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>ywn be a rowdy punk before it became a cliche uniform

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Who else /hungry/ ?
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>be cute boy
>get hit on by alpha girl in a bar
>she slips her hand in your undies
>in p.u.b.l.i.c.
>squirm like a girl
>drag you in a dark alley
>make you go down on her
>mouth waters and feel dizzy
>she calls you a slut

What's your excuse for not embracing the perfect life ?
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>>be cute boy
that's why

who else here /ugly/
and where exactly might this life be taking place?
If only girlcock was real, then it would be perfect.

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What are the signs or red flags that a guy is only in it for the sex?
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* You don't share any of his interests
* You find his hobbies boring
* When he tries to include you in other things he likes, you divert him by having sex with him.

Basically, are you offering anything of value in the relationship beyond a warm hole?
If the girl is a whore and he humors her anyway.
>Tons of previous girlfriends.
>Starts asking for sex by the first or second date.
>Watches a lot of porn.
>You dress like a whore wearing stuff like yoga pants in public.
>He knows about your past as a whore and still dates you.
>You are a single mother.

These are pretty clear signs.

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If you grew up rich, and say you lived with your family and lived in a house like pic related, and drove a nice car like a Mercedes Benz, would you care less about how people viewed you? Your family has money and you're well off on inheritance, I mean would you really NEED friends who "Cared" about you? Or would you just stay lowkey and not give a fuck about how people felt about you since you're better off than most people?
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So you would have achieved nothing and have no friends? Seems like your only hope of any happiness would be caring about what people though of the nice car that your parents bought you.
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If I grew up rich nobody would be viewing me at all, because I would have long since built a compound in the woods within a nature preserve that all humans attempting to enter would be killed.
Op that house and car and what you described sounds more like middle class.

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>tfw no indie gf

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A good way to get an indie gf is to become an indie artist yourself anon :^)
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I can't unsee
I actually was planning on it but I feel like I've started too late.

Are you talking about the sex tape? Do you think it was really her?

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>Check Facebook of girl in school who was nice to everyone including me
>Has a son with a debilitating disease
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such is the price of niceness, but WHY DO YOU GIVE A SHIT?
did you like her op?
usually those type of girls would have never dated one of us.

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>pull to second window, about to ask for extra ketchup
>she already has it in her hand
>they recognize me
>realize they have probably been watching me eat 8 mcdoubles from their drive thru window for months now
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>smoking on some mid
>drinking red bull
>playing fallout 4 and listening to music

it's honestly like a healthier version of cocaine...

what drugs are my fellow robots on tonight? normie alcoholics and degenerate heroin addicts allowed.
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None, but tomorrow I'm getting slammed. An IRC friend is coming over.

In this month I've done the following drugs:
>shrooms, twice.
>Pot (legal pot on vacation, smoked some Golden Goat and assorted other strains, and did dabs as well (that shit fuck you up mane))

Vacations are fun.
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very nice.
getting LSD soon, maybe MDMA in the future.

have yet to go to a legal dispensary but when I do I'm going to say goodbye to a lot of money


I did those for the first time in Michigan with a friend. I was high the entire time I was there. Went from smoking half a joint once a month to doing two dabs and it kinda spooked me. Was getting minor visuals. I thought it wasn't effecting me and it kicked in as the guy was warming the banger up for me so I ended up smoking more than even the normal smokers there

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>tfw no depressed gf to wallow in self-pity with
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This is now a draw your own pepe thread

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>be 14 half failed normie
>graduating 9th grade
>play piano in school band for graduation ceremony
>one of the singers fell for me in rehearsals, >literal 9/10 qt
>final rehersal
>bus ride home
>she walks up to me
>"hey anon can i sit here?"
>"nowhere else on the bus?"
>"no i just wanted to sit next to you"
>sperg out, barely talk for half the ride, take out my headphones and zone out for the other half
>she moved to another seat
>don't see her much after
26 now, to date one of my only experiences with women
pic related, looks like her without the stacy

still fap to her facebook
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Do you think the current generations will be more patient, understanding, open-minded with their kids' life choices?

At the same time, do you think it'll be many people that go full, strict, family-first, fuck up and I'll crack your skull conservative parent mode?

What do you think you'll feel like when we're the old guys?
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I really hope everyone goes back to being conservative as fuck because at this rate humanity is going to turn into a bunch of degenerates ruled by some companies super AI
Would you be that kind of father?
I wouldn't force it since that often backfires, but if my child turns out to be gay im done with them T B H

Earl puts the ass in assassin
Puts the pieces of decomposing bodies in plastic
Puts them in a pan and mixes it up with scat
Then gobbles it like fat black bitches and catfish
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earl is a true robot

IDLSIGO is quintessential niggabot
I don't like shit i don't go outside.
Dad left him
Tfw no Earl friend to do benzos and write raps with

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>boss calls me at 9:47 pm to only tell me I "seemed a little down today"
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Something tells me the conversation didn't end there OP. What happened next?
Did he mean your productivity? If yes, your boss is a right cunt. If he actually cared, your boss is a bro.

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>TFW you run into your first and one of two ex of sorts on a porn site
Why the fuck couldn't it be at the grocery store or something? Jesus fuck.
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My first girlfriend sent me a free login for the port site she was on, and wanted to know what I thought.

This was years later, long after the head injury that destroyed my social skills, and made me a robot.
>Two black dicks in a bathroom
Why couldn't have been something normal? Like fapping or maybe just a single black dick in a bedroom?

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