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>be me, about a month ago
>playing skyrim with mods
>goes to an island just to mark it on my map
>no bridge, so i'll have to swim
>when i about to return i spot FAST movment on water
>a HUGE slaughterfish pop out of the water
>i'm literally hydrophobic now
>thanks skyrim
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did u really hearth attack tho?? that sucks.
not really, just a BIG ASS SCARE
Nice redditpost, friendo. :^)

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How much shit do I have to buy before I become happy?
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Material goods cannot make you happy.
Idk dude I'm enjoying my new 65 inch screen tv to watch porn on
I thought we go to good schools to get good jobs so we can get lots of money so we can buy a metric fuck ton of shit.

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>Boss calls me 3 times on my day off to ask me to work extra
>Didn't get them until later because I was busy
>The next day I'm working he scalds me for not answering
Am I supposed to be on call 24/7 for this wagey job or what?
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Yes, you literally are. No matter where, no matter when you have to bow to the whims of Mr.Shekelstein.
Just tell him to fuck off its not like he can do anything about it
Fuck that, I never answer my phone when work calls.

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Lets have one of these threads.

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her is the original
>jerking off to a 1967 mustang
good taste tbqh

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im waiting for you robots
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give me three (3) good reasons why I should join your server
okay music in vc
I said good reasons.

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ITT you post ugly girls/women you would absolutely destroy in bed if you had the chance.
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>ITT you post ugly girls/women you would absolutely destroy in bed if you had the chance.
But i'm asexual.
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That's insulting to her and her family. Take it the fuck back.
>Take it the fuck back.
No she is ugly. She's cute sometime under the right light. But she's ugly.
I would still make sweet yet intense love to her all night long.

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Good morning, wagecuck.

It's the last day of slavery before your well deserved two days off freedom. Go and finish out your week of slavery.

Another day, another dollar.
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one of the most uninspired wagie threads yet, how does it feel to be significantly retarded even among other neets?
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Au contraire, wagie-slavie. Customer's always right. Wouldn't want Mr. Shekelberger to write you up and subject you to disciplinary action, would you?
Wagies are already getting ragie. Get off to work. You wouldn't want to get fired and become an useless NEET that doesn't make mommy and daddy proud of you and doesn't contribute to society, would you?

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Saw myself in the camera again
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>caught a glimpse of my reflection as i was brushing my teeth again
>outside in a good mood
>see my reflection in a car window
>day ruined
>mom got new clothes for me
>tells me i look good
>think i look good
>go out for tendies
>see sinful self in the glass door of burger king
>immediately turn away and rush back home

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>broke up with fiancee two months ago
>been trying to move on but still miss her so incredibly much
>do same sports
>will see her again at a tournament tomorrow
>tfw genuinely very afraid and dreading it

I'm a grown man, but god damn, I can feel my heart beat in my chest already.

Have you ever encountered your ex after the break-up? What happened? How was that for you?
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We don't have ex's, retard.
>broke up with fiancee
Wrong board shitcunt
>met a girl who seemed like all my dreams come true for 3 hours once and this was the highlight of my life
>got ghosted afterwards
>still hung up over it because it was the only 3 hours in the past ten years where time felt like it was moving forward
>trying to imagine what it would be like if i had a fiancee
>trying to imagine the pain of losing that
>levels of emotion seem so high that they're abstractions which i cant really imagine
How the fuck do you people deal with all those feelings that come with relationships and ending them, I can't even get over having an unrequited crush in elementary

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So anon tell me, how was your relationship with your mother?
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She's very passive aggressive and vindictive, has major mood swings due to depression and BPD, and will lecture you about anything she can think of even if she knows nothing about it.

I love her because she's my mom, can't stand her because she's insufferable, and I molested her once while she was drunk. So... decent
I've always kind of despised her. I don't know how she feels about me these days, haven't seen her in a while.

Complicated; She is a neurotic nutbag but atleast she is a decent person when she is happy.

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>tfw when

/r9k/ is trash these days
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>tfw when my feel when i feel that feel of only having less than 10 threads on my /r9k/ after filtering
>Nameless finally found a way to complain about something he can't see
the madman
I don't like filtering the threads I hate. Seeing them fills me with rage, and anger only makes me more powerful.

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Quick get in!
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damn I had a 2 streak but lost it
tfw jerry is ahead of me
tfw about to pass him up
how do you see the questions?

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How wouId you service this goddess?
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Put her chained in to the basement and feed her nothing but grass and milk her.

Well I'm going to have to change her oil and adjust her headlights. You're probably looking at a couple of grand.

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images (7).jpg
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I'm going to Brisbane next month for tafe. I'm gonna fuck a hooker and lose my virginity. Then get fucked up every night.

Will this make me a normie at last?
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What are you studying at tafe?
Communications technology
interesting, how ever i would not purchase a prostitute in melbourne they are nasty apparently.

Help me justify being a 20 something year old NEET to myself
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You have ascended to the highest form of existence at such a young age. You're at one with all living things. Each man's thoughts and dreams are yours to know. You have power beyond imagination.

Use it well, my friend. Don't lose your head.
listen to this comfy asmr vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRYJGztohD8
What's in it for you if you get a job?

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