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Let's say that through some kind of miracle you manage to produce offspring and it turns out to be a girl.
Do you raise her into a gold digger Stacy or do you try to implant robot values into her?
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I turn her into a national socialist catholic adeptus sororitas
Is eggman a reptilian shape shiftier ?
er what do
~i really thought
better than RD ergh
oh ok
just shot he load

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Do you live in a small town, robots? I was just going through google maps hunting for cozy towns in the Midwest US. Post if you do live in one and where. Describe it if you want, tell us all about it!
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Niigger do you want to become a towns Boo Radley?
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I live in the city now but I grew up in a small town in texas of <2500 people, it was pretty shit really the kind of dead end place no one ever really gets out of
>everyone was related
>had 3 generations of math teacher in the HS
>school bully's mother was a teacher and her brother was principal so he never go in trouble
>had a teacher that had been paddled by another teacher there when he was a kid then came back to teach
>pregnancy rate got to be high enough it made the news
>outside of school town itself was shit and had nothing
>had a dollar store, a smoke shop, a tiny grocery store, about 3 fast food places and a diner everyone hung out at
>multiple churches that were far too big for how many people the town had
>had to drive over an hour to do any decent shopping or anything really
As a kid it was pure hell but I get the feeling that's just because I was heavily bullied and the whole town hated me, now as I get older I can kind of see the appeal of moving to a small town like it and opening a diner, passing the days slowly talking about the local gossip
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>tfw no one else wants to talk about how shit the countryside is

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everything has slowly been Building up to this moment. This is it.
>dropped out of college after highschool
>was disgusting neet for almost 2 years
>no human contact, degenerate activities etc
>almost tore my family appart
>decided to make a change
>start working so i can get back into college
>got into college this year
>started going to the gym
>met this amazing girl
>start going out with my friends again
>me and the girl clearly have a thing for eachother
>we play games and chase each other for a while
>but she had a boyfriend
>still the things she made me feel were out of this world and i decide to stick around
>we continue our thing
>things go up and down
>2 months ago things start looking great again and everything feels right and we talk all the time like we used to
>want to ask her out but not sure if the bf is still in the picture
>everything she does is telling me she wants to be with me
>the day i want to ask her out someone asks her if she has a bf and she says yes
>decide to not do anything
>a week ago she tells me she left him
>says she didnt shed a tear
>we are talking hours a day
>she's hinting that she wants to be with me all the time
>never been this happy

this is my chance to truily change things. If i manage to fuck up with this girl, then i dont deserve to be happy at all. All i need to do is ask her out tomorrow. Every fiber of my body wants to be with her, the things she made me feel i didnt even Know were possible. I have liked girls before but nothing comes close to this. My one shot at true happiness.
Wish me luck guys, even tho you probably wont.
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Good luck friendo
Just keep your wits about you. Most girls are pretty awful desu
Good luck, man. You know, though, that even if things don't work out with this girl, you have everything else going for you. Don't let a rejection negate all the progress you've made over the year. You should be proud, you're making it no matter what tries to stop you, mate.
You got this anon. Ganbatte.

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>100 word essay due in a month
>haven't even started it yet
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>need to solve 2x+4=8
>too dumb to solve it

It's for August lads
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>15 page paper due Wednesday night
>Final exam on Wednesday afternoon
>Haven't started the paper yet

i'll write it for you

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Why is it that black men hate black women?

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Asian girls are better
>a """woman"""
>being black

I hate dark skin. Looks good on me, looks absolutely terrible on a woman
Everyone hates black women because most of them are ugly and masculine.

>so desperate for friends that I look on local area chatrooms
>it's all old faggots
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How do you find local area chatrooms?
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Do you want me to be your friend? I mean people being close is ulltimately up to personality so we might not click. I'll be willing to talk to you though.
What is your story anon?
Why don't you have friends?
I'll be your friend, anon.

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Hi Anon, this is your Uber driver, I know it's a credit payment, but I prefer cash right now
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How about an R4R arrangement, you give me a ride and I'll let you ride for it as well?
>cash now
How do I report this bitch and leave a bad review
>being driven around by a woman
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You finally corrected it. Good shit anon

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>tfw music is just noise now
>tfw video games aren't fun
>tfw nothing is interesting
>tfw cant look in the mirror without disappointment
>tfw need to fap but dont feel aroused at all by anything just disgust

when does the ride end
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hi anon. it sounds like you're anhedonic, like me. wanna talk?
Never anon. You already know this.

its only really got this bad in the past 2 weeks, i act the same but inside im entirely devoid of caring, i laugh at jokes but i dont find them funny at all and i dont like any of my family or friends anymore

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i swear the richer someone is the more autistic they become

>driving home from store
>see lady feeding ducks by her lawn
>get home and 30 mins later go walk my dog
>walking past the woman's house when i see my dog eating something
>i open his mouth
>hes eating a raw bacon strip
>mfw lady fed some ducks uncooked bacon
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Control your dog, idiot. And don't let him into someone else's yard.
the bacon was on the edge of the grass next to the road
That's good I like it

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hey /r9k/, I don't browse this board but thought that those of you that do would enjoy this article that just got posted on my uni's official facebook page, where it seems like a good majority of people are in support of it. What do you guys think?


particular exceprt I liked:
"Allison shows me a list on her iPhone. "I try to keep track of the guys I sleep with," she tells me. The list has 16 names on it... Allison came to Santa Cruz two years ago from a sexually repressed Catholic school environment in Southern California."
>woman who has lost her self-worth and desirable religious background sleeping around with a new guy every one and a half months wonders why no upstanding man will get with her now
really makes you think, doesn't it?
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I wouldn't usually respond to normalfag posts, but i also attend ucsc. It sounds like the roastie cunts here are just as entitled as everywhere else. I don't care though, i gave up on women a long time ago
>complains about robots and numales
>doesn't know they don't want to be that way either
>nobody taken enough psych classes to figure out how to change themselves or others
You all deserve each other.
Hey I go to UCSC too OP

Dropping out after this quarter!

Anyone here ever planned a massacre but quit the idea?

An old plan:
>go into my town centre, into the mall
>chain the mall exit doors up from the inside
>once inside, start shooting at normies with razorhead crossbow arrows (britbong, no guns)

>stab and slash other normies with hunting knives etc
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Lmao you didn't do anything cause you're a pussy attention whore

Stop posting your beta dead eyes face on this board please
Of course not officer.
Am I free to go now ?
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>Chain the male exit doors from the inside
Good look chaining all the doors without anyone noticing
>Shooting with a crossbow
You are going to get, if you are lucky a good shot and kill or injure just one person
>Stab and slash other normies
More like get overpowered and lynched by a mod of Chads
Shit plan, better luck next time FBI, also pretending to be a Britbong so we won't be suspicious was a nice touch, 4/10, try again

>tfw femboy bf
I did it bros
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I am not your bro you faggot
do the world a favor and kill yourself you mentally ill faggot.
You didn't do anything but disgrace yourself and your entire family. Get an actual girl faggot

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Old enough to get the succ :DDD
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>over 50% underage
>so far majority is underage
Welp. This thread made it finally happen. I'm leaving for reddit. No wonder this place is so ass backwards with retardation.

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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He was such a nice character. I miss him

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nigga i was waiting for you
what took you so long?
fuck you cuckyoin the part you were in is objectively one of the worst parts of jojo. post some better characters please, I'll give you a little something for free to start you off

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>Tfw dropped a book on my dick
it landed on a corner
Post about a time you hurt your dick.
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This is the only dick related injury I've ever had:

>Me in 7th grade
>Helping teacher put away storage bins of stuff after a class
>Have to place it at the top of a shelf
>Leaning against a cabinet door at the bottom of shelf
>As I lift to go upward, I thrust into a handle bar
>Hit directly on the head of my dick
>Hurt so bad I dropped everything
>My dick hurt the whole day
>My dickhead had a fucking bruise on it for a couple weeks
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I'm ready for this thread.
A bruise? Must have been a powerful thrust. No homo

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