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>Ugly men have girlfriends/sex
>Short men have girlfriends/sex
>Fat men have girlfriends/sex
>Shy men have girlfriends/sex
>Depressed men have girlfriends/sex
>Autistic men have girlfriends/sex
>Literally retarded men have girlfriends/sex

What is the secret formula that us kissless virgins are missing? Why is it that people with all manner of mental and physical problems can be proven to be successful with women, but there is a subset of us that never are? What are we doing wrong?
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You're socializing around enough single women
>What is the secret formula that us kissless virgins are missing? Why is it that people with all manner of mental and physical problems can be proven to be successful with women, but there is a subset of us that never are? What are we doing wrong?
I'm not sure but I find it easier to just blame the jews
>Implying I don't

I go to college and am around women daily. And yes, I pay attention to my appearance and hygiene.

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>grandmother says "you look nice for a change"
>realise that if I said this to her it would end our relationship
Why are women such dumb cunts?
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You're a cunt. Why are you so mean to your grannie you fucking shit?
Men are different than women
cunt punt that old bitch and tell her you wish she died in WW2.

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>decide to invite some friends on a night out since my birthday just passed
>two said yes, one said no and the rest gave half-hearted excuses or kept it vague

Fucking depressing, had it been anyone planning else they'd sing a different tune
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>two said yes
Thats not bad though. Considering they accepted your invitation, they might actually be the two good friends you have. 2-3 people (plus you) is pretty much the optimal group size anyways. Anything larger than that can make the logistics a bitch
Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for them saying yes in the first place and prefer smaller groups. I just wish the rest were more honest instead of saying shit like

>don't have my I.D.
>fell off my bike

At least the guy who straight up said no was more upfront.
Just go out and have a good time. Its the best vengeance on those spineless fucks and that one guy who had a spine

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>I am stuck in an infantile mindset where it is shameful to feel attraction to a girl and therefore do not show interest in any girl even if they show interest in me and I am actually interested. I think I need to see someone about this issue but i'm too ashamed to tell someone.

>i have/had something like this, when i was a little kid and i started liking girls i knew my family would make a big deal out of it like "ohhh look at her? you like that don't you? oh yeah he likes it!" blah blah blah and embarrass me, so i started pretending i wasn't into girls still, but then it went on far too long and even when i did finally start flirting with girls and dating i just never openly expressed interest in girls, i'm mostly over it now, but that definitely fucked up my development when i was younger

>Holy shit it's my clones. My parents did the same thing and I'm at the point now (20 years old) where the thought of being in a relationship seems unfair to the girl. I'm not resentful, but I've accepted/forced myself to believe that I'm worthless on the sexual market and any girl who shows an interest in me is clearly delusional. I had a "relationship" in high school where the girl was very clearly into me but we never even kissed because I was in disbelief that somebody would ever be interested in me. I don't even know if I want to try to change the way I think about it, but if I don't I'll probably die a virgin.
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bump this must be relevant to r9k
I think you shouldn't focus on why do you think things are like that, but rather, focus on why exactly are those things true in your opinion. Are you really not worth it? Why? I'm pretty sure you don't even have a reason to believe you're not worthy of anyone's love, but you think it's simply logical. If I'm wrong, and you do have reasons to believe that you really don't deserve being loved by someone else, then try to understand why exactly is this happening, and be as objective as possible, because some times (most of the time, actually), those reasons are not influential whatsoever, and are just excuses to hate yourself. Don't hate yourself, if you do.
If me being wrong is the situation, then what makes you so undeserving of love?
these are posts i quoted from /lit/, each by a different poster. but the overall sentiment seemed relevant to r9k

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>he thinks he cant succeed because he's a loser
>pic related is making thousands of dollars per show just talking about beating his meat
you just dont want money, there is literally no excuse
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Im not black

He raps about having a small penis and his foot fetish.

he's literally the only robot who actually made it

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I made the same argument as an excuse to myself.

There's something about going through a lot of pain, and suffering, which shocks one mind to how people behave. Not how they say they behave.
Beta nucuck
Why are the romanian flags on the chad pic?

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>be me
>warehouse wagecuck
>comfy job
>Someone asks me if if I have a gf
>have you ever had a gf
>get a couple looks from around me
>he says it's something I should try
>he says it so casually as if you're picking your favorute flavor of soda
>just get a gf and switch every 5 months brah

Does it come that fucking easy to normalfags. I am literally baffled. This guy is below my intelligence and is objectively uglier than me. Yet he still got a gf. I have always known this but this proved it. My mind is at war with myself. It is one of the few things holding me back from getting a gf
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Ya it's easy.
When you're very social and always around women it's something a lot more simple and common.

But you shouldn't make having a girlfriend a huge priority. It will not make you happier and restricts a lot of your freedoms, and then you have to spend your time with a person who's really only good for sex.
Males and females pairing up is LITERALLY the simplest biological function of our reality. If there was nuclear holocaust and absolutely everything got destroyed and there wasn't any technology or food left, men and women would still pair up before they starved to death.

We are monkeys in shoes.

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Do you eyefuck girls while passing through them? Is it morally acceptable?
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I don't leave my house and I'm not attracted to 3d girls.
Ahh I did this on a school trip years ago in England. We were on the bus and I was sitting alone in the front so pretty bored and I would eyefuck every cute girls I'd see outside.

I locked eyes with one who was waiting for a bus across the street and my bus was waiting in front of a traffic light and we didn't stop looking at each other for even half a second the entire time.

Ofc autist me fell in love with her on the spot and it felt like a special connection but didn't see her again obviously.
yes i ectoplasm in their eyes if i transcorporeally cohabit them

>two months after Buzzfeed makes fun of betas, Buzzfeed light defends betas on their TV show

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what's wrong with this guy's hair
Adam's a gem.
It is weird that normies are addicted to his show, as much as I am, though. I thought they weren't into debunking social norms.
This is literally word for word the shit male feminists were spouting here 5+ years ago.

Multiple primate species have dominant males, it's not uncommon in mammals for hierarchy like that to exist. Leo DiCaprio does not stop slating pussy he moment he joins a dungeons and whatever the fuck game club, in fact this is one of the most dehumanising aspects of this - seeing even how cute nerdy girls will go for guys like that. Nothing refutes the fact that pop stars and even low level musicians can sleep with thousands of women while most males sleep with 1-2.

It never ceases to amaze me how Collegehumor and other of these comedy organisations became feminist the moment they were successful, ruining their previous comedic success.

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What drives kids to kill themselves?
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the moment when recognize your entire collection of all your (you)s in your life were mocking
Depends on the kid. I'm sure there are common causes such as bullying or being abused, but it'll differ a bit for everyone.
emotionally unavailable parenting

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>Just watched the Elephant Man for the first time
>Had always just assumed he was a retard because he was a carnival freak
>Didn't realise Joseph Merrick was actually extremely intelligent and well read
Jesus Christ, what kind of life must that have been?
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Kek he was also a manlet (5'2)
Holy shit, that's worse than the deformities. I could imagine living with a face like that but 5'2 is TOO deformed.

Why wouldn't he just kill himself at that point?
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I read one paragraph of his wiki. I don't think anyone has been more JUST than this guy.

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I finnaly did it robots, i found an escort, got to her place and let her chew on my flaccid dick for a healf hour before dressing up and leaving in shame.
Well....it sure was strange, apparently i just cant get errections with naked attractive human women near me.
Anyone else experience this strange phenomen?
I could do whatever i wanted to her for an hour, a whole fucking hour, couldnt do shit.
Yet i can wank to the ugliest russian crack addict porn, and cum buckets.
Please help me.
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mighta been nerves. anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction is not uncommon.
Try having a few drinks next time.
Porn ruined you. You need to /nofap/ for at least a week so your brain goes back to normal.

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robot test new.png
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ITT: robot test.

how much of a robot/cyborg are you anons?
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army fag here
File: 1501695410089.png (753KB, 1276x602px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just the limit between robot and cyborg.
File: 1464467103275.jpg (57KB, 641x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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literally still a cyborg

I will crawl out of this abyss one way or the other

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I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Dubs decide my bachelor's degree
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Marine biology. Study dolphins and shit.

Computer Science. Make oodles of money
>Multimedia And Communications
>Computer Science
>Business Administration

Have fun freelancing and working for the government

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Most of you who claim to be robots are normalfags at heart. Only difference is that you're so incredibly inept that you fail at realising your potential. I want all of you failed normalfags to leave.
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Why would I want to be a robot? I can post on here regardless.
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Look OP, you're hating, So Imma dab on you
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>hurr durr le anyone who actually wants to experience pleasure in their life is a normalfag

No. YOU are the normalfag. People like you are the types who have the capacity to be normies, but don't do it because you "prefer being on your own" (AKA you're just too lazy and want to spend your life fapping to waifus)

It is those of us who are pained, and who struggle endlessly and fruitlessly, who are the real robots. We try to become normies and fail because of something wrong with our brains, and that is WHY we are robots.

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