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I got your back, robots <3
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why is overdose with no prescription drugs so ineffective? one would assume that shooting a fuckton of heroin would kill you quite effectively.
Shotgun to head huh? Would it probably be instant and unsurvivable if someone put a shotgun aimed right between the eyes point blank? Buck shot or slug? Could anyone dave you even if you were on an operating table?

And seriously how the fuck does a bullet kill someone instantly wouldnt it just make a hole and the rest of the brain would work fine or would a slug point blank blow a head to pieces?
Probably taking into account all the near overdoses that happen. Someone does too much coke at a party and ends up being fine. Or they don't know how much to do.

What does /r9k/ think of Kratom? I statred taking it daily about a month ago and i gotta say, its made life a whole lot more tolerable.
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I've always wanted to try it, never gotten around to it. Do you take it for a functional high or a relaxing opioid like high? What strains?
isn't that the shit that gets heroin addicts clean?
Uncle Sam made it illegal

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Rewind 5 months ago.
>be me
>decent job
>Amazing girlfriend
>decent social life
>she cheated on me once and I forgave her
>got drunk and started thinking about it, cheated on her.
>she left
>mutual friends hate me
>no social life
My only friend outside work is a guy named jerry who manages planet fitness 3rd shift. I'm just waiting for something to kill me, I don't want o hurt my family with the burden of suicide.
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>she cheated on me once and I forgave her
this was your biggest mistake
dont forget that bud
Every dream I've had the last 3 weeks is either about her or another ungodly night terror. Last weekend I had a solipsistic episode
>solipsistic episode

What did you mean by this? Derealization?

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Who /bad teeth genetics/ here?

I'm only 20 and I've already lost 2 molars.
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Kill me

Original comment desusempie
Just get braces you fucking plebs, I used to have teeth way worse than in that pic and now they are perfectly fine
Mine are kind of shit but what really fucked them is brushing them less than once a week on average for the past >3 years

Do you miss the '90s/early 2000s era of the internet?
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I miss the internet Pre Gamer Gate.
It was such a time of hope
i didn't have internet back then because too poor. but it probably was better back then, because normies didn't use the Internet before social media got popular.

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>When I was 5 years old I wore my cousins pink tights and got caught
>When I was 7-8 I wore my moms panties and lipstick
>When I was 13 I started camwhoring for guys online
>Stole panties from my friends mom when I was 15
>My grandma found my stash of stolen girl clothes one day and never brought it up to me but I knew
Its all been downhill from the day I was born
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are you the guy who made a post a few hours ago about wearing the pink tights and then wrapping a blanket around you and your mom took the blanket off you and then shared your humiliation around?
Yeah that was me


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Has this film had any profound effect upon your life? Have any Brendan Fraser movies impacted your life?
Also, is Brendan Fraser a Robot?
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The Mummy is unironically one of my favorite movies.
Why exactly is it your favorite cinematic work
I'm Brendan Fraser

What anime do robots like?
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>What anime do robots like?
Boku no pico
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Cute comfy stuff like pic related.
Do normies still get triggered by this?
It's current year for crying out loud.

Which one of you autists applied to work at my company?
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>Many previous jobs
Nope, sorry wasn't anyone here
reasonable, if you are good at video games you are good at grasping new skills, reading, understanding directions

The Ebony slave woman was bred to be the ultimate white cock pleasing machine.
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Bump it up senpai
File: crying_blackmen3.jpg (244KB, 789x941px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yes she was. It's a white mans duty to breed the nigger out of niggers.
Do you really need to know more?
Mr. shekelstein's shaking things up or what?



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monday to friday plane
You're the normie.

i have had it with these mother fucking jewish tranny psyop threads on this motherfucking board

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Is it bad that I feel depressed that everyone is at prom and has dates while I'm in a group chat of people just sending images of them having a good time. I wish could be a normie I feel worthless not being able to touch girls let alone talk or look at in the eye.
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>having a good time
>sending pics of themselves through facebook group chat
They're bored as fuck lmao
who the fuck goes to prom in July?
>"i feel depressed"
get out

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It's a complete turn off for me. I don't want a woman who cheats. It inherently makes them untrustworthy. If she cheated behind another guy for me I can't trust her ever.

Then when people find out they want the partner back for whatever reason. Why? Afterwards they'd be trash to me and I'd like to move on.

They also attack the other person who may not have even known. Even though their partner could have said they're in a relationship. The partner was the complete and utter enabler. Fuck them.
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Chads and roasties LOVE drama in their life. Don't know why though
I guess it's a lot of reasons... but people become attached to some one and it's difficult to let them go, or at least the good parts. But mostly I think people might do it because it's an insult to them, that person belongs to them and you have to reclaim your possession... I only think that second part because I believe most people are inherently shitty...

I personally drop some one the moment they do anything overly sketchy no matter how much time or emotions we had.
Emotional shallowness

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Is being a robot mostly an American thing? I would imagine in the rest of the world you can just go to a brothel whenever you feel horny/lonely.

>inb4 just go to Nevada bro

Something about having to travel to a desert on the other end of the continent just to be able to fuck for a few minutes strikes me the wrong way.
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nei min venn
>implying whores are going to make you not lonely
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norfag here
>everyone here is rich, I'm constantly surrounded by stacies and chads
>I can't go out becuase everything is so fucking expensive
>I try to make friends but everyone leave
>everyone in this country is so materialistic and narcissistic
>the slut culture here is insane and it's getting mroe and more clear
>In my 24 years of being alive I haven't seen a single woman who hasn't grown up to be a total fucking roastie
>even that cute innocent girl I've known since elementary has fucking over 10 different Chads

fuck this country, worst robot country


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How to forget a girl and be back to safe robot life?

A couple of months earlier I did go out with some room mates and miraculously end up talking with one of the hottest girl I ever see

Nobody could believe it, an ugly idiot like me... talking with that model tier girl, looks of WTF were everywhere

I kept talking with this girl over the next days, I never showed romantic interest I was so glad just to have someone to talk, she was awesome...

Eventually I start dating, YES DATING her, I had sex several times (still I can't believe how that happened) it was magical, my first girlfriend, I was so happy

Today exactly 4 months later she left me cold turkey... now it hit me hard, I realize I lost her forever...

How can I forget everything and be back to being a robot, I mean I am a NEET with nothing to do all day + now extra depressed because the lost + randomly looking her instagram and see her in pics with rich Chads = I am dying

I wish I never experienced any of this
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You never relly forget
>date girl for 4 months
>have sex
No OP, you cannot come back. You should just leave this place, since it has nothing to offer to you anymore. Polite sage
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First of all, ignore bitter robots that will tell you to gtfo from here. I understand you and your pain, I know how it feels bro.
I experienced something similar, even that I could more-less get over it (took me almost 2 years tho). Depending how much you loved that person it will take you more or less time, even that by your story probably it will take you a while. But don't worry, you will get over it.
IMO there are 3 basic steps to forget her, let's look at them:

>randomly looking her IG
1. WRONG. That's the first you should NEVER do. Break all contact, since she prob doesn't give a fuck about you anyway. Forget her social media, NEVER look at it.
2. After doing that, try to focus on yourself and do things that you enjoy doing, and also try to get a work or study something; it will keep you entertained plus you might become successful, or at least with more money than you had.

3. Once you have done the previous and you more-less can deal with the rupture, just keep on enjoying life, and eventually you will get happiness again. Try to talk with other women (yeah i know it's not that easy, but try it). If you ever get another woman to love, you will eventually forget her, seriously.

t.had a 3 year relationship with another 10/10 qt. If you wanna ask something you are not sure about, just go ahead OP. I'm sure I can help you and that you'll get over it bro.

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