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What should i do man. i really like her but, last night she got angry and said some really hurtful things. should i stay her or should i leave to save myself the pain later. the only girl ive ever cared about
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i didnt do anything wrong

fuck this gay ass orignal shit
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the one time i actually start to trust someone again and they just treat me like dirt
help me please, i need advice

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If there's one thing I respect Kim Kardashian for, it's changing the American standard of female beauty from a big titted, no-assed, blonde haired white woman to a THICC Latina.
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The Kardashians are well paid court fools. No one finds them attractive.
I like that photo.. it was taken before kim ruined her face with surgery
>No one finds them attractive.
The only reason they're famous is because everyone wanted to know who that attractive THICC brown skinned woman was who Ray J was fucking. Stop lying to yourself, being attractive is what makes you famous in America.

ITT: Anons tell stories about the people who lost their virginities in middle school. I'll start

>A girl who was a friend of mine lost it before middle school, when she was 10, to a boy who was 13
>This black kid who was a wannabe rapper lost it in 7th grade to a spanish landwhale girl. The girl told all her friends his dick was small
>This Chad and Stacy couple were a serious item. Took each other's virginity summer before 8th grade. They then broke up halfway through 8th grade.
>I graduated middle school and khv. Graduated high school a khv. Thankfully lost my virginity in college freshman year
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I lost mine in 10th grade
>in school I broke up with my goth gf and had a big fall out
>Dated my best friend and she dumped me on my birthday
>out of spite I asked my friend of she knew anyone who needed a boyfriend
>got this girls.number and asked her out to the movies with me
>girl had never had a boyfriend in her thirteen years of living
>fucked her sixth months later
>nine years later we are married and still together happily with a baby
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Didn't hear much about fooling around in middle school. Come freshman year everyone was getting laid. I was one of the last in my group of friends too lose my v-card. Few years after high school.

I do remember all the tight young girls getting knocked up freshman year. Dropping out like fly's then returning the next year. Mostly Mexican girls.

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Tell me about your oneitis. What separates her from the other girls?
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Her total non-existence.
>What separates her from the other girls?

she has a penis
This. She doesn't even exist in media or thought.

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I've never touched a trap before but I've touched lots of guys and my sister. I can tell the difference between girls and boys.
Boys have harder bodies and girls have softer bodies. Girls are also warmer and smell a little acidic while boys smell the opposite.
I was wondering what traps smell and feel like especially once they've been on HRT for a few years. Are their bodies soft and supple like a girls? Do they smell like girls also by that time?
Do traps feel good when you squeeze their boobs?
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Trap aren't gay at all!
>I was wondering what traps smell and feel like especially once they've been on HRT for a few years. Are their bodies soft and supple like a girls? Do they smell like girls also by that time?
>Do traps feel good when you squeeze their boobs?
I'm mtf and hrt has definitely made my skin softer and more feminine. I think I smell like a girl too. At least I don't sink like a man.

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What's your take on this whole "ad crisis" on YouTube YouTubers keep talking about, robots?
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what is said crisis, I'm not a meme so I don't follow these things
>Put your entire career in the hands of a google algorithm that can change at any moment with zero human contact with your employer
>Cry when it all goes to shit
Woahhhh who would have thought this was a bad idea?
All the youtubers talking about it are not affected by that "crisis" (at least not that much).
They're just using this new hot topic to make another video and squeeze some more bucks. That is all.

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how du i get bf?
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Have sex with him. Repeatably. With passion. He will never let you go, unless you're an annoying cunt.

It's that simple. Now get out of here.
post cute pictures of your butt
Make friends with a dude and go from there.

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You think she want beef or pasta? I don't like chicken or fish. What do you cook when it's supposed to taste good?
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I thought maybe pineapple for dessert but I'm too depressed to go buy some at the moment
But fish is the hardest to fuck up, just toss it in the oven. Chicken is also hard to fuck up but less tasty. Pasta is easy so I guess you can go with that. Also yeah seasoning is quite important.
What's in season right now?

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Anyone else make music?
Feel free to share your soundcloud/bandcamp
I'll start:
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Followed you
I'm too paranoid to post anything here, on the off-chance that a raging frogposter will recognize my username from a youtube comment that he didn't like and then he'll doxx me or something.

I'm also too insecure ot post on soundcloud on the first place. I like the website though and I lurk a lot. I follow mostly Japanese EDM and digital hardcore artists
Just make a new account and new username so people can't track you.

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Do you like double doubles?
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I only like sweaty nigger cock
Prefer 4x4s desu
Sure man, do you have a fully privatised military, police and justice system to go with that? Heh, didn't think so.

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Elliot london.png
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>tfw I cant find the instagram of the sister of Elliot Rodger
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Don't bother she's a total slur anyway.
Damn auto correct slut I meant lol.

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>three 13 year old girls obsessing over me
>no girls my age interested

The fuck am I doing wrong anons? (6'2)
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I'm actually serious. I Kinda need help
I know that feel
>sixteen year olds keep trying to crush on you
>disgusted and tell them to fuck off and grow up
just why
>The fuck am I doing wrong anons?
That you're not dicking any of them yet, or at least date them if you're that big a moralfag

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What you do on Friday night robots?
Any wild and crazy stories?
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i cried and funposted
I went to bed at 11.30pm after falling alseep to youtube asmr videos.

Prior to this i watched a show called eastenders for 30mins, played some overwatch, and ate a mcdonalds meal.

It was a boring night.
Is this one of those 2011 movies? What music we listening to?

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name a more robot beer
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two one one pham
hydrogen peroxide

This post is in fact an original comment.
I prefer black IPAs. They use higher SRM malt intentionally made so that it contributes no flavor, so it's just a regular IPA that looks edgy.

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I've been smoking an ounce of weed a week for years. Tried quitting this week to save money and its been horrible.

>insomnia (literally only slep twice for less than 5 hours this week)
>no apetite (meal a day that i have to force down)
>can't concentrate

Don't fall for the weed jew lads. There's nothing good on this side.
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I wish I could smoke an ounce a week, that's my dream
A ounce a week is a lot. Personally I'm taking a few months off, I'm 1 week into it after smoking almost every day of the week for like 3 months straight, I'm a little sweaty and had trouble sleeping for 2 nights but feeling decent now.
How many Gs in an ounce Amerifags?

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