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We're trying to make a comfy discord MBTI server, so far it's a bit slow. Please do join~


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>tfw ENTJ

Life is good.
There is a girl on the server dont join
There are no girls on the internet fug off

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>tfw you cant have ONE thread without raging, bitter autists trying to ruin it

fuck this board. ENOUGH
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fuck ofd normie then
>t. Normalfag with no problems in life who got told to leave once
>tfw dog pissed on the rug


>tfw stubbed my toe on the corner of the wall


>tfw pizza rolls burned my tongue


just shut up. fucking faggot. normie aka anything you don't like

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I'll work on my studies tomorrow, for real this time, i promise!
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>it's another "anon has a ton of work but does nothing all weekend except feel like shit and chainsmoke" episode
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Man, I am not that prepared for this test. I'm definitely going to get an early start on studying next time!
>first exam tomorrow
>haven't got any of it memorised

>Swiping right on tinder and other apps like it for 2 days straight

>not one match

This was the first time I put myself out there in the "dating" world and once again humanity is repulsed by me. I got no matches in all that time. I feel like returning into my hole and staying there for the rest of my life.
When does this suffering end anons?
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Post your profile and let's see what damage you've done to yourself, cuck.
Males dont have a sexaul expiration date like females do. Why not wait until 30 to get into it? Why not focus on making yourself a better person? Because if you do,by the time you are 30 you will be irresistible and be able to have literaly who ever you want to have. Thats my battle plan anyways. Just wait. You have your life ahead of you after all. Just put in some effort.
Posting my pic online is out of my comfort zone anon. Please I don't want the feeling of shame to overcome me again as it has the past few days.

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why is porn so addicting?
i have been watching porn and masturbating for 5 hours now
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originolio raviolio
You must have a high sex drive.

I only watch 5 minutes of porn every other day, I'm 30 now, and I've always been that way ever since I started at 12 or whatever.
I masturbate daily, but I fall asleep after I'm done, even if it's at noon. Really low energy.

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>run it in the hole yeah, nippy no ya
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Grill on the left looks like a whore.
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get these ugly manwhores off of my screen

>MIT grad invents seeking arrangement because he's too fugly to get girls on his own

also the man on the left needs to find a better wig.
hol mir dein couseng

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So Anon, where you taking me after this?
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rehab but i didnt want to ruin the surprise
To my room so we can fuck (i.e. we make out I start crying then you refuse when I offer to eat you out and make up for it)
dermatologist to get that tramp-stamp removed

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Fembots, do you like bukkake?
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no I like nakadashi all that cum is wasted if it's on the outside
I like how degrading it is, just being used to be ejaculated on by a bunch of men. It can just look gross sometimes, though.
prefer swallowing tho because I'm pretty sure cum isn't good for your skin, also it's easier to brush your teeth than to get dick smell off your face.
If I never had to go anywhere I'd totally take a cum bath or something just to try it

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Why don't you just live properly, anon?
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I'm doing the best I can. I know other people make it look easy but it's not for me.
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who /afraid of people/ here?

If I hang around someone who's not my mom for long I feel like killilng myself.
I'm not meant for it.

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Anyone else straight but jerk off to traps?
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The only thing which gets me off
Depends, is pic related a trap?
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Occasionally, to mix things up. It's all fantasy so it doesn't matter if it's straight up homosexual or totally fucking straight videos that you are watching.

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please originally reply to my thread
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Ooga booga snskw qiqp
Voici ta reponse. Ne me reproche pas si tu ne peux pas la lire.

tirastite un peu, gochu? cheires a merda

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>"Anon i went into your room and threw a few things away...."
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>come home from collage one day
>Manga collection is gone

First time I've ever had a proper freakout desu anons
>he doesn't clean his own room

Underage get out.
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>"why do you keep the boxes for all your little doll figures, anon?"

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Come on, there has to be some speedcubers on /r9k/ It's one of the most robotic hobbies there is.
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I tried to get into it 7 years ago or so when it was somewhat popular in Germany.
I nevet got under 25 average because my look ahead was bad and I didnt want to bother learning all 6 million oll and pll algorithms.
What is your average OP and what cube do you use?

My average is about 12 seconds with a Gans 356. I lost my lube though, so my times haven't been so good lately. I'll need to buy more before my next competition.

Did you ever compete?
Damn. People with sub 15 seem insane to me.
I never heard of Gans 356. Is it faster than F2l?
No, of course I dont compete. Whats the point if you are not at least sub 10 or so.

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>Teeth are literally crumbling in my mouth as I write this post

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I remember this thread.

Either shitposting or you have schizophrenia
This is my worst nightmare. How does it get to that point?
the crumbling hasn't stopped, my teeth are much worse than last time. I keep trying to call my doctor but I suffer from anxiety. I can't stop crying whenever I think about this. I haven't left the house in months...

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I'm sorry. The pornographic video you are trying to watch has not been approved for viewing in your country.
The following are the government approved categories for your area:
-Big Black Cock
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Feels good not living in italy
Shit, forgot to turn my Swedish proxy off.
you forgot
- thicc
- milf

those are right up there in terms of normie cancer

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