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I've never been able to sleep at night and be awake during the day for more than 4 days. My circadian rhythm always bounces back to sleep = day, active = night after that.

What the fuck is wrong with me
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How long until I become a famous musician?
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Original link is busted use this one

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Come on over to /biz/ and get on this bull market. Retire in 2 years and fuck Thai ladybois for life.

inb4 /biz/ posters get buttmad at me for sharing knowledge
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Bitcoin's just one big ponzi scam by the chinese to ruin the western economy.

t. nocoiner
I might have believed you 5 years ago.

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I'm a fucking beardlet too so I won't even look good with a shaved head.

Robots are fucking cursed.
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add a skinny frame to it and you're in for a shitty ride

daily remainder that robots are disgusting manchilds who deserve all the shit that is happening to them.
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something about robots concerns you deeply

otherwise you wouldn't have bothered to make this post

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fucc. help. I already ate a whole lil Caesars pizza today and I just ordered General tsos with seasoned fries and a honey bun. I'm just as bad as a crack addict. how do I stop this madness. im getting morbidly obese..
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Use proper grammar and spelling. Then I shall see if you need my help or not.
>get on keto diet
>eat a single 600 calorie fat-rich meal
>feel full as fuck for 24 hours
>ironically die of starvation

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Why am I worth so much less to the external world solely because of my gender, and why is it impossible to find others who see through this bullshit outside of internet ghettos like r9k and wizardchan? Why is my silent suffering okay while "slut shaming" is seen as a deadly sin when becoming a slut is a completely deliberate choice?

Someone fucking kill me already.
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it would be fun to see all men go on strike for a month

see what happens

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I asked this girl i wanted to get to know to play a game, I ask her a question, she asks me a question.

She asked me what my greatest fear was I honestly don't know so I decided to be an autist and say

>"nothing i'm other peoples greatest fear."

she hasn't responded in 15 minutes
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I refuse to believe anything I just read.
Nobody is this stupid
that's 1-800-I-fucked-up
call us now and you too can become an hero!

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My theory is that whatever you do most while masturbating will be what you tend toward due to positive re-enforcement.
I think the reason I always am on my phone, want to lay in bed, and never leave the house is because that is what I am doing while masturbating.
So from now on I will masturbate while doing productive things in order to improve my life. I have trouble eating a lot so I will jack it while eating dinner or breakfast. I'll also try jacking it while doing homework and possibly in some safe public areas if I can get away with it to re-enforce leaving my house as a positive thing. Obviously having sex with a woman would be the best thing to do in becoming a normie because it would positively re-enforce talking to women, going out, and having sex.
I feel like this may be an interesting thing for you robots who want to improve to try as well. Also I think this is why nofap works for a lot of people - because they are breaking the conditioning from fapping in bed and at home. This method however utilizes that which has enslaved us to make us more powerful and intelligent. If I had a home gym I would likely masturbate while exercising as well.
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>live in apartment complex with communal laundry rooms
>super horny from nofap
>doing laundry
>checking for empty dryers
>ones actually full
>panties literally on top of pile waiting to be taken
>eureka moment
>snatch that shit and stash in pocket
>tfw I get back into room, sniff, and put them on
My actual target was a high test east euro milf, but she was in there every time I went to change the load.
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Posting my chatch as a bump
>tfw always semi hard when wearing panties
what about the no fap brother? is it really just a meme to get your sex drive down?
Idk ive never gone more than a week or so, really just trying to get rid of my hardcore hentai addiction that makes it so I cant get hard to anything unless its rape

All i wanna do is stick my dick into a giant woman a giant woman. All i wanna be is someone who gets to bang a giant woman.

Help me out here you gentle souls
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If you find a really tall women who isnt conventionally attractive she probably wont care at all how tall you are.

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>"Hey, Anon! Wanna nose boop with each other?"
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Robot commune thread 2.0, continued from >>37570662
Coding & trade robots teach others skills while we all live together away from normies.

Discord: 6kkb2cm

Current topics:
Location -> New england (new hampshire)? Southeast? Out west?
Real estate -> Mortgaging a cheap house? Car living? Camping? Or buying land and building from scratch?
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Also, it goes without saying but I'm gonna say it. No girls allowed. Women can't be robots
I'm finding lots of wooded parcels for <2,000 per acre in vermont and new hampshire, lots of them with proximity to roads and power lines. I know how to cut up trees into firewood with a chainsaw, though I've never cut down a tree, but I could learn. Wouldn't mind getting a nice truck and a parcel of land and coming up on weekends with some robots and chainsaws and putting in a number of good days piling up tree trunks and clearing the land out
Got banned for no reason, owner has turbo autism.
Don't join

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You guys are alright, dont go to BLACKEDville tomorrow
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Thanks for the quality thread

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>so called "friend" tells you he'll come hang out with you and then doesn't

>does this all the time

>call him and see what's up and he says "oh i just gotta do this one thing and i'll message you"

>don't hear from him the rest of the night

>call an hour later, his phone is off

having friends is a fucking meme. at least don't get someones hopes up if you don't want to be around me christ almighty.
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Expect less. Let them come to you more, or they aren't worth the effort.

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