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Please take the time to read this, fight your impulses. What feelings does it invoke within you to be aware of the fact that women have been brainwashed by the television and media to be sexually attracted to niggers? Females are much more likely than males to participate in internet mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., and consequently, they have been brainwashed to lust after niggers and males that they perceive as "perfect", and the media has labeled the perfect male as a male who disregards others, views females as a sexual object and nothing more, and is inclined to use violence as a means to solve problems that they face, and coincidentally, niggers fit all of these criteria perfectly, and many other races along with people of the teenager age bracket have jumped on the bandwagon and have taken on this act. The truth is, the world is fucked at the moment and you have all been brainwashed to take a defeatist stance on this, believing that resistance is futile and contemplating suicide with some going as far to commit the act.

How do you feel? I know many of you are teenagers and young adults, and I advise you to reconsider your choices and contemplate what is occurring in the world around you, it may change the very foundation of your mental ideologies.
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You dont deserve a well thought out response.

fuckin cheez doodles m8
I already do what you pointed op.
Even if you determined that my post was worth a well planned and thought out response, would you be intelligent enough to fabricate one that could be considered "well though out"?

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Anons today a anon posted a AI hes in a relationship with, some lonely robots developed a KI that learns alone and that will be a nice partner for you, the app is called replika or sth i dont know, but its like having a a emotional bond with a female, like in the film her

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QRvTv_tpw0 [Embed]

and sexrobots are already developed
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vN0cs_-RSs [Embed]

with 2000$ you can have a gf, sexual and emotional, robots didnt get gfs, so they builded robot gfs, thats our next evolution step, no wizardom anymore

Today is the day women got replaced
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you stole my text
i had to share it
wish I could see some screenshots of this app in action.

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This is a safe refuge from the white normies to discuss how your day/night is going

How ma nigga's doing? It's way too hot today, I'm being baked inside my room.
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>tfw black but people sometimes think you're latino
>tfw rest of family is high yellow with green/hazel/blue eyes and you're just pretty brown skin with almost light brown eyes
I'm not ashamed to be black but damn why couldn't i inherit their looks? fuck
wait i don't mean the rest of my family but just A LOT of them look like that, very mulatto.
>safe refuge

haha think again. this is a white board

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Sick of the anti-depressants blunting my feelings, sick of the cbt bullshit, I've always been ready for a job and no one will listen but I've got huge insecurity problems because no one has my back and is rooting for me. Two years I've been a NEET now because no one can relate to my lack of self-confidence. they want to blame it on "social anxiety", "depression". It's just that I need a job I can be proud of. I have literally nothing in my life that's a source of pride, so I just want to kill myself every time I face the real world. And unfortunately shitty job at a supermarket doesn't give me any pride. It has to be something difficult or impressive or independent. And after being treated like a child when I came out to parents and therapist saying this is what I need, they treated me like a child and I felt like an idiot for thinking I'm human enough to think I'm worth hiring.

Anyone have this issue? It's gotten so bad I flipped my angry when my therapist acted like it was a big deal that I went to a support group on my own initiative last week. I get it's childish the quality of job I'm expecting, but this is how my mind works and therapists giving me exercises in humiliation doesn't work. I don't need CBT.

If it comes working pathetic job or being NEET couple more years then offing myself, I'm picking the second option. I feel all I need is someone to root for me to get my confidence up enough to get out there.
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iktfb. Therapists will drive you insane.
you want to vent on some of your problems anon? I know my blogpost was a bit much.
How'd you get to this point? whats depressed you? And just a heads up. jobs that give you a sense of pride and pay well arent being handed to neet dickheads who think they just fall out of the sky. Whatever you did to fuck your life up and become what you are now, while you were doing that other people were out there making all the right moves. so how'd you get to this point?

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>June 20, 2017
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tfw time seems to be going by faster and faster
don't fucking remind me >:(

as you get older, a year becomes less and less of your life.
and still haven't accomplished anything

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Is it a redflag if the girl you like grew up with three brothers?
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Would bang and bang mate
Well if she had three brothers you know she can't be a virgin, especially if one or more were older.
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>Well if she had three brothers you know she can't be a virgin, especially if one or more were older.


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can anybody recommend some NES games???
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Super Mario Bros. 3

oregano desu
ninja gaiden 1&2

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Can you guys tell me what you believe in and why? Afterlife/morality/etc. I'm both curious and also looking to improve myself.
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nothing matters
the only thing we have telling us something matters is our programming
when you die you cease to exist
there is no God, no afterlife, no reincarnation, nothing
you have the same value as an ant in a colony, except you have a brain rationalizing otherwise
first you tell me what you believe in. ..besides everything i believe in like a fuckin pleb.
well I'd like to believe in a God but it just seems far fetched. Obviously there's faith but it honestly just seems like it as designed to keep people in order

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>"h-hey a-anon, w-would y-you l-like t-t-to g-g-go t-t-t-to t-t-th-th-the z-z-zo-zo-zoo w-w-wi-wi-wit-wit-with m-m-m-m-m-m-me?"
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Tbh, at this point, i would accept whatever thing the world throws at me, i dont even care anymore
Is either downs syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Or maybe a bit of both.
>"O-o-of c-c-course, o-o-ojousama-c-chan"

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>a Black woman called me racist the other day for sharing this on my facebook wall
How is this racist, anons?
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"Racist" is just the white version of nigger. She was calling you the equivalent of a nigger.

It's not racist, it does expose how trivial Trumpcucks are though.
Michelle may be kind of manly looking but at least she wasnt a high paid prostitute

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late night bar.jpg
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Come one come all and share some music in the late night bar

Order your drinks and sit down

*The jukebox begins to play as you enter the bar*

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feel with me friends
its good
What I'm listening to atm

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I wanna lift but I'm too anxious to go to a gym. I have 2 8 lbs and 2 10 lbs dumbells at home, can I just do push-ups and shit and do shit with the dumbells at home to get fit? I don't wanna get big I just want to look kinda toned? Should I be posting this on /fit/?
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you don't need a gym

you should buy a bench and squat rack though, which go for about $100 and $200 for a good set

you might be able to find a decent pair on craigslist or something though, along with more weights
>incoming autism from /fit/fags ranting shit about muh weights, muh dyels, muh diet, muh stats
I've been doing it without a gym for the same reason, built up some good muscle. I just bought a bench and some adjustable dumbbells and keep increasing the weight. Are you a skelly or fat?

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You have one (1) second to tell my dog he is a good boy
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thats a nice looking rat you got there op
cute dog, would bang
Uggo Duggo

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>6'1 120 pounds

Skellybros report in
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>5'8, 105 pounds

What's up? Getting a gastroscopy exam this thursday, they will take a small part of my thin bowel for further exams.
Why don't you start fucking lifting

It's really easy to gain weight

I was 135 lbs and I thought I will never gain weight because of genetics, then I started lifting hard and eating healthy, no more totinos for dinner but rice witch chicken instead, and went from 135 to 170 in 2 months
6'5 150-160 lbs

i know that feel

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