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I cut myself a couple times with a knife to see why cutters do it. I still don't get it
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go deeper idiot. those pussy cuts aren't going to release enough endorphins for you to feel anything
>I cut myself
those are scratches
>go deeper
It's fucking difficult to go deeper. It hurts and my brain tells me not to

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rosemary bread come home rosebud

friday night edition
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I wonder what she's up to right now?

Rose has officially been off steam for a month, a MONTH! What the fuck happened?
she's probably in italy getting fucked silly by some rapist.

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Do asian women cheat as much as white women? Does it matter if they were born in an asian country or western country?
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>Do asian women cheat as much as white women
probably not
>Does it matter if they were born in an asian country or western country
American/UK/Straya/whatever-born Asians are basically white people with different eyes lol
Considering they are wanted by more men I'd say they are more likely to cheat. jsut look at the data from any dating website. They have more options
No, especially if their parents still embrace asian culture. Statistically, still probably not since they seem to have sex less and less STDs. But it doesn't mean they don't cheat. Just slightly less. Men and women of any ethnic group cheat. If you want the absolute least likelihood, perhaps you would want to marry a muslim.

Mummy gave me $500 and my sister gave me deus ex mankind divided and hitman for my birthday. Mummy joked that the games will turn me into an anarchist psychopath even tho I'm pretty sure I'm a sociopath. We're going out for tendies later at Buffalo Wild Wings. Good birthday. They know I prefer to be left alone and don't make a fuss about it like some retarded families do.
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>Mummy joked that the games will turn me into an anarchist psychopath even tho I'm pretty sure I'm a sociopath

I prefer THEN instead NOW.
Happy birthday anon, here's a (You).
Stay stronk.
Ty anon <333 please have a piece of cake? You don't have to eat it if you don't want

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>tfw will never go to the beach with a girl
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>i'll go with you anon! pick me up at 5!
Beaches are pretty shit desu fampai.
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download (6).jpg
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>tfw when i'm a bifaggot and get sex and affection everyday from my faggy husband
>kek me a river

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twitch is streaming hibike and some other anime over the next few days, lets have a comfy thread and watch together
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Thanks but it already started.
No. Nobody on this board is a nice person
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They don't have to be nice to watch Kumiko

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white girl chins.png
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Why do all white girls have these awful chins?

They disgust me.
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i bet you suck even more dick than what you suck at drawing
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Mixed girls don't have these chins.
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Come on now, what the hell is with these prominent, sharp chins, or entirely nonexistent ones?

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Is this what it would look like if a robot had a gf?

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>tfw even uglier than that guy yet he has a good-looking gf
who iz dhat?


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Around higgus warn your niggus
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>it's another episode of higgus gets triggused
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henlo rei fancy seeing you here
Alai? is that you lol

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>tfw another girl stopped responding to me
Do all girls have some sort of a fucking life manual where they're told that the second the guy they talk to stops being exciting they should stop responding? I swear every single girl I talked to does this shit. Every single one. Not one girl has every straight up told me she doesn't want to talk to me or even made it clear in any other way such as deleting me or blocking me or whatever. What the fuck?
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Feels bad man guess she aint the right ome
that's what you get for socializing with roasties normalfag
I guess no girl is the one for fuck's sake. Normies can immediately get along with any girl but I can't with none even though I tried with so many?

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She will save you soon, Anon.
Sorry if there has already been a thread today, checked the archive and couldn't find one.
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Been a while since I've been here.

Hell roaches
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i've waited for her too long. i'm going to end it in a few weeks
>misaki friday
never been here before, is this where we post tfw no misaki feels?

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I feel as though men hurt more in the long term after a break up than a women. Any thoughts as to why?
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girl gets dumped:
>omg poor stacy
>he was so awful anyway, he didnt deserve you
>that's fine, my shoulder is always here for you to cry on
>hey, let's go party! that'll cheer you up!
man gets dumped:
>dude, that sucks
>it's fine, we get it, you need some time alone
>get depressed because your friends arent there for you in your time of need
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women don't process their feelings rationally. they process feelings with another dick. men on the other hand either nosedive into depression and substance abuse or slowly put themselves back together by applying hard logic to silent introspection.
Mix of both of these. Whether he actually needs it or not, a guy's kind of out on his ass when it comes to support on this kind of thing.

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How has /r9k/ become a hub for deviant faggots of various breeds and Discord normalfags? The Discord people are worse because they're new and introduce a /soc/ element to this board. Hiro ought to make this board blue and ban Discord threads to avoid this becoming some /b/ - /soc/ underbelly.
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discord threads are banned you autist
Well they're everywhere.
>make this board blue

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It will kill your impetus to better yourself and actually get a gf.
It works too well; giving you satisfaction your hand can't.
Even if you fap alot, your thirst for real women gets only partially quelled. With a flashlight, it's "good enough".
I was doing pretty good with my self improvement etc. Then I got one.
Not even a super expensive super realistic one but just a cheap one off amazon.
After using it for a couple of days I fell content now. I no longer really see a point in putting that much effort into bettering myself.
Hey I got a reasonably realistic toy I can use whenever I wish, no strings attached, costs no money, no bs, no heartbreak, no expectation.
PS: also the stench of hours old semen is the foulest I've ever smelled. Cleaning it is a bitch.
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I just want something to fuck I don't feel Right if my balls aren't bouncing and I'm not penetrating something

Hell yeah that's the plan. I'm getting one.
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Use a condom. Easy peazy

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I am running on fumes to live. What are the most creative ways to kill your self. I want to go out in away that will be talked about for years to come.
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Shoot yourself on live TV, or stream it on the internet where literally everyone can see your death.
Before doing it, warn it on 4chan, so we can become famous
>After your death, the government will start a lobby to regulate the internet, to prevent this from happening in the future
>You shall always be known as the guy who fucked up for everyone
Fuck you in advance
With the solar eclipse coming up,you should do it on that day and in such a way that your body lays in a pentagram. Thatll get people rilled up.

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