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Do you ever have days where you're home alone and you keep repeating something to yourself? I've been whispering "zoboomafoo pussy" since my mom left earlier
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forty keks m8
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please don't bully me I don't know why I'm saying this I think I'm autistic

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>look at pictures of me as a toddler
>look extremely happy
where did it all go wrong robots?
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Have you tried pot? I wasn't never happy as a child and this makes me happier than I ever have been. Everyone wants to take it away of course
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smoking is the best way to depression and suicide. Keep doing it more and more we'll meet on the other side.
pot ruined my mind desu, makes me just be in pain physically now and makes me nervous/paranoid and not have fun at all.

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So how has the day been for my fellow NEET?
>woke up at 10 PM
>sun is shining, birds are singing
>went down and had some breakfast
>vacuumed the living room
>started baking some bread which is raising right now
>taking a break at the moment since I just finished vacuuming the entire house
>going to check my greenhouse after I've finished my tea

also, have a nice weekend wagecuks, thanks for letting us live this neet lifestyle. Love ya
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> don't remember when i woke up
> don't see the sun everything is closed
> don't have stairs it's too small
> don't clean
> cooked a steak 12 hours ago
> never taking breaks from doing nothing.
> not drinking gay ass tea

Have a nice day sir.
My day has been pretty awful.

I live with my parents. My dad just got out of the hospital and is now in the nursing home recovering from pneumonia.

My mother has bipolar and is having an EXTREME episode for the past week, hasn't slept a wink I don't think. She's been crazier than a bed bug for about 7 months now and can't get any new medicine (what she is currently taking is not effective) because the nurse practitioner at the crazy place has been out for that time with throat cancer, the one that fills in for her sometimes won't assign new medicine, and only now has there been word that she MIGHT return to work in October.

My mom has made a mess throughout the whole house, it looks like a trash heap, it literally is, this is from her "cleaning." She will lay on the floor for hours pushing a broom back and forth.

I was doing a load of laundry and in the middle of the load she lifted up the fucking washer and started cleaning under it (it's not bolted down). I asked as nicely as possible for her to out of there and "please stop, you'll mess up the washer." Well sure enough she did mess up the washer, and the fucking thing has been dumping water on the floor but I haven't noticed what was wrong until about 30 minutes ago because she's been putting blankets and rugs over the puddle so I didn't notice it when I check on the load. I was trying different settings because this is the same washer that she screwed a setting up on when she had her last bout of EXTREME fucking bipolar before getting new medicine 2 years ago.
>woke up at 10 PM
>sun is shining, birds are singing
>went down and had some breakfast
Whoa. How did you make the sun come out at 10 PM?

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>tfw no fat, hairy NEET daddy bf to fuck my ass
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are you cis or trans
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tfw cute small girl(male)
tfw have a bf thats 1 and a half feet taller then me
tfw he is my slightly chubby hairy daddy bf with a high paying job
also he really wants to fuck me as roughly as he can 0//0 which i dont know if i can take since his dick is really big
>tfw cute small girl(male)

I'm sure your father is proud

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how do i get laid this summer? going to be a 20 y/o khv soon. i'm a manlet but i look ok. i have no social life and i'm a neet, so what do
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Tinder obviously. If you have good looks you will easily get matches.
when i used it i have gotten some matches but i didn't message anyone because i have nothing to talk about and no idea how to talk to girls,
I don't want a FB account

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looking for a discord for blackbots plz help
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Browns get out

one bump for my fellows

>he calls himself a robot
>doesnt listen to nightcore

baka senpai kys tbqhwy
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why would you say nightcore is the most robot of music genres?
I want a real argument here dont meme me
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>people who try to make nightcore out of pop music
>people who try to make nightcore out of rock or metal music
>people who try to make nightcore out of trance, techno or other EDM genres
>people who try to make nightcore out of any genre other than eurotrance, eurodance, happy hardcore, or UK hardcore
This has to be a joke...
And besides, your music tastes have nothing to do with you being a robot or not, but I can guarantee that almost all listeners of Nightcore are simply failed normies, at least from experience...

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Let's assume for a second that Heaven exists,

Do you think you will go there after death?
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At this point I'm of the opinion that pretty much everyone goes to heaven. No sin seems to be too big for whatever created us to forgive.
Of course that's mostly just blind faith on my part.
If hell exists, we're in it.

But no, I'll go to hell again after this existance.
That's fair enough. I just find it much more comfortable to believe in a universe that deep down loves us all.

>tfw reported every drug dealer whilst at school
>tfw got many more people arrested and significantly reduced the flow of drugs through my school

Reported a nigger on my Facebook who took a picture with a bag of weed to Crime Stoppers and he got his hous raided less than 12 hrs later

Used one of my fake accounts on Facebook to convince a kid to go somewhere with ecstasy and I sent the police there he got arrested kek

Sent a report to the local Crime Stoppers that a known drug dealer at my high school was selling drugs to Middle schoolers and I got his house raided and he was arrested

Feels good and there are many smaller situations. Do your part R9k fight degenerates!
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Always call crimestoppers.
Ok you do that. You're not really triggering me at all because you're there and I'm over here.

>Reported a nigger

This just makes it even better. Good work putting those disgusting stinking apes in their place, anon.

I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.
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Fuck off sand nigger, I'm worshipping a Bowser Amiibo.
i find it odd that jesus never wrote a book. People just wrote ABOUT him.
why won't god grant my prayers asking him for faith?

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Femanons I live in a big East Coast city so as the weather heats up I see more and more women wearing slutty clothes like tank tops.

Why not just admit that you like wearing slutty clothes?
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the bitch is a dude.
>no tits
>abnormal shoulders
found the autist

put some fucking cloths on you degenerate bitch, what the fuck is society coming towards. WORTHLESS!!

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Would you exercise with a girl if she asked you to?
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Sure but why are you asking me this
ha, im not gay anon.

If she is hot and not fat, sure thing.

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my sick fetish.jpg
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mine is doing low-level 3d shit and fappnig to it.
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I lucid dream.
A lot.
Have a dream journal too.
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Collecting toys, and posing them in scenes/dioramas from their respective movies

Looking forward to my Mafex Knightmare Batman arriving soon.
make shitty jewtube videos

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Virgin femanon here.

Men: why do you constantly beg women to have sex with you, love you, cater to all of your fantasies etc, yet when a woman has sex with a man, even when she's in a serious committed relationship, she's a worthless slut/whore?

I see men begging women to have sex with them & other lewd/sexual acts, but if a girl (even a grown woman) has sex, she's worthless, unclean, less pure, etc. Should women just all die virgins?

I used to think sex is a really intimate thing that I'd wait till I'm in a serious, long term relationship for, but now I feel like I should just preserve my virginity forever. Women can't seem to win.

If we're virgins, we're pure, clean, and desirable, but we're also prudes, we're frigid, and we also have men begging to fuck us, but when a woman does have any resemblance of a sex drive & she engages in sex, she's a dirty whore, devoid of any worth, "used goods", an object, only for pumping & dumping, etc etc.

What exactly do men think women should do?
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waaaah, cry some more faggot
Do what you like, femanon. You'll never please everyone, so may as well please yourself.
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What you're doing is browsing r9k and assuming all of us need to beg for sex.

Please leave, you know there is no logic in any of the mentioned and yet you try and look for it from the retards that believe in what they say

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Would you date a sociopath?
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No l wouldn't date a nigger
Niggers are apes, not sociopaths. There's a big difference.
File: female-sociopath.jpg (73KB, 620x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Manipulative people with few emotions make my kokoro go doki doki.

Dating someone with stunted empathy is just like dating a retard. They don't behave like normal people, so you gotta adjust your own behavior if you want things to go smoothly.

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