>she asks to meet my family
>my entire family is human garbage and I hate all of them
>don't know what to say
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Install OpenBSD
audibly kek'd anon
quite the masterpiece, thank you
>>get a new gf
>> normie emoji
>>unironically hates family

100/10 best normie post of the year

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