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>tfw losing interest in 4chan
>tfw it's the only thing you have left

What the fuck do I do? Every time I consider leaving this place I get a tight feeling in my chest. But I just constantly click between boards and hardly ever post. I realize that every second I spend here will never amount to anything tangible. I think I need to leave. But I almost feel physical pain at the thought.
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if you have love in your heart, who am I to judge you?
It's like having the radio on as company. If I leave, it will be horribly quiet and I don't know how to cope with the silence.
cope with the silence by actively doing something else. do you know what else there is to do?

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suit man.png
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I have ADHD and I've only ever dated other ADHD girls. Its weird because I consider the girls I dated to be 10/10 girls but they are girls that seem to be considered assholes that other girls hate. I don't have any friends myself so does that mean i'm an asshole too? Does the rest of the world just see it like two assholes were made for each other because were just fucking assholes? Do all assholes have ADHD? Or is everyone an asshole? Are we all just little groups of assholes that only mesh with their mutual brand of assholes that think everyone else is an asshole?
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>tfw no natty hair gf
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I've got a girl for you that's hotter than that

>i've got an afro fetish as well. But for white wimmin.

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Not even a footfag but does anyone else find it a deal breaker when a girl has some busted ass feet?
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How do I get a job? I need to get a job.
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>tfw on phase 2 of that image and not goin' any further

Anyway, just get real fuckin' confident, dude. Start lifting, grow a beard, anything to make you look like a manly ass man, then go apply for some shit wagecuck job like stocking at Walmart.

That's my plan.

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do you miss the snow?
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no but this looks comfy
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I want to move to somewhere in the artic circle and never have to hear the sound of an air conditioner ever again.
Snow in Texas is like a black father. You can't miss something that only comes around once a year and half-asses it on those rare occasions.

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Why haven't you fucked her yet, /r9k/? Especially if you're planning on killing yourself anyway, just go rape her with a fake (or real, whatever) gun then suicide by cop. Easy peasy.
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Haha commit rape everyone!!!!

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He will always be happier than you
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>tfw didn't catch on to youtube trends and become a millionaire by 18

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a new sad pepe, because we didn't have enough sad pepes yet
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i have saved this onto my harddrive.

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It's a long week, slaves.

Better buckle up.
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You guys did remember to sell those premium rewards cards and have those feedback surveys filled out, right? Wouldn't want to disappoint Mr. Shekelstein, especially before he's finished his coffee.
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This and happy Monday to wagies.
Appropriate that you mention buckling. With a low-energy OP like that, you might want to take it easy. I would hate for the long stretches of inactivity and invariable muscle atrophy to rob you of your footing.
Incidentally, you DO know that NEETs work FAR harder for Mr. Sheklestein and his cause right?

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cuck le cuckle.png
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Go on lolcow /g/ there are a million threads like this on.
This is why girls can't be robots and should all be deported to lolcow
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>find a homely chubby girl who has the exact same interests as me through gaming groups etc.
>she turns out to be a lesbian with a gf
>every time
Why is this? Are beta nerds just so ugly that their female counterparts would rather go lez instead of date them?
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its because she knows that you'll use her until you are able to get an attractive cool gf

so she doesnt wanna bother going through heartbreak
>meet a homely chubby girl with pretty much the same interests as me
>go on a date with her
>mess it up
>never see her again
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>meet opposite gender who shares similar interests
>figure must meant to be simply because of shared interests
>build up hope
>have it shattered when common interests mean next to fuck all

differences are better than commonalities

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Do you relate to this picture?

I sure do, feel like making it my profile pic in Whatsapp lol
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No, I never go outside with just a t-shirt because I hate my stickman arms.
yes. going outdoors is the only thing that keeps me from offing myself, and me not having been in a non urban environment in six weeks is causing extreme stress and mental breakdown.

Anon, tell me whatever nice happened to you today.

i ride my bike to uni and stopped to eat a fruit salad while on my way . it was pretty nice and comfy

how about you?
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Was walking my dog and he slipped out of his collar. Normally if that happened he'd run away. But he must have known im having a shit week because he just stood still and let me put his collar back on him.

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How do I push ranks on CS:GO if I have no one to play with?

AUS servers are either teenagers or laborers with no game sense.
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There's no distinction in skill between solo queue and party stack in that game?

That's shit. What's the point then?
play a real mans game like a 1v1 and stop relying on other dipshits to carry you
csgo ranked is filled with hackers to the point that you probably get one every game.

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