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Is it possible to be a Chad even though you are a friendless khv.
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Also check it my dudes
Yes, I am a Chad but a friendless KHV. Many males are mean to be but I think it's because they are jealous of my wealth and good looks.
yeah if you know how to talk to girls

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dog wink.jpg
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This dog winks at you, how do you respond?
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Pet behind the ears
scratch behind the ears

Jesus! Chad, aren't you a little too bold in there?

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What shape is the Earth?
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Is this the geometry of the Earth without oceans?
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I'll-a just leave-a this here!
Looks like a poop nugget

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What are you doing?
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Waiting for One Piece - 783
And Samurai Jack XCV
At my girlfriend's parents place. Really nice in Germany here. I am from the Netherlands so it wasn't that far away since she lives close to the border. Having shrimp tonight and watching football. Seems like a chill night so far and definitely getting laid tonight.
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The Leftovers
Nothing, I'm on a diet.
Water, Whiskey and Fireball
Persona 5
Pretty depressed, but kinda happy since Persona 5 is the best game i have ever played.

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Is this really the only thing that can make the loneliness go away?
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it worked for me earlier so it has to be
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and this too, desu
Go to a bar if you want optimal anti-loneliness drunk times

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My parents made fun of me being antisocial and not having friends but they're the reason why I'm like this...

People with abusive parents, have you left them? What's life like free?
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How are your parents responsible, that they kept you inside all the time as a child? That is what happened with me.
Yes, that's what happened to me. They were also verbally and physically abusive.
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Kill your dad and rape your mom
Say some of the jokes they make of you when doing it

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Jeffrey Dahmer.jpg
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Was Jeffrey Dahmer our guy?
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Dahmer was sociable and likable, that's how he killed so many people. He didn't force any of them to come back to his apartment, they were all willing young men who he seduced

does that sound like a robot?
what movie is this from op?

Ed Gein was our guy

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anyone else here masturbate by rubbing on their blankets?
I cannot help it. makes me feel like a baby
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Do you finish? I mean for awhile I figured that it's normal to accidentally be thumbing your peen in public if you have no intention of cumming...
yeah i do
sometimes i want to take it out and play with it in public
so i have to go somewhere
I just use my hand and foreskin

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>tfw fell in love with a different character but already have a waifu
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>cucking your waifu
get out you degenerate filth
>not being in a polywaifuous relationship
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>can't have a waifu for this reason

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Men AND Women hate thread, because honestly fuck both of you

I'm not going to deny that women are self absorbed, self interested, petty, backstabbing, manipulative cunts who if they don't take a genuine interest in something that not for garnering attention they're gonna end up a fucktoy for +30 guys and then resort to throwing herself onto a lowly beta male to clean up the shitshow called her life.

But men, you aren't much better, if fact you're worse for letting women act like this. You took a population that you suppressed for centuries but instead of building them up so they can walk alongside you you just told them "go figure it out." Think all women are sluts? No guys, you're the sluts. You spent the last few decades chasing attachment free sex, lowering the bar for women everywhere. You wanted pump and dumpable whores, you got pump and dumpable whores. Yet you're trying to accuse women that this is how they truly are? Fuck you. Why do men say they're the intellectually superior race when they constantly make baseless accusations and overgeneralizations? Where are those extra neurons? Why aren't they firing? If you guys see a clear problem with women today, why don't you try to change it? Why do you just accept this is the new reality of women, and would rather just post the same cherry picked examples and random psychology studies to build your confirmation bias?

Both of you need to drop you sexist bullshit attacks on each other and try to see eye to eye. Just fucking work something out so you can get along already. Yes we may never be able to have true equality, but we can strive for something that gets close to it. We can live in a world where men and women are not at constant war with each other.

Or maybe we can't idk i just wish both of you would shut the fuck up.
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You're comparing women to chads

Robots want girls to love them forever

Get with the program moron
Finally someone else here who gets that both sexes are scum.
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men and women are both dumb as fuck

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Why was he such a nice guy?
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Because he was the true heir to the throne of Allah.

fuck abu shitkr

Didn't he bum a dog that one time?
kys pagan shit

Yes, I support Trump. Yes, I hate anyone who isn't a Chad. You fucking faggots here better not support him too. Just know that we would make sure you virgin nerds were first on the DotR. You fucking failures. Get a job and a girlfriend. This is the most retarded sub I've ever seen. If I have to look at the words one more virgin types I'm gonna vomit. Go vote for a fucking liberal or jew like Bernie if you want to live off of foodstamps like a nigger (I hate spics too).

*drops the mic*
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ralph, pls go
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>Stop trolling me nigger
I agree. We need to come together and wipe out the wastes that call themselves "robots" once and for all. They have no place in this world and must die.

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People are shit

1 week after joing my job I argued with some chad

now, 5 months later, everybody treats me like shit

for example some nerd guy asks who won the football match

i say; france won it 2-0

inmediatly some other person (not necessarily the chad one) says

>shut your mouth retard, you aren't allowed to speak

this literally means people started hating me and treating me like if i was hitler or whatever just because the "chad" decided to hate me

people are fucking sheeple and if they were told to gas me or whatever they would do it just because
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You sound like a huge goddamn asshole if you started arguing with people on day one, and they still hate you to this day.

Your fault, faggot
You're probably an insufferable cunt or a beta bitch boy if they're treating you like this.
No I have had this happen to me without doing anything. It's some type of normie thing where they sniff the losers out.

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sad elfont.png
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>come back from university
>go wagecuck
>come back home and change
>go to the gym
>come back home exhausted
>slump on bed
>repeat the next day

There must be more to life than this. I dont even have time to play video games anymore
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Hey, anon. I've been having a rough time, too. It helps to find someone to be close to.
In that schedule you're setting up yourself for normiedom, instead of going to the gym do something you actually enjoy. Just think about it for a second, if you're doing gym to get a gf you'll most likely attract roasties, if you go and join a D&D group or some shit you'll be less likely to find a girl but if you do find one it'll be much better (you'll have something to talk about and you won't have to hide that much things). If you're doing gym just for health reasons better just do jogging for less time consumption, and/or do gym on the weekend.
Same thing, only thing I do in my little free time is browse this shithole. My bills absorb 90% of my pay, not considering the debt I'll have to pay off. And I doubt I'll even get a job once I graduate. I'd rather be a NEET on welfare.

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any robots feeling nostalgic about the new nintendo switch? I just got one last week. I havent had this much fun since the n64. i actually feel happy again.
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I have one. Not much to play besides zelda tbqh
Can you put GameCube controllers into that thing?
File: switch-accessories.png (57KB, 476x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you can use theese

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