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>just mowed down a whole bag of crisps
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>regrets nothing
>food is the only thing that makes me happy anymore
Fuck off mohammad
Family size or deli?

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This guy literally got his face melted off and still managed to get a decent looking wife.

What's your fucking excuse?
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I dont have the sympathy factor he has
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There's a quick solution for that
>brown roots
>brown eyes
>man hands

he's probably a masked crusader, so he's got that going for him

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Let's get /comfy/

Post /comfy/ feels, images, music

How are robots doing? Are you comfy?
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orig comfy
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I love the rain, especially at night.
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more original rain

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>jobs that sound like paradise
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wagie, wagie, wagie... how many times must we go over this?
Data Entry and programming in general is a great job for anyone who doesn't line socializing, my work is pretty much as described in that picture.

>Go in
>Put in headphones and start coding
>At this point coding is just copy & paste, change some variables and control names
>Lunch break, go have lunch
>Repeat in the afternoon
>Leave, day of work is done.
anon i want to get into coding, is bootcamp a good way to go for starters or is it a scam?

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I'm thinking of majoring in it but I'm afraid of being brainlet how is it ?
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It's not that hard to be honest.

Why do you think you're not capable? Are u good at math?
not really but I'm trying to get better
I'm doing CS and i'm a brainlet.

Just do it, it basically does itself.

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Why do you people so extreme when it comes to women? Whenever one appears, you flirt with them, beg them, defend them, or attack them. Why can't you treat women normally?
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if you don't like then go fuck off to lolcow
or be my gf
They're funny to mess with and bully.
>brown eyes and black hair
>doesn't matter
>not waifu material

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I'll start
> hiking
> soccer
> traveling
> making friends
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sounds like your a straight up waste



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What's the final solution to the /pol/ problem?
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You mean Reddit, right?
Kill the fucking normies
Ban all redditors

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Ok, I'm in a dilemma. I thoroughly enjoy eating out a restaurants. I love eating good food! But I have no friends, etc. So I have no one to go with. I am afraid to go to a restaurant alone, to eat alone, to have to say to the hostess "table for one". What do I do? I really want to eat out at a restaurant.
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Stop caring what other people think its the best way to live life
Just go with your gf
Same dilemma here OP, bumping for visibility

wish it was possible to rent-a-friend for this kind of thing

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How do I become alt right. It sounds cool. Even the name names cool. The "alt" makes it sound edgy. Should I get a haircut like the picture. What slurs should I use. If I need to become racist I'm willing to. This is the alt right home-base right? Fucking normies almost ruined the election.
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Just follow the Occupy Democrats on facebook.
They are by far the most alt-right organization.
For starters, go to /pol
Huh? I looked them up and they are alt left.
I did. They called me a cuck.

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who here 30+ and never had a girlfriend/virgin?

come on wizards reveal yourselves!
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serveimage (3).jpg
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Not a virgin, every sexual encounter was a disastrous waste of energy.

Had a girlfriend for 3 weeks, found out she was cucking me for 2 of them.

Dark Wizard for life
>not a virgin
>wizard for life
its seems you dont get it do ya
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>type out a reply
>page changes
>you forgot to solve the captcha
>can't go back and retrieve what i typed
what the fuck 4chan.

as a wizard, i just want to be alone with my animes now. nobody will ever love me and even if they did, they would have had previous experience with other people which makes me sick to my stomach.

Robot room threads, if you have an apartment post everything

Never mind all the SJW race bait and "fembot" threads. Post your rooms robot, no cleaning. Let's see you in your natural habitat.
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Why dont you start?
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part two nothing much
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moved out of apartment and back into moms house. the apartment was an expensive heckhole
dont move out

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>be 22yo depressed kissless virgin
>finally decide to put myself out there and get a date
>too big of a coward, so to take some calming meds and vodka
>text a qt who's a friends of a friend
>she replies and is interested
>plan to meet her next day at a pub/club
>she agrees

next day
>come at 9pm, just like we agreed
>took some more xanax to help with the nerves
>20 minutes pass by, she's not here
>text her where she is
>no reply
>spend 2 hours at the pub, drugged, drinking alone like the pathetic piece of shit
>can hear people talk and laugh at me
>don't give a shit, cause xanax
>finally get text
>"Sorry, I forgot to say, I can't come today"
>don't give a shit, cause xanax
>go home directly to bed
>next morning, when meds wore off, cry for the first time in 7 years

I'm done. I'm fucking done. I'll never feel love. Why even try. I've lost all will to live. Gonna try heroin, because if I OD, at least I'll die in pure bliss. FUCK THIS GAY EARTH
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>tfw can't talk to girls no matter how intoxicated I am
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>be level 23hhkv neet
>never make any moves
>realize the problem is in me anyway
>drink to ease pain
slowly level in the same zone
nothing ever happens
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I've been drinking and poppin pills to cope with depression but it seems I only dig my grave deeper
they say it'll get better but I've lost all hope

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I'm going to punish my friend by replacing his desktop wallpaper.
You guys pick the image I place up there. I will pick the best one.
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>punish my friend
That's a luxury only a normie can take
The common Robot has no friends
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>Has friends
Normies need not come here
come on, give me more suggestions you heartless robotic shits!

Anyone have the updates version of this infograph?
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>Fun Fact: Playing with your nipples

Well, guess I'm adding another thing onto my regimen. I wonder how long the sensitivity will last, and how long you're supposed to play with them.

I already enjoy the sensation, so I'm sure it could become quite pleasurable if I trained it properly.

Where's that "athletic boy" asthetics chart as mentioned in the top right? I'm an ex-powerlifter, and am interested in aesthetic gains, primarily in my lower body and waist. My chest and upper body have always been poor in comparison, though. I've always had a build/strength from the bottom-up. Very shapely legs and ass, need work on waist and torso.
File: 1488509263592.jpg (1MB, 1432x2164px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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there is also this one

File: 1492131550165.jpg (421KB, 907x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Heres something similar I have aswell.

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