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Why do I have to justify my existence with constant toil if I didn't ask to be born?
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You don't. Feel free to kill yourself.
Because your choices in the matter are limited.
Yeah, we'll catch you next time man.

Ever been kicked in the nuts ? Ever managed to kick someone in the nuts ? How did he react ?
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never, I repeat never, as a man, kick someone in the nuts. Its fucking awful, and you will forever be a little bitch and will die alone with exploded testicles.

I've been kicked there and the ultimate worst, a pickleball paddle, pic related, thrown at my nuts on accident in gym class when it came out of a girls hand. I immediately saw black and then specks of color and felt like I was going to puke and fell to the ground. I was able to sit out that class and the girl was freaking out apologizing and I got a hug out of it.
to add to this, its not a feeling in the nuts themselves but a gut wrenching tearing heavy pain through your stomach and it radiates out. horrible, and you feel like you might lose conciousness. Ive fractured my skull and had the fluid around the brain leak out and getting kicked in the nuts is by far worse, but if youre not damaged there then you will be okay in about 20 mins or so after recovering.
>Ive fractured my skull and had the fluid around the brain leak out and getting kicked in the nuts is by far worse

there is no way this is true. I've been kicked in the balls and yeah it hurt but it wasn't that bad

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>dad dabbled in the deviant devilish delights again
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>cousin contacted the cum consuming creatures
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Ah Dibbities Dabbities Doppities Du! :DDD
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>mom slipped inside the scat shower

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Hi ya bloody cunts. I'm the guy who made the idea of raiding a small minecraft channel i the raid of the century thread and we won. here is the normies channel

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how dumb and retarded are you?
I cum to bump

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>no friend to listen wiccaphase with

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But...Adam is singing Tigers Jaw!
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he left it and joined GBC :)
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I hope he goes back to Tigers Jaw. Wicca Phase is nice though desu

Which gamer zone did you have?
Which gamer zone does chad have?

I was "pro"
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I had cheater because I used an editor to raise my gamerscore.
I never even knew you could get that

Because I'm edgy & hardcore

How can a person legally ruin someone's life, r9k? Or just cause as much trouble legally possible for that person/school? It's an old teacher that ruined mine.
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Lawfag here. How did he/she ruin your life?
He gave me a d, plus the d
False rape accusations against males, like nothing against females

If there's anything you should be worshiping it's the Sun

>Provides all the heat and light on earth
>Plants and animals wouldn't exist without it
>All energy around us right now originated from the sun
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Sun is a big dumb poopoo head and make day hot I don't like sun for this bully
What about all the stars before it that experienced a supernova and propelled all of the hydrogen to the spot where our Sun began fusing?
What about the poopy bang that made this all possible in the first place?

Why do I feel intimidated by girls so much? It's not like they're gonna bite me
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One of my secret delights are anime girls showing their teeth, almost acting bear-like.
>tfw no anime girlfriend to bite me
>It's not like they're gonna bite me

if you're lucky they will
All humans are out to secure something for themselves. Women specifically want to get that something at your expense.

>gf is fucking psycho
>Don't want to see her again or have her anywhere near me
>I've got her shit at my house
>she wants to come get it
>I'm just gonna trash it
>if I see her she's going to be hostile and aggressive

Would it be wrong to wave a gun at her to tell her to gtfo? I don't play games with legit crazy. She's boasted that she has guns in her house and told me shed burn my house down if she was mad at me. I'm basically come to terms with the fact I'm gonna have to kill this bitch. But my problem us double standards and muh feelings. Women can do no wrong. Would I be put in jail for keeping this bitch off my shit?
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Why don't you just give her her stuff?
Get all her stuff and leave it in a box outside your house, then tell her to come pick it up.
Kill her then kill your self normie

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>be me
>want to watch a youtube video
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It's 2017 and you don't have adblock? What the fuck is wrong with you?
You gotta do the cooking by the book :D
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>being this stupid
>not spending literally 5 seconds to install an ad blocker

inb4 rig so expensive I couldn't afford a desk.
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well if you can afford to have a desk why dont you have one you dumbass
Just collect wood off the street.
I can boost you on cs http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jewishtrader/

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tfw should have made friends in high school but didn't.

for those that can relate.

We fucked up guys.
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At least I meet with one occassionally
I have one friend left after 4 years post-graduation.
God help me, it turns out that outcasts and recluses don't have strong bonds of friendship they want to protect.
it's hard making new friends especially when you've spent most time alone or with people who now are so boring that you need to find you friends because you're so bored, all you can do is distract yourself from it.

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How do I overcome my anxiety?
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take a shit ton of nootropics and hope for the best
You don't. The only thing that makes anxiety go away completely is drugs. What drugs depend entirely on the individual. Alcohol and cough syrup work for me, personally.
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By completely giving yourself over to faith. The teleological suspension of the ethical. Stop being a mass man.

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>he identifies as a militant atheist
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I'm a militant not-giving-a-fuckist
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>he identifies as a radical centrist
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>He identifies as a devout Christian
>He refers to people as "degenerates"

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