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im kind of in a bad spot. spider in car window. pulled over. been here two hours. WTF do I do. I am mega arachnophobic.
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Shine a flashlight at it.
smacc with shoe
is that a brown recluse? that looks dangerous

Do girls enjoy giving blowjobs? What do they even get out of it?
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No they all hate it and they laugh at you behind your back if you make stupid faces at them while they do it
not a girl but dicks are hot
My gf loves sucking my dick. She says she likes hearing me moan. Which is good because I enjoy getting blowjobs

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I just realised that 4chan is an addiction. It's like slot machines. The (You)s are like getting three 7s or something.
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Like these dubs, you mean?
There is skill involved in getting (You)s aswell as luck. Try making OC
What tipped me off to that fact was that 4chan (for me) offered itself as the solution to the problems it caused. It's the trademark sign of any addictive substance: drugs, booze, gambling, porn... The more free time I spend here, the less time I spend with other people. I get more socially isolated and lonely, and I want interaction, so I go to 4chan. The cycle goes on.

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good morning.jpg
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Old man kitty isn't doing so well tonight, boys.
Taking him to the emergency vet here soon.
Help me deal with the feels of losing my best friend, it's gonna kill me.
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Adopted this cat about four years ago, knowing I'd have to deal with this having adopted an old cat, but it's still gonna fuck me up.
As far as symptoms go, I'm pretty sure he has liver disease, and right now he's just kind of hiding himself away and isn't nearly as alert as usual.
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My family cat died earlier this year, under similar circumstances as well.
I remember the last time I held the bastard

>tfw non-humans are closer to the heart than any actual person
I feel for you anon. Growing up all of the cats I had ended up dying or got lost never to be seen again. First cat wandered into the nearby forest and never came back. Second cat ended up getting killed by a neighbor's dog. The last cat I had also wandered somewhere else and we never saw him again.

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>Go on the bus
>Get up
>bus moves forward, fall back
>my hand falls right onto a dudes leg
>I yelp out "sorry"
>he yells at me

FUCK public transport.
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Nothing ruins your mood like missing the bus by seconds and being stuck at the stop for 30-60 minutes for the next one.
Everyone on public transport seems so rude, but maybe its cause the busses, subway cars, etc look and feel like shit. I don't get antsy or mad when i take the commuter train
You sound like a slutty submissive little boy. Be my gf and I'll give you all the rides you want. I'll even drive you places too.

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Hey, I've been here for a few months. I've been lurking around here and a few other boards... To the point, where and when did you start out on 4chan?
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When I was fifteen, ten years ago. I had no friends, because I was homeschooled. Literally nothing about my life has changed, except I'm now paranoid and severely suicidal.
Like a month ago or some shit. Also homeschooled, though my reasoning was more of "fuck about and talk about politics while procrastinating." As for my origins? /r9k/ first, followed by /pol/.
A friend showed me some funny pictures from /b/ around 9 years ago. At first it was all funny pics that kept me here. I started to immerse myself into anon culture and here we are today.

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>too dumb to be considered smart
>too smart to be considered dumb
who else /painfully average/ here?
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>tfw to intelligent for neetbux
>tfw two dumb for wage slavery
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>avg intelligence
>avg peener
>avg looks
>avg socioeconomic status
>stupid enough to be hated
>Not stupid enough to get normie pity

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how do you deal with the fact that 90% of normies think with their feelings?

it's completely maddening
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trust me, its a very silent hell. You just dont know how much people not thinking with logic or commons sense sickens me
every single human being does that
This. If we were pure pragmatic species we would do just enough to survive then sleep to conserve energy

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How do we solve the racism issue on this board? The recent influx of "le alright right 1488 xd" has grown out of proportion and is making us non-whites uneasy? I do not want to believe that everyone is a racist here but now I must just to be on the safe side.
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Stop being a butthurt bitch? I'm Indian so I have it a LOT worse than you here. Get thicker skin, nigger
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Doubt that you filthy poo in loo
Indians are 1/7th of the worlds population fuck you

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Any weeaboo girls wanna be my gf? I can translate stuff for you and help you learn Japanese.
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homu stare.png
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If you're going to make a garbage thread, don't post it with an image of me.
Fuck off, you morbid dyke
Are you cute, and how tall are you?

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what is the worst trouble you ever got into at school.

I had to go to Saturday detention for showing up late to class and blowing off lunch detention for like a week
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Skipped 2 saturday detentions.
Got ISS(in school suspension) for 3 days.
Def the best 3 days of school i ever had.
It was me and all the degenerates in the balcony of the auditorium just chillin and sleepin for 3 days while some sub read the newspaper.
did you fail anything major since you were suspended and not in class
I was suspended for a day for ditching prayer service every day for a year. Worth it.

Hey ribbits, I wanna try weed again but my past 2 experiences with it only made me completely inebriated and paranoid. Is there any strain you guys can recommend me?

I'm really looking for a calming, soothing effects, but still leaves me have some type of coherence and control over myself.

General weed thread too. Oh it's legal where I live too so no name calling either
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go to whatever shop you like and ask for a idica dominate hybrid strain. it should be a mostly body high with a little bit of head change. cant really recommend a strain because i go pure sative because indica just doesnt seem to work on me
You are probably just smoking too much if it makes you feel paranoid.
Try just a tiny amount next time, strain doesn't really matter.
if what you say is true it might not be for you

I've never been paranoid from weed

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>getting into going to church a lot
>not super religious still but the people there are nice
>actually socializing
>been volunteering
>one milfy lady is kinda flirty
>sometimes sits with me and talks about whatever
>going to the children's ministry camp as a volunteer
>went to the meeting today
>she was there
>sat with me
>we have a nice conversation
>somehow leads to my birthday
>it's going to be while we're at the camp
>"How old will you be?"
>"Wow, I didn't know you were already legal!"
>hand on my knee
>staring into my eyes
>big smile

D-does sh-she want the dick?
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Post her pic
Also don't mistake common courtesy and friendliness with flirting
Just do it, faggot.

she clearly wants the dick.
the best way to get this momentum to continue is to ask her what she is going to give you for your birthday

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assburger pls go
RIP Elliot Rodger, the Supremely Precious One.

Three years back, Elliot had been dead for two hours by now.

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Fembot feels thread. >broke up with bf, but now I miss him >he's probably fucking other girls >I'm sitting alone sad why is love so hard? I broke up with him because I've been thinking about other men more, but I miss that safety net he gave me, and always complimented me, also my bday was last weak so I wanted a gift
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bitch learn 2 greentext
>bitch learn 2 greentext
bitch learn 2 greentext
>bitch learn 2 greentext
Fucking kill yourself you b8ing sack of shit

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