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>Trying to make food
>Little sister comes up telling me that she's really happy because she "just looked up a character in voltron and they're canon trans :'))"
>"Who cares? Why do you care?"
>"It's a big deal, it's a kid show! It's progress! They even use they/their pronouns!"
>Tell her I'm happy that she's happy and go back to my room with my food

Why are women so obsessed with seeing trannies and gays in everything? She was like this when we were younger too, she was super excited for princess and the frog because it had "DISNEY'S FIRST BLACK PRINCESS!!!". She talked about it with the same amazement I would expect from someone in 1969 telling everyone that we just landed on the moon.
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there's only 1 thing left to do, OP
What do you mean, Anon?

Claim you're trans and shove your girldick in her, if she rejects you she's a hypocrite

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can someone help me with a question

will a simple kitchen knife cut through my cartoid artery just fine? aiming for the neck dont know which spot. need to do it soon thans
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also im too lazy to look it up myself
thought you guys could hook me up
why do you want to kill yourself friend? and why are you doing it in such a painful way?

just tell me how to do it. ugh

Alright lads, let's talk drugs.

What's your favourite/least favourite drug of choice?

Have you ever had an addiction?

What's the weirdest experience you've had?
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lsd, meth

>least favorite

>weirdest experience
small objects appearing out of thin air
What's meth like? How addictive is it really?
Weed. I don't understand why people need to complicate this further by exploring.

Smoking via a vape so there isn't a smell left over for my parents, and it cools me down and makes me enjoy the shitty video games recommended by /v/

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just wanted to let everybody know I'm feeling very lonely
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how many other anon pics have you saved?
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hey wow that's crazy dude i'm feeling lonely too.
j-just wanted to let everybody know.
im playing total war

just letting everyone know

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Good god I want to have awkward small talk with her
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I don't even know why I think she's such a qt. Just something about her.
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I've never been so enchanted in my life
And then she sold out to ScreenJunkies.

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>be me
>know girl
>cute, probably 7-8/10
>well spoken
>slightly introverted
>respectable and sweet. Not a slut or an airhead.
>suddenly develop attraction for her over last couple of days
>develop strong desire to have a long-term relationship with her
>Can't stop thinking about her
>I am a healthy weight, decent build, above average in height and have decent looks
>but suffer from bad anxiety and very low self-esteem, not good at socializing.
>feel I could never win her over
>Because of this, I feel like shit
>lack of appetite
>feeling of hopelessness
>sick feeling in my stomach
>feel like a mental wreck
I have never felt this emotionally attached to a girl before.
Fuck my life! What should I do r9k? Any tips to stop these shitty feelings?
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You should graduate high school before posting here.
You should stop living in your basement
OP here
>rrrr muh high school may may
fuck off.

How do you cope with the loneliness?
I've been having a hard time recently
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Drinking and the /r9k/ tag on omegle.
I don't like having my face on camera, get paranoid. I do drink a lot though
play old gamecube games on dolphin emulator and record them. I talk about my day kinda like a diary. idk

Stop being a misogynist.
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I am not misogynist, I am sexist.
He and James Deen are tied for most punchable faces.
shoo shoo cereal man

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this is a paladin.jpg
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When did you find out boys can get you rock hard?
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I don't know but there better be more quality images in your stash.
when I found out about succubus (male)
When I met my gf (male)

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Fembots, how much money would it take for you to fuck a guy?
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I wouldn't do it for any amount of money. Sorry. Sex leads to pregnancy which leads to ripped asshole.
Receiving money for sex is my fetish. But I'm still a virgin.
Tree fitty

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I hate my job and I hate my life
Please god fucking kill me
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quit your job
working is a meme thing normies do
what job and is it hard?
Please god, kill me now

>tfw no antifa gf
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>tfw no white nationalist slav gf
>Fck nzs
What did she mean by this
She wants to fuck them to death with her dick crushing pussy.
So much for the tolerant left

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Tfw found out my new gf (23 y.o.) was born without a uterus and is a virgin due to having a small vaginal opening (sex would cause her a decent amount of pain until well practiced with a steady partner). Her parents confirmed this in an awkward dinner conversation.

First instinct is that she'll never get pregnant and sex will be super tight. She's also eager to learn to give head and other alternative sex methods until she's ready.

I never wanted kids. Is this the jackpot?
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This is a thread for >>>/adv/

Go the fuck there and not here. Pretty basic concept, this board is for hatred and loathing and the other is for advice. I don't understand how you could fuck this up.

you can speed things along by telling her you have a small penor
I'm not looking for advice just opinions

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maxresdefault (3).jpg
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Is this the most normie band ever?
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>does heroin
>gets famous

That's not the Pixies
They only have like 5 or 6 truly great songs

>Blackeyed Blonde
>Other Side
>Scar Tissue

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Is it a good idea to drink everyday to become an extrovert?
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I think you mean "alcoholic" anon
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It's a good idea if you want to be come an alcoholic.
No. If you need alcohol to have a personality, you should get help

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