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>tfw just want to live in a big city like Tokyo or New York and roam the streets every day. Maybe have a little shop somewhere that my gf would work in and I would manage, with some stupid hipster exotic good or something so that I'm finally part of society in some way.

Why is my dream so unachievable, /r9k/? Except for the gf part obviously.

Where would you live if you could, and how?

I'm getting way too old to even have dreams anymore, there's nothing in my life anymore. I wish I could just up and go somewhere else and be someone else.

Please help.
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I wanna live in vancover
Get a gob, move to said city.First step done.
just do it anon
it isn't nearly unnattainable

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Let's settle this once and for all, /r9k/.
How do you get a gf? What does a girl want in a guy?
Some say you have to be mean to her, while some say you have to be nice to her.
Some also say you have to be funny and make the girl laugh, while some say you just have to be attractive.
What is it really? How can a person like us, unattractive and have probably below-average social skills, get a girlfriend? What's the secret formula, /r9k/?
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Be attractive
How do you get a gf?
>Talk to gf
>Have things in common
>Ask her out
What does a girl want in a guy?
>What do you want in a girl? Someone enjoyable to spend time with and pleasing to look at. Being able to make her laugh contributes to the "enjoyable to spend time around" factor. There is ultimately no secret formula. What I've described is a normal girl (normal here meaning not corrupt of moral and/or mental character). Some girls will want a man who has money, others will be swayed by good looks. These are not girls you should pursue for a number of reasons, but chiefly among those reasons is the fact that they will almost certainly not find you viable as a potential mate and are more likely than that to attempt to use you in some other, less pleasant manner.
You autists act like all girls are the same. THEY HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES. some just want a handsome and sexy guy, while some want a guy that makes her laugh and happy all the time. It all depends on the woman you want, OP.

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Can we get a before and after self improvement thread?

I went from a 3/10 loser to an 8/10 alpha.

Life is great on easy mode.
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Nigga went from Jon Snow to Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.
Come on dude don't troll me. I know I look good I've been told so irl.
>8/10 alpha

try again

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This is your date tonight, robots.

Say something nice!
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Fuck off you stupid cunt.

Put some fucking clothes on you two cent whore.

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It used to take 15 seconds to do a captcha, back when they were actually just to make sure you weren't a machine. It was just some text: two words. You'd take a look at it, type in the first word, and type "nigger" for the second word because it was google algorithm-training bullshit. You could complete one three or four times before your minute-between-posts was up.

If you REALLY fucked up, and were just getting captchas wrong, after wrong, after wrong, it would take one or two minutes. NOW it takes one minute to complete one of these fucking things 90 percent of the time! And it's like 20 fucking clicks, just to make ONE shitpost on this worthless, mod-forsaken, shill-infested website.

FUCK jewgle. FUCK their image identifying algorithms. It's not worth it. GIVE UP this website. It just sucks the fun out of your life and leaves you a miserable husk of a person.
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Use legacy captcha you dumb fag
File: 1491460783142.png (225KB, 487x560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You do know you can use legacy captcha in quick reply, right? If only you spent the time you spent on writing this rant on checking the settings, you could've spared yourself the embarrassment.
every fucking day, this thread. always done in 5 posts.

What would you do for $10,000 USD? It may not seem like a lot but it could help a lot of people in the world in many ways.

What crimes would you commit?
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i'd suck 10,000 dicks
I would be willing to rape a beautiful girl for $10,000 USD
That's not fair, you'd already suck a 10000 dicks for free anyway

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asian bois exist for White cock
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Seriously who the fuck makes images like that lmao

youll never take my ass
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>tfw everyone wants korean/japanese traps and nobody wants a chinese/filipino one

not saying i hate myself but
I'm OP and I want you to post your sissy Flip boipucc understand!?!?

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I want a boyfriend but I hate everyone and I'm not attracted to anyone.
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Want my number?
Then don't get a boyfriend you roastie whore
Depends on how attractive and hateful you are.

I'm a guy, you faggot.

>listening to music while stuck in traffic
>moderately high volume and driver's window rolled down
>some old fart walking by looks at me with disgust

Why are normies so judgemental? link related the song I was listening to

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Probably cause 80 percent of the song was spoken in a different language.

I don't know.
Song is really fucking gay. Reminds me of what I used to listen to when I took ecstasy during daylight hours over summer and wore purple shirts and skinny jeans-- but in a disgusting yellow language. At least back then I could dance to that music with a girl's butt in my crotch. What's YOUR excuse?


>the faggoty shit I thought I was cool for listening to
Because you're one of those fucking normies that blasts music in a public place and thinks anyone gives a fuck about what trash you listen to and not how loud it is.

Literally mexican nigger tier

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They might actually perfect robowaifus before WW3 happen and you'll set out on an adventure in the wasteland to get her repaired.

Cheer up robots.
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just give me good vr and I'm happy
You're never happy. You will always want more.
They seem to be making pretty good progress on the AI. This could be used for VR as well.

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Who here /killingthemselves/ after semester ends?
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I only took two classes this semester and I'm failing both of them. Probably just not gonna sign up for classes next semester, I can't do school.
>three finals in two days
>didn't start studying
>prefer shitposting and lurking all day instead

Why am I this way?
>get free scholarship as long as I do X
>didn't do X

>Tfw get paid $10 per hour to engage in covert ops for /pol/
Just to clarify:
>This board gets targeted because it's full of mentally unstable males
>It praises a male who engaged in extreme behaviour
>This board hates women
>This board has a very low education standard
Now, to answer some of your questions
>We're responsible for the interracial threads since they drum up hate
>We love the /britfeel/ thread since no one is intelligent in that thread
>We incite woman hate threads but they rarely take off since people post the same images
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But does it work it seem /pol/ just get desensitized to the bullshit ?
And why spend so much resources if it's full of mentally unstable males with very low education standard .

are you actually afraid of pol ?
the seem like autistic retards
Bad b8 m8. It's not so gr8
You're a fucking stain on this board.

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Okay I need advice how to beat these corrupt lawyers.
I'm in jail for something I didn't do. Girl I barely know had heroin and planted it on me. I've never done drugs in my life. Turns out she was an informant and for some reason decided to frame me. Makes no sense!

So I get a lawyer. He fucks me over because turns out he is on the side of the prosecutors. Makes me sign plea bargain saying I'll go free if I do. He lied. I didn't go free. I got fucked even harder.
So I call my lawyer in jail and trick him into incriminating himself multiple times over the phone. I then file a FOIA request to get those phone calls. They send me 5 CDs of all calls I ever made. 100s of calls. I make like 4 calls a day. [continued]
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For some reason the CDs have to be sent to the district attorney that prosecuted me. Which is a major conflict of interest. Because it's them I'm accusing of a crime. 4 of the 5 CDs are fine and untampered. But the 5th CD that is the only CD with calls from the date range I'm looking for is conveniently all fucked up. The calls from the entire month of October which is what I'm looking for are GONE. It shows me making like 100 calls a month, then 0 in october, then resumes with the 100 a month. (I made many calls in october).

The jail includes a program on their disks to tell you if the files have been tampered with. The program says disks 1-4 are untampered. But the program is conveniently MISSING from disk 5. So I drag that program over to disk 5 from the other disk, and it says the files were tampered with. On all disks is also a history file of text which is just a list of all calls made on the disk. On disk 1-4 the history log is intact. On disk 5 the history log is completely BLANKED. They didn't even bother leaving the history of the calls that remained on the disk, they just blanked the whole thing.

They only tampered with the exact files necessary to screw me. The odds of all 5 of these things happening is infinitely small. Isn't this some sort of major crime like evidence tampering? And the conflict of interest having the evidence pass through the very people I'm accusing of a crime?

you need to make copies of your evidence and you need to mail things to the newspaper. you need to communicate with legal aid organizations. try the aclu, try anybody with a law degree or time to spare and any love for you.

if multiple people are willing to risk their careers and lie and coordinate stories to railroad you into prison though, you are probably a bad fucking guy and maybe just take your beating, you get 3 meals in jail and maybe you can make right with your family and move back in with them when you get out and stop hanging out with pieces of shit that want you destroyed.
I'm told that an automated system creates the disks and puts a file tampering checker on all disks. Meaning a human being erased the file tampering checking program after the fact.

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Well lads, normie show-off season is fast approaching, and with it comes hot days, slow sunsets, and times where wearing jeans to cover up your disgusting legs is simply not an option.

Anyone actually looking forward to Summer? What do you plan on doing with it? Perhaps finally losing that shit virginity of yours, or losing weight?

ITT: let's bitch about Summer
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>tfw when no longer going to be able to cover up my skeley arms with a flannel/jacket
october can't come sooner
What makes you think I'm a normie?

That's the biggest shitter. I only wear like three different types of outfit through the colder months and I gotta switch it up so I don't sweat like a hog. Never bothered to learn Summer fashion, might try that this year.
Cheese popcorn is addictive.

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My dad died late last year. We were estranged, hadn't talked in more than 10 years, but I'm the next of kin. He was estranged from almost the whole family. We had a simple service, and I told his parents I was having the ashes scattered at sea, a service provided with the cremation.

But he hated water, he hated the beach, he had no fondness for natural scenic beauty. The only place I know he liked was Las Vegas. So I will be heading out there to dispose of him, by myself.

So there is the Welcome to Vegas sign, the Bellagio fountains, I figured I would pick out a rooftop bar somewhere. Any tips?
I kind of just want to talk about it. Being in Vegas alone will be weird, but I remember in my youth I found solo travel to be refreshing.
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i'm not sober/put together enough to talk about something like this, but i wish you the best dude
>Being in Vegas alone will be weird

It's not
File: image.jpg (527KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks man. I got some rum in me also.
I don't feel a whole lot about it. I got the emotions I didn't know I had out at the service... I think it was more nervousness.
My little brother, who wasn't even as close with my dad as I was, and has conflicted feelings, was informed of this by our mother, who has a big stupid fucking mouth. He asked me if I was going to "say anythign" like I would talked to a bunch of dust.
I planned to write the full eulogy I should have spoke at his funeral, and then burn it, or pitch it in the water, but I just kind of said I didn't know.
How do you mean?

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