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>be 18 KHV
>meet this 16 y/o girl (its legal here in Finland okay)
>we both sync very well
>hang with her 1 week
>she reveals she has been with and fucked alot of guys since she was 13

what do i do, i want to like her but im kinda repulsed that she has basically been a cum dumpster for the last 3 years. i mean if this would be a 20 y/o woman that wants to settle down i would have dodged the bullet right away but she is just 16 and still in school. Im not sure if there is a bullet to be dodged and she says she im sweet and different like the other guys, wants sex and is smoking hot

do i continue my path to wizardry or is this an ok endeavour?
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If you stay with her you will officialy be the biggest cucked beta faggot on this board
go for it anon, just wear a condom and don't be surprised when she cucks you
Are all Finnish girls like this?

About a year ago, I was fucking around on Omegle and ended up connecting with this girl from Finland (I'm not telling you her age). We talked for like 5 minutes and then I asked to see her tits. She was like "ehhhh" at first but it didn't take much to convince her.

It shocked me afterwards how easily she was willing to show me her body and shit. She probably showed tons of guys.

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crying wojack.jpg
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>be me
>have 1, maybe 2 friends
>one day friend asks if we can play video games
>my internet was dead due to my isp sucking balls so I told him to wait
>he said he used to work for the company and that he could help me fix it
>politely declines since someone was already hired to fix it
>after about 2 hours of telling him to not bother he blocked me on facebook, skype, banned me from the server we played on etc.

Why can't I find any meaningful relationships? This deeply saddens me as the guy even said he thinks i dont value him as a friend because I wouldnt let him fix my internet
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Same here. Lost a friend over him getting offended hen I tried to explain to him what he did wrong on his test question. Tried to make a new friend at Uni, didn't work out really. I have no idea how people think.
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>yfw you realize he was just trying to come over so he could try and fuck you

You probably dodged a bullet unless you're a faggot.
>who here nofriends
>have 1, maybe 2 friends


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What's your motivation for living?
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Dying seems like a lot of work and there's tv shows I still haven't seen.
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The fact that my family would be devastated if I offed myself.
literally the only thing keeping me alive is that I am too cowardly to kill myself

I spend every single day wishing someone would just break into my house and shoot me

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>there are people here who refuse to idolize this
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idolize a japanese woman with a spray tan?
Because im too busy wanting to fuck it
i have lost count of how many times i have fapped to this semen goddes.

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i want a qt normie gf so bad
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You want one but do you need one?
She will leave you or cheat on you once she realizes what you are.
Anon, you don't want a qt normie gf, you want self realization of all of your goals.

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Blacks steal White Girl's physically.
Asians steal White Girl's emotionally.

Why are White Guys so bland?
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>Asians steal white girl's emotionally
Explain this? Do you mean they fall in love tenderly with the asian and want to marry them not just fuck them?
Also women go for men with red headed cocks. That is mainly why they race trade Something about the heads of cocks being different can appeal to them.
no one? Why does no one care about this? This is a pretty interesting thread.

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I just got a bidet.
Holy shit this is the best decision I've ever made in my life.
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I just shower after I poop.

Other home-improvement tips:
upward facing projector hooked to PC
multiple body pillows and a king size bed
new socks (use like a condom then like socks)
bidets are fucking top tier i wish they were commonplace in the states. my aunt and uncle actually have one though.

>I just shower after I poop
great way to leave chunks in the drain

>upward facing projector hooked to PC

>multiple body pillows and a king size bed
god tier. pro-tip:abandon the comforter and blankets too if your weather allows

>new socks (use like a condom then like socks)
I knew somebody who did this. I can't say it appeals to me though. The waste would also bother me
who is this jizz wiz???

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Hey NEETs, I wanna talk to you if you'll listen.

Recently I've been experiencing a minor version of what I think you guys go through. I'll say now that I'm no robot, but I'm definitely no chad either - sure I have basic social skills and I'm currently at collage studying STEM, but I have literally no friends and the prospect of a girl friend for me for the foreseeable is not really existent. I'm only telling you so you have a better idea of where I'm coming from.

So lately, to sum up how I've been feeling, there's the shit in life they have to do (education, work etc), then the shit they do in their free time that they don't really enjoy but just kills time (video games, social media) and then they find the stuff they actually enjoy and look forward to is few and far between. Just feels like life is just one big time kill. Everything gets really bland sometimes and I just wonder why do anything if it's all for it's own sake. I used to have a close friend who would brighten up my day whenever I talked to them but recently we haven't been talking for various reasons, so I'm back to just feeling like I'm floating through life almost waiting to die, at the risk of sounding melodramatic.

I would hope this sounds familiar to most of you, and as I said a minor version of what a lot of you go through. The reason I bring it up isn't to just circlejerk about feels, but because I kinda realized that the essence of this exact feeling was captured, explained and it's cause pinned down over 150 years ago by a guy called Karl Marx. See, Marx was a NEET for a lot of his life, just sticking to his books and research, never really talking to anyone bar Engels as really he hated people. A lot of people consider his works to be focused on specifically economics, against evil Capitalism to 'right the wrongs' in the world, or whatever. You know, whatever rhetoric you see social justice movements sprouting these days.
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marx indvisualism.jpg
89KB, 640x820px

See, the main focus of Marx's work was the human being all along, and social alienation that they face under the Capitalist mode of production. There are many forms of alienation, and one of them is what I just described. I only realized it after properly laying out my feelings in text. So, what I'm saying is, Marxism is about the spirit of the human being, their connection to the world, the level of alienation they face and how to improve them all around as characters. For Marx, the real improvement of man was only possible when the requirements of day to day work were abolished, when people did not produce to exchange what they made, but used it for themselves, took fulfillment in their work, felt connected to it as they had put effort into it. Capitalism disconnects us from our own labour, yet our labour is what defines us. This, coupled with the majority social interaction under Capitalism being able to be boiled down to transactions of money, lead to social alienation. Marx saw this is if anything a crime against the potential of man, and wished for the overthrowing of Capitalism ultimately not for any sense of justice but for the individual's development.

So, to sum up, if things are really as bad as you say for you, why do you not support the removal of it's very cause, the Capitalist mode of production?
I don't really see how social alienation and capitalism are connected but then again I didn't read any of what you said so I guess I'll give Marxism a shot
Give that quote in the first reply a read to give you a rough idea.

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How to fry emotional circuits? I don't want to feel pain anymore.
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One word, antidepressants.
you cannot do that.

you can only get high and then have comedowns and withdrawals

what's the matter, cant' handle life? Are you some kind of emotional pussy?
Cool, I know where I can get some
No, and yes

Why don't you just wear a leather wristband, /r9k/? It's a great peacocking piece that's not too ridiculous but is still rare enough to attract attention.

What peacocking accessories do you even wear? Any necklaces? Buddhist prayer beads? Motorcycle gear? Goggles?
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For what fucking purpose
I wear one of these around my ankle.
>Why don't you just wear a leather wristband, /r9k/?

Because I am not a huge faggot.

I'm scared of dying, because I'm afraid that you don't actually die at all. I don't mean an afterlife, let me explain.

Your consciousness only exists within a certain amount of time, and will be terminated in death. Even though we perceive it to be so, time isn't actually linear. Which means your consciousness will always exist within the bound of time that is your life? So your consciousness keeps marching forward in time, what happens when it reaches the end of the line? You can't experience the cessation of you consciousness, because once it's gone there's nothing to experience. What you're trapped in that last second for "eternity"? It's not possible to imagine. If death was just like going to sleep but forever that'd be fine but I'm afraid it's not. If time isn't linear but your consciousness is, isn't that horrifying?

I'm scared.
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niggeroid i suddenly felt a light headedness and vertigo while reading this
you might be on to something
i hate to ruin your fun but you getting a headache at the same time as reading something doesn't magically make it something profound or special, and also if that was true you wouldn't be given a sign like a headache to notify you of it being true either
I like to think I'll get a dying fantasy at the end of this but then again that's wishfull thinking.

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Does anyone know any good places to commit suicide near Bloomington Indiana? If I don't get at least a C on my math final tomorrow I'm going to kill myself.
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No. Not a burger sorry. if you're really going to kill yourself kill a chad and some normies before you go will ya?
dont kys tho
why are you going to kill yourself, give me an idea of why

Continuing Islamic Studies thread from a few days ago. First, here are answers to some questions asked after I went to bed:

1. No, I don't have a gf period. I'm just as much of a robot as everyone else on this damn site. I have had a Muslim oneitis that I met through my research when I was just starting out.

2. The goat eating a Surah is not in Sahih Bukhari. It's from Sunan Abu Dawud, and typically the rule of thumb is to only look at Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. There have been a lot of Muslims who are now disregarding Hadith wholesale, as from an externalistic, historiographic point of view they're all dubious in nature.

3. No, but I am saying one should look past surface issues in Islam to better get a view of its belief system not just watch a few YT videos, regardless of if you like the religion or not.

More late answers to come, feel free to ask more!
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1. Muhammad is perceptually perfect to a lot of Muslims for the following reasons:

Tautology: If god deems him perfect, his actions, regardless of what they are, are perfect.
Ignorance: They don't know Muhammad's true acts
Twisted Morals: People genuinely believe his morals are the best morals.
Mental gymnastics/cognitive dissonance: Self-explanatory

2. No, but I do think the post-truth postmodern bullshit that SJWs are a product of genuinely damages religious studies, especially Islamic studes, in the west.
Why do you like Islam? Do you actually believe in the Koran and the Allah described in it?
there is no god

all religions are evil

circumcision is a crime against humanity

you only get one life and you're wasting it living halal

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Daily reminder that you are all human beings, and you deserve love and respect no matter what.
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>all human beings

Even the furries?
Some humans just don't deserve to have cats
Even ISIS?

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Let's see how many normies are on here
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I got an 87, whatever the hell that means
why is there a checkmark just saying "?"

i got 62
That's sweet.

I got a 25.
I wish I was a normie.
I'm just a 7/10 autist.

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