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Is smoking cool in the US? I'm Korean, and basically if you don't smoke, you are considered a pussy here because everyone smokes during their service in the army. But, what is it like over there?
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Smoking is considered dirty and for older generations, mostly because how many anti smoking ads we have
Normies love smoking when they drinking and partying, but if you are a real smoker they treat you with disgust and disdain. I've had people pull their shirt over their nose to walk by and stand in the rain instead of near me. Not to mention the cunts who fake cough to show how much you sicken them. I am more inclined to give homeless people cigarettes than stupid normies who beg for them
I think it's cool. Taking a drag and just staring feels cool. Also when I'm playing an online game and I get into a raid with a bunch of friends, I start smoking when things are really going great and the conversations and laughs are flowing like wine. It's like, I just gotta smoke this moment feels so good and I feel great that having a smoke would only enhance this

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Have you ever rejected a girl? How did you feel about it and how did they act?

I've rejected 3

>one morbidly obese girl that asked me out with cupcakes, I ate the cake and said no
>one fat slag at uni, she tried to suck my dick once but I pushed her away
>one actually hot girl just because I could

I'm no Chad but it is just satisfying turning girls down. It will make it all the better when the right girl comes along
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Yes. It's a shameful story.

>be 14
>meet cute 13 girl from the same town online
>chat a lot
>she's immediately falls for me
>thinks I'm really cool, practically worships the ground I walk on
>meet on a couple of dates in town
>enjoy some kissing and touching
>her parents are away one weekend
>she asks me to come over and spend the weekend at her place
>gives me her address
>go there on my bike
>get lost because I've never been in that part of town before
>spend hours trying to find the place before giving up
>she calls me and asks why I didn't come
>I don't want to look like an uncool faggot who gets lost in his own hometown so I tell her I'm dumping her
>don't return any of her desperate calls or e-mails

one second famalamadingdong
Only once
>summer after HS graduation
>second group of """friends""" want to hang out a lot
>they only invited me because a fat chick in their group has a crush on me
>forced me to hang out with them or else they were going to blackmail me with my past as a porn artist
>they're all weeb level cringe and I'm sticking out like a sore thumb
>I don't fit in
>I just wanted to go home and study some more japanese and play video games with my younger brother
>fat chick keeps hitting on me and it's getting annoying
> weeks later she tells me through text that she likes me
>Try to call her since that's the right thing to do
>she keeps hanging up
> text her back basically rejecting her
>she never messages me after that
>I'm never invited to future hangouts
>get to enjoy the rest of my summer the way I anticipated it to be
I felt pretty bad since it was the only time I've ever rejected anyone but I actually feel a bit better about not being in a relationship since I've been way more focused on my studies than before when I use to constantly worry about being a virgin for my age

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Come share your gripes, your groans, stories and whatnot fellow waggies.
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No can do I work a perfect robot job. I barely have to talk to co workers and I never talk to customers plus I get to listen to people talk on the phone all day. I make over minimum wage but I honestly I wish I made more other then that it's great.
>oh while you are here can you also just do this one thing that will take an extra 1 hour
>it wasnt broken when you got here you have to fix it now (it was)
>my internet is slower than usual, you must have done something while you were working on a completely separate network and connection with different hardware
>but the sales person said X thats why i bought the thing
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>work overnights at a local grocery store
>found out this morning that, during the previous night (so after midnight on Wednesday) a guy threatened to commit suicide at work
>911 was called, the boss came in, etc
>i was in the cuts room, oblivious to it all

The guy was there for two full shifts. Shits weird

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Anyone here /english breakfast/
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If this shit doesn't have rice, this shit ain't going to be nice
I like it but it's too much of an effort for me.
Only once had it once in a hotel in Oslo.
Did that for a while but got too lazy to cook and clean in the morning.

Also, mushrooms are gross.

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Make some robot friends- put down your pin, contact others, and this is NOT necessarily a meet up map, location can be irrelevant if you're okay with being online.


Also- success stories or failure stories with this map? I've met a few robots (online) from this map about 5 months ago and still talk to them to this day.
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>put down your pin

how? me brainlet
>tfw the only dudes near me are bi

I'm not befriending you just in case you'd catch faggot feels for me, would be really fucking weird.
read the top caption of the map

"Click Additions -> Add Marker - Detailed to submit a marker. "

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Another weekend cleaning my flat and shitposting without ever going outside or talking once.

How do I add some flavor?
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start learning an instrument
Find a cute girl to talk to
oh let me guess this is another one of those discord threads and you won't reply back okay then go fuck yourself prick. i'm sick of cunts like you baiting me into a serious reply only to laugh at how stupid i am falling for it

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/r9k/ can we have a discussion on human vulvas? I'm willing to talk about my perspective on them. I was a robot, in my early 20s, willing to talk about my experience with them.

Pic related; a normal vulva, featuring the clitoris, urethra, the labia and vagina (the vagina is the actual part you have sex in) and an abnormal vagina with a fused labia (scrotum), penile urethra, and enlarged clitoris.
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File: Vulva_collage_12.jpg (114KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is a collage of vulvas, featuring the different varieties of labia.
Roasties are gross because they are basically just disconnected ballsack tissue

This is why innies will always be the perfect feminine vagina
How gay is it to be attracted to the one on the right?

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>be me
>be homeless
>be posting from my college which I haven't paid tuition for
>suck off a bunch of guys in broad daylight on the street
>snort heroin in a park
>drink a homeless guy's piss

I wanted to be a mathematician or a physicist or an engineer or something....

Whose life isn't turning out like they planned?
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30 living with dad.
Everyday he tells me about when he was my age he owned 2 cars, a house and gf. It's always him talking down to me.
I at least wanted a place of my own, job and car.
I have nothing.
You sound like a class act anon.
>drink a homeless guy's piss
May I ask why?

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Can I get invited into a discord or something. I don't know if I want to talk, I don't think I want to. I just wanted to listen to people talk. I can't sleep and I feel lonely and vacant, just want to hear people have conversations.

Would someone be willing to set something up or give me their discord server so I can just take a break from solitude.

Thanks in advance.
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discord gg/pvkxRC
do not join /r9k/ servers even if you want to listen people talk because they speak nothing but absolute garbage. triple so if you're a gril which you're probably not
are you going to join or what kike

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>"Average size is 5 inches"
When will dicklets learn, /r9k/?
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the average is 5 inches retard
but the female preference is well over 7 inches
this is why the top 20% of males get to fuck 80% of women
I'm just shy of 8 inches anon. And i'm a virgin at 25.
Please go ahead and tell me how to use my size to get laid.
nice cope, dicklet. if you aren't minimum 12 inches women want nothing to do with you

Post your outfits >>>/r9k/
Be Rated
Be Judged
Have Fun With It!

>Mine right now
>Judge me faggots
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Template for all the newbies
phoneposting bc night shift job
>pic related, fit from earlier today
This outfit screams "i'm retarded"

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I've been in Japan for 7 months now.

I figure you guys might want to have some questions answered about the country. Go ahead, I have some time to spare.
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1. Why are you there? Work I'd assume?
2. Where were you before?
3. Any good chicks?
>Why are you there? Work I'd assume?
I'm here for general travelling. I'm in here on a working holiday visa. I have been doing minor labor on farms in exchange for food and a bed, but I haven't actually worked a paid job.
>Where were you before?
In my home country, Denmark. I'll be going to Australia next year.
>Any good chicks?
Plenty. They're very traditional, feminine, and beautiful, but they expect men to have a well paying job and be down for a long term relationship. They're perfectly fine with being housewives, though.
is it true that if u get no job there u get deported after 3 Months!? are the immigration policy that strict?

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Are there any colleges in America that aren't Alt-Left brainwashing facilities?
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Lets look at the formula that makes Alt-Left brainwashing happen in the first place
>Shit pay for teachers
>Teachers get cranky
>Teachers vent their lamenting (system is fucked, pay is bad) speech to students
>Teacher starts spewing alternative forms of government
>Students eat communism up like its budding "wouldn't it be great if everyone like got equal pay and shit, we hate government but we would trust it with total power over our resources"
>Students that have grown up isolated from harshness of reality start jizzing themselves over anarchy, communism etc
>Media spews anti cop stories because people like to watch that for some reason, any good deeds done by police gets swept under the rug as boring
>Sheltered students eat that up once again, "fuck you pigs! country would be better if we didn't have law enforcement, we are so short sighted that we cannot even imagine what kind of mad max shit storm would come if we didn't have cops"
>Sheltered students don't even know what rioting can lead to because muh year 20XX
And that's how you get alt-left, ignorant wanna be good doers trying to better the world by tearing down establishment without providing any realistic alternatives
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Why does anarchism associate itself with left-wing politics? Is anarchy not the right of the strongest whereby the wealthiest goods aggregate in the superior gang?
Idiots think that people are naturally good and would band together to do good things. It's the idea that only corrupt, greedy, evil people are in charge and if they were taken down then good people could get together and do good things.

People naturally seek to hoard resources for security. Not necessarily greedy, not necessarily selfish, but it does mean keeping those resources away from others.

This is you after no fap
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i think for the first time of doing nofap sometimes i got it to work, somewhat... got a slight chub in the public, this never happened before
but im both unfit and have a smaller dick
also question: do women like these sorts of images or are they mainly for gay men
If the woman wants to see you naked, she wants to see it. Perhaps not as a surprise unless you know she's cool with that. Like explicit future permission.

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I got to be a NEET this whole year but my parents are forcing me to enroll into college next year, how do I escape this curse?
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Don't go to classes?
Sadly not an option, I live with them and they would be driving me to and from
Tell them you are going. Dont go.

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