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Just a relaxing comfy/chill thread man.
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My comfy spot is alone and away from people. Didn't meet another person on this trail.
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Comfy fire and snow cave.
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And another comfy winter camping. Im pretty sure its the same guy.

>Anon, what are you doing here? I called your brother chad, he's the only one who can satisfy me. Unlike your tiny pindick. I'll let you jack off in the corner, if you promise to be quiet. I might even let you eat chads superior cum from my pussy as a reward.
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O-ok mummy. Can you turn me into a girl so we can both please chads cock together? My tiny limpdick will never please any woman, so I can instead concentrate on making real men feel good.
so now we're at cuckold-incest fetish?
what's in store for next week
pedophilia, jews are pushing it right now because BBC and incest are old news

>He still uses a regular phone instead of taking the pi pill

You will never know freedom
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The cellular network that shit connects to probably uses proprietary software
>android users' dream phone
I would legitimately consider using something like that. Where do you buy one?

>PC gaming is for people who want the absolute best and are willing to pay for it
>Xbox is very similar to PC, but way more affordable and easy to use
>Nintendo is portable and also easy to use

Who is pic related targeted towards? How does it make sense?
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Same as xbox
People who want superior (see: Japanese) games, in a wider variety of genres outside of "FPS." The day Steam or any other shitty PC service offers up exclusive Japanese games (Bloodborne, Gundum, Godzilla), is the day I become a PC gamer.
Helpline LANE

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Are these shoes fine? I want to fit in.
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> i want to fit in
why are you here?
You should've bought some white Dallas OG Pumas, a pair of white chinos with a floral pattern, and a nice, tight fitting, short sleeve red floral pattern button down.
not get adidas you will fit in much better
stan smiths to be safe
tubular shadow prime knits if you want a similar shoe to those nikes

Are pimps that don't get paid.
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Pimps are unnecessary
Really makes you think
Yep and so are cuckolds
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they get paid via that warm cozy feeling that comes with having a long time partner who is satisfied

little do they know....

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Best ways to contract serious illnesses that will kill you quickly? And what are some that wouldnt leave you bed ridden? Im thinking brain cancer

and yes hiv aids isnt in the picture
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Damn, is that guy gonna be alright?
Coward, if you want to die just do it yourself.

Fate has taken all power from you, and you wish to relinquish ownership of the only thing you still have.
I don't think so. He's clearly not going to be getting ahead in life.

Why do normies like alcohol so much ?
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Try some and find out.
They are trying to emulate what they see in rap videos, TV, and Hollywood. Basically, they are fucking retarded.

no because I am not a normie

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apu (494).jpg
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was having another rough day and i heard that going for a walk can help the mind relax so i went ahead and picked a small mountain. it had a nice view of my town i guess.

the main path was full of tourists, a lot of people in their twenties. one couple asked me to take a picture of them. i wasnt really enjoying being surrounded by normies so i went off the main path into what looked to be a more obscure area.

as i walked up i saw two young girls, probably around 17 or 18. as i walked past them i could hear them talking about their problems, they didn't seem like typical normies. though whatever they were discussing it sounded quite generic and minuscule compared to what some of us have to deal with every day.

i walked by them trying not to stare and feel like a creep, though something about their soft voices stuck in my head. i couldnt stop thinking about it. eventually i just sat down on a rock and started crying. nobody was around to notice, or at least i think so. by the time i got up to walk back the girls were gone.

i wish i could sit down with someone like that and just talk. a single person who cared and who i could trust to talk to, instead of posting on r9k like i am now. its all too much sometimes. so fucking stupid that a small thing like that could make me cry, even after everything ive seen and experienced after years of visiting this place. i dont know what to think anymore.

and i thought walks were supposed to be relaxing. oh well.
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Ganbatte, OP! A word of encouragement is the best we can do to for each other to fight another day.
Also, I've felt the same way. Being able to talk without holding back is something I've longed for. The only person I considered a friend moved to another city and now I have no one to talk to like that.
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>and i thought walks were supposed to be relaxing. oh well.
You fucked up,
NIGHT WALKS are the goat walk

>there are black and mixed race "men" on this board who actually prefer white women over black women
>they would choose a subpar alien faced white woman like this over a black GODDESS like Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, and Nicki Minaj
>they hate themselves and their own black features and want desparately to gawk at some ugly, disgusting, pasty skinned cave bitch
>mfw white women have limp fur on their heads like a dog, creepy cold and soulless reptilian eyes in freakish colors like blue, green, grey, and even fucking purple and yellow
>their skin the color of death itself, their skin looks like a fucking cave salamander, or a cenobite, or a dark eldar from Warhammer 40k
>obsessed with violence, hence why white women love shows like game of thrones, and horror movies and shit with vampires drinking blood

You'd pass up a fucking beautiful black woman for a goddamned white DEVIKL? Tha fuck is wrong with YOU?
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white women are disgusting...

look at this shit, that doesn't even look human
Very very very funny.

Do they have humor this good where you come from ?
Nothing funny about the disgusting nature of white women. Or are you one of them...

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Were you ever kind?

Do you think being an asshole is a safer way of living? In fact, is there any point in torturing yourself for not being Mother Teresa?

No such thing as innocence, right?
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I'm not sure if I was kind, or simply trained to believe if I was nice the world would roll over for me.

I think being level headed and realistic is better than being an asshole. Some people respond better to kindness, and others to aggression. Furthermore there's nothing mean about asserting yourself.
>Furthermore there's nothing mean about asserting yourself.

It's hard to do when you're raised in a household that softly condemns it. I've been called out for it, and I gotta admit I do feel bad. I would rather be stepped on that live with the thought of having hurt someone torturing me. I also succumb easily to emotional manipulation due to a traumatic experience I had years ago.
If the person torturing you is acting with malice, you commit an injustice by refusing to acknowledge it. It's no different than if they were torturing another, evil is being permitted to operate with impunity. If the torture simply arises from ignorance, then there is no harm done by correcting it.

Your family situation and past trauma sounds difficult. Rather than dwelling on it, I advise trying to learn from the experience and avoid blaming yourself for things beyond your control. I apologize if that sounds callous.

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Why do normies pretend to hate boston?
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Do normies hate Boston now? When Rock Band came out back in 2008 people liked them again.
The normies I talk to don't even know Boston.

I also unironically like Amanda.
this is an excellent album
listen to this shit

Diapers masterrace
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any robots?
Is this implying that only brainlets go commando?
Diapers are literally for manbabies OP you manbabby.
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i'm a femanon who used to have incontinence problems, wet myself a few times in high school. tried diapers, still use them sometimes just for the satisfaction of letting it all freely out in public.

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Why do normies like this shit so much?
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too afraid to do real drugs
also its pretty fun
Because prescription drug abuse is the hip craze that's sweeping the nation!
it's pretty comfy, but don't do it. turns out long term benzo use is bad for you.

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Just a shoutout to all you young robots out there who love computers, technology, and math, and don't know what to do with your education or career. This thread is for you

>You need to major in Computer Science, and you need to purposefully become obsessed with it to the point where you become extremely good and can get hired at top companies
>At these top companies, they don't care if you can't make eye contact. They don't care if you can't handle casual small talk. They don't care if you're a fucking autistic ass burger who will never get laid. If you're good, you're good, and they want you anon
>It's one of the best careers that are actually meritocracies. Good people get promoted, bad people don't. Sucking up obviously happens but at the end of the day you need to deliver high quality results working on complex software systems, so there are no idiots here

>I work with some guys who are social butterflies, like my boss, but they're all nice
>I work with some guys who legitimately rarely if ever talk, or guys who talk a lot and laugh at their own awkward programming jokes. It's amazing. Programming jobs at good companies are amazing. It's not even work it's FUN anons

You can earn $100k+ straight out of college to fund your anime collection or crypto investments. You can travel and take time off, these good companies often give 3 weeks of vacation starting and 4 weeks once you're promoted a level

Programming is where it's at anons. CS degrees are the BEST degrees right now for intelligent autists like us
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>tfw I taught myself programming and figured out how to make money without working for any jews

Computers are really useful
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>tfw too stupid for programming
>tfw still autistic anyway
Am sperg, not the clever type. What do anon

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