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>tfw you remember that there's hundreds of millions of potential humans inside your balls at this very moment
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you tryna come between me and my balls? i dont need these kinda problems right now. ...
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I'm going to fap and then play emulated games while contemplating suicide since I failed at life

goodbye white race, every time I see a fat ass white girl in short shorts I know I need to die to take this pain away.
...and there is 10,000 Trillion ants on Earth alone.

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Does anyone even use this board anymore?
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demonic dead wojak.jpg
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no one that is of the living.
at least no one that is of the still alive internally.
the threads I make almost always die with no replies, meanwhile there is a nigger dick thread on the front page every fucking day.
/r9k/ was my main board 2 years ago. I just figured anyone with any sense at all would have left like I did.

why the FUCK is forced impregnation so hot
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High testosterone, probably.
The idea of being a financial cuck for 18 years is repulsive
most the time i wouldn't care about this fetish but juri deserves to be forcibly impregnated thanks for showing me this

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Hey wagie, what are you still doing up? You have a long day of slaving away for Mr. Goldstein tomorrow.

As for me, I'll have another super comfy, relaxing day all to myself doing whatever the hell I want to do.
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I have a month or so off so i'm good.
I work nights boy. Don't you have school in the morning
It's a holiday tomorrow, virgin. Anyone who doesn't work a McJob has tomorrow off.

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So is this forum for the socially retarded hermits who can't get laid?
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basicalIy yeah
pretty much.

but also just cant function in any social situation
Not anymore, it's a LGBT friendly board with Wizard characteristics

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Who else /no fatherly figure/ here?
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Mine died of a brain aneurysm when I was 7 years old.
I'm sorry anon. Mine left before I was even born.
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Every robots. Why the fuck do you think we're robots?

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>be 18
>second week of university
>Two papers due
>Potato printer has trouble with both and I have to end up reprinting a bunch.
>Formatting and margins are off on first paper
>Take both anyway and decide to try and print at school library.
>Library charges for print jobs and I forgot my wallet today.
>First paper is probably an F because of margins and formatting.
>Looking over second paper in class
>Missing a sentence

Fast forward to Friday
>Sitting outside waiting for class, drinking soda for the caffeine.
>Accidentally spill a bunch on the floor
>Spill a bunch of spaghetti trying to play it cool and cover it up with jacket and backpack.
>At least three people saw this.
>At least it's Friday.

>Trump decides to cancel DACA

My week just keeps getting better.
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Sorry you still have to go back
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Pack your bags, hombre
>Waah I had a bad day at college
>My life is over guys just kill me now

Fuck off, you don't have any real problems yet.

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rare pence.jpg
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/r9k/ has a faggot problem. What do we do about it?
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we have a lot more problems then that

emasculating porn is just another cope for people on here
Increase the budget for the electric bill.
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It's getting out of hand. They're even starting to false flag as annoying femanons. Their scheme shit goes as follows form what I've observed:

>spam "why haven't you become a fuccboi yet anon?" threads all day
>false flag as women and chads to keep robot self esteem low and make it seem like they'll never stand a chance so why bother
>offer them the trap/sissy alternative at every turn
>watch them become prison gay

I have 0% doubt that if mods tracked these posters by IPs, they'd see it was a small circle of shills doing the same shit over and over.

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images (5).jpg
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Being 18 years old and a virgin is a normal thing?
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Yes, now fuck offf
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this is only the beginning of a long and lonely path, anon
I'm feeling it, man


Why do you think so many people who like feet also like armpits? Is it strictly a smell thing?
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For me, I simply like feminine parts of the body. The feet and armpit of a girl are very different from those of a guy. I don't know how smell factors into it as I have never gotten to huff a girl's armpit/feet.
More Sanae feet + armpit
I'm not into feet but armpits turn me on. Nothing to do with smell, more with nakedness.

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What do you guys think about this?

The show, tattoo, antifa mainly
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I can only imagine her boyfriend having to look this while fucking her. He'll eventually have a rick and morty fetish.
Being so much against the capitalist establishment, you permanently put a companie's trademark on your skin.

Why not just tattoo a picture of a coke bottle and a nike logo instead?
Oh god, I thought this was a dude, since no bra.

Whats the best hentai game you ever played?
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Monster Girl Quest I think. Or Senroku Rance.
Violated heroine
Rune quest
Kingdom of deception and the earlier one by hreinn
vit quest
hermione trainer

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>Why does nothing go my way?
>Why are the assholes in life rewarded and I'm punished?
>Why does karma always shove her foot up my ass and not the people who've wronged me?
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Karma doesn't exist
Get a job hippy.

I have a job you degenerate
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oh ok

try commision based work perhaps

or are you not open for advice and instead chose to express your feelings in a rhetorical sense.

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breadpill me
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the bread you love has been secretly laced with addiction inducing ingredients by jewish lead companies
what you mean bruh??
>traditionally a Jewish dish
>studies report that over the past 50 years the estrogen levels in bread have been increasing

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ITT Normalfag Youtubers you hate.
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They're ALL normalfags you fucking idiot.
Pretty certain that schizophrenic guy isn't. I think his name is Terry, lives with his parents and called someone a nigger in public.
>They're ALL normalfags you fucking idiot.

Not true

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