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Human sexuality is a fucking curse. Even among normalfags it's the cause of more anxiety than pleasure, even though most wouldn't like to admit it.
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god damn can i get a taste of that DISH
Hey guys, does anybody want to have sex with me, because, I do not have a pair of underwear on, so do you have your penis out?
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>be fat white girl
>shitpost on r9k to talk trash about black women
>try to take credit for white women being desirable even though I'm fat and have 4 cats.

Why am I so bitter
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>be fat white girl

alright you get a pass on the tits or gtfo
Calories in calories out muffin.
Because you chad won't settle with you which makes you resentful.

you ever liked a woman older than you? how did it go?
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I think the only time I ever had the balls to do anything was totally pointless because she left about five minutes later.

Only other time I can think of is when I went to the opticians for prescription shades and woman measuring me was late 20s and super tall, and rather than doing anything I just sat frozen in the chair saying 'BETTER' or 'WORSE' while fighting off a panic attack.
>how did it go?
as usual i did nothing about it and nothing happened
serves me right i guess
I'm 20 y/o. I fell in love with a 26 y/o. She is married, and she looks like a fucking angel. I would've sold my kidney to be with her. Every time I heard her voice my heart skipped a bit, and every interaction I had with her would get stuck in my head for days. She left to a different place two weeks ago. I guess it's for the best cause I never had a shot to begin with...

Be 21 yo virgin panromantic asexual dude. Have kissed 2 girls in my life but that's it. Join tinder. Swipe right on like 1 dude for every 20 chicks. Only match with dudes. Not satisfied with lack of matches. Break down and decide to pay to see who liked me. 5 people. All dudes. Fuck my life.
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Got it, panromantic asexual = gay
But like. Ugh. Guys are like pasta to me. I'm maybe in the mood for pasta like 10 times a year. Girls are like chicken to me. I want them a billion times more often than pasta.
>panromantic asexua

Made up words don't mean anything

Is it possible to find left wing people who aren't nasty unwashed hippie potheads?
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I'm a leftist on economic issues but a right-winger on social issues.
I want to fuck Quentin
Ozymandias a retarded shit.

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>Be a normie
>Fuck, party, do drugs, kill, rape, steal, isolate others, do all types of nasty shit to people
>Get to your mid 20s with a decent job

>"Oh yeah the only key in life is having good social skills and being a good person, you're fucked up if you think society owes you anything, so you better start self improving"

>goes back to fucking, partying, drugs, etc etc
>Gets a 6 figure salary and tons of awards at a job where all you do is play with spreadsheets and fuck your coworkers
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>people kill, steal and rape on a regular basis


>all types of nasty shit

like dehumanizing them by comparing them to household appliances and farm equipment, or blaming them for all of society's ills and advocating for people who think they should be mutilated and treated like livestock?

or jerking off to trap shit/ sissy hypno/ succubus porn?

>fuck, party, do drugs

you can't do this shit 24/7. there are responsible people who use these things to let off steam, just like there are """"functional""""" opiate addicts on alt-right discord servers.
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It's a degenerate society, what else did you expect?
>kill, rape, steal

Where the fuck do you live? The vast majority of people don't get off scot-free doing that shit

Robots I found the secret to getting a gf.

>Make more than $30k/year (srs)
>ask out any black chick who works a poverty job (cashier/burger flipper/etc)

So many hot chicks that are doing this because they're uneducated. They will abandon whatever nigga they're currently with to be with you because you have a job. I'm dead serious this works. I was a 26 year old virgin and I finally asked out a black chick for the first time. easy af lay, and already fucked 10 in the past 2 months.
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>They will abandon whatever nigga they're currently with
It's all fun and games until you're awake at 7am on New Year's Day with him yelling in front of your house.
Uh dude who cares, cucking another man is the most satisfying thing you can do in life.

Being so irresistable she drops another man for you. You are literally dominating another male and forcing him into the beta role. Take it with pride.

This is why some of you are still virgins, because you only ask out single girls. Single girls are the hardest girls to fuck which is why they're SINGLE. Date a girl who already has a boyfriend, she is 100x easier because all you have to do is compete with the guy she's currently with cause everyone else is too pussy to flirt with girls who have boyfriends.
I'm not fucking a nigger just to lose my virginity

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How's it going lads? Lets have one of these. Order drinks, share feels.

To the memory of Jack.
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Lets give this a lil' bump.
I'm on day 3 of no fap. Feelin' fine, actually.
What are the benefits my guy ?

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"hey bro! Thanks for saving my ass during that math test yesterday, I was sort of desperate."

"Tell you what, as thanks I will help you get in shape, develop some social skills, and eventually get pussy. Meet me at the gym later today yeah?"
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Chad then pulls you over and rapes your little butthole

he says
"nothin personnel kid, its how the world works"
Chad would never do something so faggy
Yeah sure. Just like slapping your football teammates arses. Chad would never do that!

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>Any woman that describes their life like a "rollercoaster"

Translation: I'm a worthless and stupid person who has never had a real opinion in their life, and if I have any hobbies (which I most certainly won't), it's because a man showed me.
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into the gas chamber they go

is that tinder? jesus christ who would even match with her
look at those empty eyes

fucking disgusting

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>you will never have a gf with similar music taste to you
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Women have plebian taste in music.
It's 90% true, in my account.
lets see what you fags listen to?
Girls do not like thrash metal, it's true.

I wish it was acceptable to walk up to somebody and be like "hey, you're super cute"
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It is if you're Chad.
just be yourself
It is, but you better hope she's sociable enough to know how to handle it. Girls have snuck up on me and starting giving me compliments and I didn't know how to respond so they left after a minute.

Does /r9k/ have something you really good that your proud of which is not related to internet and video game?

let's talk about it. No need to be shy.
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I'm pretty gifted in visual arts. it's really the only thing that I am good at besides fucking my life up
Home cooking (can't work at restaurant speeds though so no jobbies for me)
I've been told I'm good at describing things, whatever the fuck use that has
I'm average at a lot of things.

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Why is it that EVERY girl you want already has a bf? How the fuck are you even supposed to find one when they're all taken. Even low quality 4/10 girls have a bf because men are fucking desperate. How the hell can we compete, lads?
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It doesn't matter if they have a bf. They're all waiting for someone better than their current boy to show up.
Getting a gf is like getting a job. You probably won't find one near you if you've never had one before, but if you expand your search in some way, you'll eventually land your first one. Once you gain experience, the jobs/girls start coming to you.
Best analogy I've ever read.

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if you had to choose one
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right one looks cuter
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i'm not racist, but 100x right.

black women are literal goddesses
the asian loks like a literal mong

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