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When I was in high school there was a substitute teacher calling on all the kids and they all said "here". I wasn't able to say "here" because of my autism and the substitute marked me as absent. Can anyone relate?
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the closest I've gone to that would be mumbling "here"

the teacher got pissed and told me to speak up
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I signed up for a dance course to try to meet girls. I was in the very back, and they didn't call my name in the roll call. The teacher said "did I miss anyone?" and I raised my hand and sheepishly said "back here..." and she said "What? Becker?" and started writing Becker down and I said "No, it's Matt." "What?" "My name is Matt." "OK." The girls started laughing.

I never went to that class again, was too autistic to even ask for my money back.
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>tfw you raise your hand instead but the teacher didn't look up
>tfw get grounded because i "skipped class"

These broads fighting on UFC got my dick so hard.. anyone watching?
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I do like to get hard watching UFC fights but I only watch the guys
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fedor kettlebell.jpg
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Nah I only watch UFC after it's happened so I know which fights are worth watching and which ones are 3-5 rounds of cagehugging.

As far as women fighters go, I loved Ronda Rousey until she got a massive ego and tried to out-strike boxers.

Also just in terms of robot culture, training in martial arts is great but "training MMA" is normietown.

That said, a lot of people who end up becoming pro fighters are robots or cyborgs themselves.
dude this calvillo chick fighting is the best bjj girl fighter ive ever seen

Have you ever been with it an asian girl? What was it like?
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no but the only girls ive ever had a chance with were asian

why dont whites like me
asian girls especially asian girls from asia are even bigger sluts than white girls

They better be careful, they'll catch hpv

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when someone tells me something, sometimes I give an example of when I was in that situation to show I understand them and to enrich and broaden the conversation

but I just heard that's bad apparently?
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I always do that, dont think people think its bad and if they do then fuck them in the ass because i dont care
It's not bad but you shouldn't overdo it. It's because you switch the topic to yourself after they've tried to introduce a topic related to themselves.
I always relate stories to television shows and movies. I know people are probably annoyed by it but it's the only thing I relate to any more.

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ask a 34 year old forever neet who has never seen a vagina anything
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Do you want a job?
Do you want an education?
Do you want to see a vagina?
All of those things would be nice but i fear that seclusion has caused my brain to entropy to the point where it's unusable.
Do you live in some rural area?

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Femanons, do you think Kim Jong Un is cute?
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Kim Jong Un, pls go
Nice try, Un
kinda, in a pet or animal way
t. not fembot
He's really fat

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Should I keep looking for a girlfriend or should I just give up and pay to fuck Asian bitches at a spa?
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Give up and stay home
>stay home

That's not an option; I have enough money to spend on a girl I'll go out with or to tip a masseuse for fucking my brains out.

Save your money and masturbate.

>fucking your brains out

You'll do 5-10 minutes of foreplay and fuck her for 1 minute and cum and be out cash.

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>mom opened the monthIy candydoll delivery gift box
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>dad found the trap clothes collection
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>doggo found the doggo dildo
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>sister found the Koran

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things you would do to Brittany Venti Thread.
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I can't even tell what is or isn't a trap anymore on this board
Fall in love with her
She's already a mutt....

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>ask youtube trap for nudes
>she respond by calling me a pedofile since she's 17

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That's actually hebe, not pedo

Anyways, say that you're 17 too fool


Better yet, say
"I just turned 18 and suddenly I can't talk to 17 year olds". You'll have more of a psychological angle with that

tfw no autistic weeb gf (male)
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>tfw no autistic weeb gf (male)
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>console gamer
uh no thank you sorry
somebody made this.

Can we just think about that for a second?

Somebody, out there, living in the world, made this image.

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What the fuck do I talk about with a depressive girl?
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her thoughts? opinions? how she perceives society?
Sure, but how do you start that conversation?

"What are your thoughts and opinions?"
I saw that movie the other day, it was alright. The bitches in it were cute as fuck.

>changing from "likes me but just not wanting relationship now" to feeling like Im actively being ignored
>platonic r9k female friends not talking to me anymore
>moms started getting mean and drinking again
>weak bipolar is setting in again, feel bored of everything and sad
And things were just starting to feel good again for the first time in almost a decade
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Those ribs look good
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>changing from "likes me but just not wanting relationship now" to feeling like Im actively being ignored
Happened to me, same ol' shit. Just broke up with boyfriend, is into me but needs time, then falls off the map. Die roasties die.
I cant even say die roasties Im hopelessly enamored of women

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If it's any consolation robots, you probably would have fucked it up anyway and be in even worse shape than before
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Aaaahahahahahahha source pleeaaasee
that's his sister

jak jak ya
this makes me feel a bit better

but until then all I can do is wait to confirm this feeling

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"Hey sis, I got an idea, let's make interracial porn and sell it to beta white cucks"
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Typical /r9k/ coming down on independent women.
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Holy fuck they look disgusting as hell.

I like how the blonde girl is screaming and the other girl is staring at her.

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