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Anybody wanna see my penis?
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No thank you but I appreciate the offer
Well that's one guy. What about the rest of you?
No. Keep your penis to yourself please.

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l love being a woman. Especially nowaddays.

FinaIly, with the protection of the state, we can assume our role as the dominant gender. We can beat the shit out of our husbands, emotionally torment them, even cheat on them and there is nothing they can do about it and ugly men will never have a chance to even be with us.

For example, my husband filed for divorce a little over a year ago when he discovered I was cheating on him. I wasn't even ashamed when he walked in on me fucking another man, because I was sick of him and his bullshit inability to satisfy me sexually. I continued to sleep with my black lover for weeks after he found out, sometimes even while my husband was home. He had to listen to us fucking and me getting pleased by a superior massive black cock while he slept on the couch. He eventually lost it and smacked me, giving me just the justification I needed to press assault charges and file for a restraining order. Under advice of legal counsel, I cleaned out our joint checking account and froze it and froze our credit cards while he was in jail, to prevent him from being able to afford to hire a competent lawyer.

Yesterday, I was awarded full ownership of the house, custody of the children he doesn't even realize aren't his, 1,450 dollars a month in child support, 3,725 dollars a month in alimony and basically suffered no consequence for being unfaithful. All this for being willing and able to take a smack across the face :)

He whined like a litle bich to the judge, claiming he had to get a roommate now, because he can't afford to rent an apartment by himself and pay me what he owes me. So pathetic.
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Pls erp on /trash/ you flaming faggot
Also tldr
you niceguys sure love jerking yourselves off
are you done with your stupid copy pasta?

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Is it common for girls to grope each other in a completely heterosexual and non lewd intentioned manner as a way of fucking with each other?
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Bump for answers. I must get to the bottom of this matter.
That only happens in anime.
My little sister used to slap my tits.

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do self help books actually work?
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Does your mom's ass actually work?
Self help books don't "work." They're inanimate objects. You have to read and apply the knowledge within.
Nope. Just Jews looking to make a buck off of desperate, depressed people.

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REMOVE NORMIE remove normie
you are worst normalfag. you are the normo idiot you are the normie smell. return to ledddit. to our plebbit newfags you may come our imageboard. you may live in the /soc/_.ahahahaha , lgbt we will never forgeve you. trap rascal FUck but fuck asshole normie stink febot sqhipere shqipare..normie genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead roast..ahahahahahFEMBOTS WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget uprising .nmornies we kill the king , normalfags return to your precious reddit_.hahahahaha idiot trap and raostie smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE NORMIE FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. R9k+columbine shooters+elliot+cho=kill normie_you will meme/ elliott alive in r9k, elliot making retrebotion of r9k . fast shoot elliot r9k. we are rich and have gbp now hahahaha ha because of elliot_ you are ppoor stink normie_ you live in a frat hahahaha, you live in a dorm

elliot alive numbr one #1 in r9k _.fuck the /soc/_ ,..FUCKk ashol normies no good i spit_ in the mouth eye of ur gf and friends. ellot aliv and real strong wizard kill all the normie gee eff with autism magic now we the r9k rule .ape of the zoo presidant attentionwhore fembot fukc the great satan and lay egg this egg hatch and beta orbiter wa;s born. stupid beta form the eggn give bak our clay we will crush u lik a skull of pig. r9k greatest board
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remove REMOVE NOEMIE reeee goes tank filty fembots fuckoff
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Fuck normies desu, we need to remove them all

Fellow bots
Is it city area or suburb?
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small city (but it's a refugee resettlement area, so it's shit)
My house is in the background
Neither. My neighbours are farmers

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Why won't the women here help out robots by taking their virginity?
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because they can get better
I offered to take a guy's virginity if he who let me keep his semen for my fetish but he refused.

I'm actually offended he thought I would use it to impregnate myself, like I would want to carry a child of his. Gross.
>I'm actually offended he thought I would use it to impregnate myself, like I would want to carry a child of his. Gross.

So. What, uh...what did you, ah, need it for then?

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>"What's up you beautiful bastards"

This triggers me
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how did this guy survive and rwj didn't
he went political and did the HURR DUURR BOTH SIDED CENTRISM angle which normies love
Rwj didn't die. He quit to become a movie producer

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Why can't a hot girl just fall in love with me and be my subservient housewife like in all those japanese animes?
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Because life is cruel. It isn't an animu.
>tfw want to be housewife
>tfw cant even feed myself or clean
Come on guys, I need answers

You must search "unicorn frappe" on youtube and watch aspiring youtube attention whores without raging

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More like autism test I don't care that children and men-children are drinking sugary cum and filming themselves while doing it.

Why would this make me rage?
Starbucks is advertising on r9k now eh? Gtfo shill.
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>More like autism test

The autism test is being able to understand this. If you understand it, congrats, you don't have the tism.

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>cut my own hair to save $15
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>he has to pay 15 federal reserve notes for a fucking haircut

The absolute state of this man.
Long jaw monster
shave ur head fag

Come in and have a chat amongst friends.

Patrons may not all be sane.
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Looks pretty comfy Nick

Sure is. This will be a much more relaxed thread, and I'm off duty now.
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Nothing more comfy than a half empty bar/cafe at night whilst its raining outside

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I don't belong in this world. I want to leave.
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abuse hallucinogens or commit suicide. I think that's how you can exit.
There is no exit.
hahaha i laffed at the funy spongeboob pic xD

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>you didn't get hired again
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>dad asks why I don't just get a job
> it's an interview after interview life for anon
>he gets invited to interviews
Norman get out.

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Who hurt you? I want to know
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>Her face whn you want to have anal sex with your girl but you forgot to lube up your dick
>When you cum in her eye accidentally
Trish ripped my heart out and took a diarrhea dump on it
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My high school friends. Freshman and sophomore year I was really happy, but they all decided to start making fun of me, I was the butt of all their jokes. Then they started excluding me, inviting me to less and less. The thing is, after they started being an asshole to me, I was still on their bus. For two years I sat in agony as they laughed and had fun and were assholes to me. It didn't help that everyone else in the school didn't like me because I'm weird. It fucked me up.

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