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He doesnt want to be my friend or hug me either
im mentally ill and worthless
talking to other people is shameful for me. I can't waste other peoples time if I don't prove myself to be worth something. i hate being worthless living is hard I cant get it out of my head
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when people are nice to me it hurts so much
i hate wasting their time
nobody really understands
i just want to be their friend
but why do you want to be their friend so bad? what is it that we aren't understanding?
just keep posting these pictures im saving all of these
youre truly mentally ill though get help

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Who /nevermasturbated/ here?

The path to enlightenment is to never succumb to your lust brothers. I'm 19 years of age and have never once masturbated, had a girlfriend or watched porn.
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im jealous dude

it always harder to quit than to restrain yourself in the first place
I didn't try fapping until I was 15, due to the loser stigma and religion. It was pretty bad though. I'd get so horny I couldn't sleep and would have wet dreams.
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>tfw you remember having wet dreams
>tfw even moral doesn't bring them back

What's the weirdest sex you've done?
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In a car, I guess

And twice when we couldn't stop laughing but still soldiered on
>sex you've done
pick one
Slapped and choked a girl hard while I pounded into her.

And both were practically at 70% of my strength. Pretty fucking rough.

I mostly pretended to be into it seeing as she was way way way out my league.

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50% of people have an IQ below 100. I'm one of them.
I'm barely smart enough to flip a burger. Honestly I struggle doing that.
The world is run by smart people.
Every job except minimum wageslave requires above average intelligence.
What are people like me supposed to do?
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>What are people like me supposed to do?
You will be replaced by robots any time soon

Try to enjoy life
Worlds full of smart people who don't work.

You have to out work them. Read more. Study more. Practice more.

Have a killer work ethic. I'm above average intelligence, but shit work ethic, half asses my way through college. Everything I want comes easily. I wish I had to try to get things Tbh.

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>be me
>end of 2015
>people i sit with at school are pc nerds and we'd all just talk about graphic cards and video games
>one boy who wasn't awfully quiet but i can tell he was just shy
>never paid that much attention to him because i didn't know anything about him
>few months later
>end of school year
>see him at testing center
>he comes up to me and talks for the first time
>casual convo about the test and how his dad doesn't want him to get a private tutor as do i
>get a text few hours later from him
>we started texting heavily for a few days until one day he stopped talking to me out of nowhere
>text him a couple of times, he's online but doesn't answer
>"okay maybe he's just going through some stuff right now"
>wait and wait and he never texts
>"what a shame i actually liked this dude and saw potential."
>no summer texts whatsoever
>texts me a day before school
>"hey its been a while!"
>have a good convo
>wow he's finally starting to talk to me again
>stops again.
>has convo then stopped again.
i don't understand like did i scare him off? what could i have possibly done so wrong? he always watches me in school and observes what i'm doing and who i'm with so closely and i saw major potential in him. why do people do this shit, r9k?
He lurks on 4chan so if you see this and think this might be about you, F, please give me an explanation.
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Are you a male or female? You post like a girl so I am concern.
I am a female, yes
Fuck off stupid roastie blogposter. We don't want to listen to your bullshit

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>Only truly love one girl
>Date for a year, happiest time of my entire life
>My dad hates her, forces me to break up with her
>We remain friends but never meet irl ever again

>Cleaning out my room earlier today
>Find a bunch of old love letters she wrote me, pictures she drew for me
>Realize I'll never love anyone the way I loved her

Hurts senpai
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Your dad sounds like an asshoIe
>dad forces me to break up with her
I would just laugh at him and tell him that I do not care.
But my dad isnt an asshole anyways, so if I ever get a gf he would never force me to break up with her.
>My dad hates her, forces me to break up with her
you still talk to that asshole?

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Female: Pharah

Male: Soldier 69 or McCree
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orisa to both
demoman orig
McCree hands down. Then that healer bitch wit tha angel wings

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What do girls anus smell like
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Like man's anus with a hint of pussy
What does girl pussy smell like?
like shit you retard

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25 - wXgQNWV.jpg
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If you're not eating right now you're not a robot.
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Robots don't need to eat. Jokes on you fatty, only normalfags gain weight
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Fellas, feelas; you're both terrible.
But im in bed. I dont want to leave my room

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How do you make friends online ? I can't seem to make any IRL so I might as well try online.

Facebook is no use because I don't have anybody to add. Is there some kind of Tinder but for friends instead of a quick fuck ?
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There used to be be online thread friends for robots with templates to fill out but I believe it's banned after the creation of /soc/. Now I only see steam threads, that might be worth it if you enjoy vidya.
Try the discords or go on /soc/
Come join us there's more of us at night but I'll be on at 1pm until then play some of your favorite music


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Why are women only attracted to assholes instead of men who treat them right? Why are they more attracted unintelligent "bros" instead of intelectual as myself?
This is a picture that I took the other day where you can see that a cute girl would rather attach hereself to a Chad than to a man that respects her.
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Nice copypasta fegit
Blame evolution. They're hardwired to desire le alpha asshole male.
That's not a pasta. The real post starts with something like "you know what annoys me? all these assholes who dress like shit but get qt's" or something like that.

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I used to be like you guys, a proper khv robot until I started working. The place I got a job as a laundry guy at state funded home for disabled people and they are also a co-op

When I first started there, I was shy as shit and I'd not talk to anyone and just kind of get my 8 hours in and leave. The work environment was extremely tight knit and I really hated it at first. But my co-workers kept encouraging me and trying help me all the fucking time. The maintenance guy who is a total health nut drew me up an eating guide to help me with weight loss. This one lesbo cna convinced me to start rock climbing with her like 2 days a week. And eventually another guy set me up on a date with this thicc Mexican girl and we hit it off. I didn't even ask to be set up either, he was the one who insisted.

So I'm quite happy with my life now, I'm not angry and depressed all the time, and I'm not racist anymore either. and I think the problem with a lot of you is not that you're inferior to everyone else, but that you lack a community to edge you along

When you need to spend most of your week with people, it actually incentives them helping you become a regular well adjusted individual. You're a eyesore otherwise
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You weren't really a robot before, that's why they were able to help you out
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They're being nice to you because you don't look like pic related.
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There will be ppl who argue that because you were able to bounce out you are in fact just a normie who was having a tough time in life.

A true robot can never escape, save through cosmetic surgery or something equally as dire

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Mukuro bracers.gif
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>trying to lose weight
>been on a diet of -500 kcal from my BMR + 3 days of intense exercise a week
>eating 1500kcal a day
>lost 6kgs from 95kg in month so far
>goal is 65kg
>hating being fat more and more by the day

arghhhhhhhh I can't stand being a disgusting fatass anymore! Just let me lose weight quicker!

I've realised why I've been so afraid of having any life experiences. I feel disgusting and completely unattractive because of my body. I've never had any desire to start a relationship or dress well because I don't feel worthy, I have no confidence and pride in myself, but hopefully, once I fix my body I will finally feel alive.

Anyone else with similar feels? And to any fatbots reading this post, especially ones who feel apathetic and numb, please consider this post and reflect upon it. I wish I had listened when people told me this years earlier.
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I'm not really fat but I'm trying to be skeleton enough to trap

Weight loss is a fucking nightmare, I've lost 25 lbs so far but it's been so. Fucking. Slow. Only lost 5 lbs last month. I'm hungry ALL FUCKING DAY and constantly struggling not to eat, my progressed is repeatedly hampered by me caving in and eating over my calorie limit, I can't stand it. Even when I completely fail and order a pizza, I'm still fucking STARVING after eating it
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images (9).jpg
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I know how you feel

Skeleton fags will never know the suffering of being forced to lose weight, I managed to lose 50 pounds last year only to put 30 of it back on once school started back up

I don't do anything social like bars or group activities because I am so ashamed of my fatass body
im in the same exact boat anon... i'm so afraid to eat anything when im anywhere near close to the 1400cal i eat daily
thankfully last few weeks have been some of the most stressful in my life, i've started to legitimately forget to eat at times

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How the fuck does one become busy?

I really wish to leave 4chan forever but I have so much downtime and no willpower that I end up browsing 4chan for hours at a time

The meme "you're here forever" is pretty fucking true if only because our lives are so empty and this is the only place our opinions will be noticed
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normies naturally find tasks to fill their time because they enjoy being busy. They dread boredom and don't feel stress or anxiety nearly as intensely as we do.

You can fill your schedule if you want, just treat your calendar like a tetris game, and look for something to fill every block. You'll have to force yourself to do it though, and you, unlike the normies, will probably find that it makes your life hell.
>normies naturally find tasks to fill their time because they enjoy being busy.
Normies have a social circle which provides opportunities to not sit on their pc all day. Because they've been around people even the ones who were more socially inept developed some basic skills needed to live around people.
If you hid in your room because "muh social" anxiety there's no surprise you got nothing to do. You will never be able busy if you don't have others to be busy with.

>They dread boredom
All people do, you just got used to it

>and don't feel stress or anxiety nearly as intensely as we do.
If you're anxiety is that bad seek help, instead of using it as an excuse to lock yourself out ib4 "therapy is a meme" "meds are a meme"
>The meme "you're here forever" is pretty fucking true if only because our lives are so empty and this is the only place our opinions will be noticed
Get this, the world doesn't care. This is the reason why people make friends, to have people in their life who listen, who want to spend time with. So that you can be with people like you, and do thing you like even if it is playing vidya all night long.

I don't know how old are you and what do you do in your life, but in order to meet people and have someone to be busy with you need to either be in education or at work.
So the first step to be busy is to start moving forward in life.

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Was this you when you were a kid?
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I was never an animated Japanese girl.
No girl (or boy) ever approached me like that.
Why would I approach someone like that? That's just autistically creepy and rude

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