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>sitting alone in the school cafeteria
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>going to the dining hall

I've been eating the food I have stockpiled in my dorm so I don't have to deal with this
why dont you sit with someone new and make a friend anon?
I have literally never experienced this. Once or twice in uni I'd grab lunch during lectures when I had a break in my schedule when the cafeteria was nearly empty but that hardly counts.

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How do normies even get laid without rape?

What usually happens is you get to know a girl, talk to her, etc.
Then you trick her into coming over to your place by inviting her to "watch a movie".
Then you intoxicate her with some wine, inhibiting her decision making abilities.
Then you get close and touchy, start removing her clothes, and she just lets you.
How is this not rape, what the fuck.

Why the fuck can't you just ask a girl straight if up she wants to have sex?
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>and she just lets you
You said it.
Though I think current thought is that consent given while intoxicated isn't valid, so she can then whip round and say YOU RAPED ME, and you say goodbye to freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

I think most sexual encounters between adults are mutually consented to and conducted between two close friends. This isn't highly publicised so it's not surprising that many people don't know about it.
What is heavily publicised for some reason is hookup culture and intoxication. I can't imagine why.
I don't give a shit about laws. What pisses me off that even mature adult women expect this convoluted way to lead to sex.
The mature way to handle sex between adults would be literally to ask for it, and then she either says yes and you both plan for it, or she says no.
On grindr you see this happen all the time. Guy asks another guy to blow him, he either says yes or he says no. There's no tricking, no convoluted bullshit, nothing.
What is it so different about girls that they're incapable of making decisions? Why the fuck do you have to trick them into sex?
I think you have a lot of assumptions and a lot to learn.

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>in a bathroom
>guy is pacing back and forth
>silk white skin blonde hair
>he feels up my arm
>we kiss
>wake up
Dream I just had.

Also how do I stop sleep paralysis because I keep waking up locked on my bed and start hallucinating things and I'm not a fan of this feature of the human brain so pls halp.
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Why are you in a bathroom with a guy in the dream?

Also what usually helps you wake up from paralysis?
>tell bf to help me if he notices i have sleep paralysis
>even just touching me slightly or pulling me
>he never does
how can he originally tell

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I just had a fucking stroke (not sure, but I fell down and thrashed around for a bit) robros. It was brief (several seconds? I didn't fully black out) but shit, it was scary. AMA. Advice also appreciated.
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Go to a hospital RIGHT FUCKING NOW
That's pretty serious
That's like brain problems
You might want to talk to a doctor very soon

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*challanges you to arm wrestle*
What do?
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Do it obv
What have I got to lose besides an arm wrestle?
Considering that's probably about the same size as my arm unflexed, and I'm probably bigger overall, and a man, I'd accept and win with little trouble.
Your pride maybe?

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Can we get a rap thread going?
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no. worst thing to happen to music desu
I'll start it off:

Aging broads are rage from God
For a decade they have amazing bods
Even plain dames hot as flaming dogs
I'd beg a nagging slag to yank her top
She brags she's off the rag, the wanking stops
When I see that saggy flop was no hardened fake talk
I hop in my Jalopy, start it and take off
Nightwear is a nightmare, I get silly ill from frilly silk
She's way past her date like un-refrigerated milk
Has faith in anti-aging pills, thinks an 8 would date her still
I would degrade her til, the pain of age would kill, I'm the mayor of Haterville
It's just talking over drums.

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What is it like to have AD(H)D robots ?

I think i may have it : shitty memory (short-term mainly), pay attentions to too much stuff and have 0 concentraiton

i also may have hyperacusis (always complain about 'noise' that is 'too loud' i use noise-canceling headphones, earplugs irrate my ears and i can't get noise-isolating headphone atm)

i can't get diagnosis atm, but tell me how it is like to have a life of someone who has ad(h)d ?

do you take amphetamine ?
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oririririginal bump
Not fun at all. In my case, amphetamines only made things worse.

Before starting medication, I sounded close to what you are experiencing. I then found a doctor and after a long series of tests got put on a script for Adderall and Vyvanse. They helped in the short term but eventually I couldn't handle how robotic of a person it made me. Conversations with people would make me furious - sounds had become to drive me to wits end. I lost a relationship I had been in for a number of years because I had literally become a different person.

After that happened, I gave up medication and started exercising more. It helps in a different way. - I still have the same issues as before, plus conversation is really really hard to follow (although alcohol helps a lot with this). I'm married now, so things must have improved...
i see thanks for ur testimony

i don't really talk with people so that won't change too much for me lol

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virign walk stolen.png
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you guys they've stolen the virgin walk meme now what the fuck do we do
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That means a meme is successful
so you're telling me we just make memes so the normalfags can steal them and use them for their own pleasure and on their own accord

do you realise that the spread of this meme will in turn cause a new form of bullying now betas will be bullied even harder tppl will say they look like the virgin walk guy haha x

Are you retarded? It's a meme about normie shit, of fucking course the normies are going to use it.

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lain sad2.png
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ITT: That Kid/Guy you Knew/Know who is/was just "That Kid/Guy"

ill start
>that kid who had low functioning autism and was fat and people tricked him into doing embarrassing shit and being an idiot in class because he thought all of them were laughing with him and not at him
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>that kid who was autistic and you attempted to be nice to him in but then high school hit and he kept attempting to follow you and be your friend and eventually you just had to tell him to please piss off
it had to be done
>that kid who was so fucking stupid he said to a girl in class who was cutting "whats with those cuts on ur arm?" out-loud in-front of people
was me
>that kid who REALLY wanted to be friends but no one liked him and he just stalked people around and making unfunny jokes that only he laughed at

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party pepe.jpg
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So I got invited to a frat party yesterday.
>Be me
>Typical loser
>have friend in a frat from way back in HS
>Get invited to a party, figure might as well try and be normie for once.
>Alcohal is everywhere, women are everywhere.
>Everyone is laughing and having a good time
>Talk to some of the brothers and their friends. Incredibly nice guys
>Constantly encourage me to talk more and be less shy
>Explain to me that a lot of people join greek life because they wanted to be more outgoing and encourage me to swing by to all their parties to see if its for me
>Some of the nicest guys I've ever met
>end up kissing a qt redhead
WTF. You guys told me normies were awful assholes and everyone treats you like shit. Being a robot fucking sucks compared to them. I don't care what you guys say anymore, I'm rushing that frat. Anyone else realize how much they were missing out on?
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Im sitting right here and waiting for trump to fix my life. Pol told me so.
good for you. Everyone always rants about Chads because they're envious of them. Chads are actually pretty great guys, true ubermenschen.
The normie life might be simpler and shallower but it's way more fulfilling than being on /r9k/.

Though keep an eye on Brad.
>enjoying a party

you were never a robot to begin with

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did you feel bad this morning

are you drunk
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taking a shot now oyaji, going to dude weed lmao also.
didn't feel bad yet
I'm drinking coffee right now so no I'm not drunk
your thoughts?
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>woke up from a stoned haze at 2pm
>open spotify on phone to play new releases from PC
>the deep bass soothes my brain
>remember she messages me last night
>remember the message ended with a smiley face
>feel energized like someone inserted 10.000 volts to my brain
>get up, stretch, some body weight squats to get circulation going
>eat breakfast
>feel ready to take on the world
I'm going to repeatedly lift so many hwavy weights today it's unbelievable.

Promised I'd go to a housrwarning party today. Gonna be an issue because I don't wannt to consume alcohol and ruin theze gainz.

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Wouldn't you want a semitic beauty and faithful wife?
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pick one
She looks like a rat and has a personality of a damp rag. No thanks!
her eyes kinda remind me of jonathans brandis eyes, does that mean he was jewish

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Fembots, do you think it's fair to say that millennial girls like you think about sex too much? For example, comparing the quality of sex with different boyfriends and feeling disstisfied, watching lots of porn all the time and so on.

Imagine how your dad would feel if he gained access to your internet history somehow. Or chat logs for that matter.
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post more of the pretty princess meme
Your dad watches porn too, dumbass. Actually thinking about your sexuality and reflecting leads to a more nuanced appreciation of the self etc.
No it doesn't you bluepill fuck, it sends good feeling chemicals to your brain.

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Is Earthbound the most robot game there is?
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I never thought of earthbound as that, but now I think of it yeah it is pretty robot.
Yoshis Island is my favourite retro game.
I remember playing that game on my gameboy while my parents were fighting or disappeared.
Shit was the only thing that kept me sane.
Sadly, i don't play it anymore, so all hope is lost.

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Lets get a morning feels/comfy thread going
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Here's some original comff
i like a comfy/scary environment
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here you are

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