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anyone /eatingdisorder/ here?
I've been bulimic for like 4 years and I can't take how fucking disgusting I am anymore
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I understand my brudda
I don't know if it's an eating disorder but I only eat once every 2-3 days, and when I do eat it'll be sub-1000 calories - most of the time it's just 4 pieces of toast with jam.

I'm a skeletor lord.
I periodically fast and binge and then fast again to make up for the binging. I have destroyed my body, but I'm gonna kill myself within the next two years so it doesn't even really matter. I'm back in the fasting phase now.

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Who here actually plans on uprising?
These faggots won't know what hit them. In due time. Due time.
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Fuck off FBI shills. You're worse than subhumans. I'd trust a fucking Jew over you!
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If you're gonna uprise don't be a pussy.

Grow a pair of balls and charge at a university campus on a Saturday night and murder the chads and stacies during their frat parties and make sure you actually kill more than 3 people it's really not that hard to aim

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I was watching some time stop porn, and I wondered, what if women are sluts only because a group of people with time stop powers fucks every female because they can stop time and the amount of time they spend fucking frozen women is limitless so effectively they have fucked every single female, and maybe they have a set of guidelines where they only fuck women at a certain age, but there was some sort of internal power struggle within the group so they started fucking girls at a younger age than prior to their groups laws, so that's why girls are super slutty at a young age.

I mean, how could we know, right?
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>time stop porn
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Yo what.jpg
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What do you mean, not original?
>time stop porn
90% of time stop porn is fake. They are merely pretending that time has stopped.

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Any cute ginger boys want to give me their discord?
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m or f?
f with ginger fever
[email protected] just send me proof ur not a sperg and you can have my discord

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Can someone tell me his name
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Can I get a source senpai?
I already said it you fucking retard.

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computer wojak.jpg
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>be me
>talking to qt.314 online
>she actually likes me
>be talking about common interests
>she says she likes youtube
>"what do you watch"
>she says prank videos, and logan paul
>go on a rant on how those videos are bullshit and how logan paul is a joke
>she says goodnight, and i haven't gotten a text back
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>insufferable nigger makes shitty fake greentext
>nobody cares
Fucking shallow piece of shit zero depth, if you aren't like that get away if you are go fuck off and have little useless autopilot npc kids
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Anon, you never bash her interests before being on a date, you have to play along and pretend that you too like prank videos and Logan Paul.

Give her the impression that she too found the man of her dreams. You can bash her after a few dates when she is hooked to you and wont leave you while you explain to her that Logan Paul is a mentally unstable fucktard and that most prank videos are staged and bullshit.

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For the entire time i have been on this site, i have only been hopping around a couple boards, what am i missing out on on other boards?
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This site is shit and a waste of time. Some other boards are not a waste of time.
/f/ is where it all began for me but I barely visit it now. Otherwise /sci/ is decent and /int/ is a better, less retarded version of /pol/.

/sci/ is reddit tier, go to /lit/ for intellectual discussion instead

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Normies will never know the suffering of being ghosted by the fembot you're orbiting.
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You deserved it betabucks
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why did she ghost you, anon?
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Kek damn this gay earth

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>tfw seek out situations that inflict suffering so i feel more worthy of existing
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I want to lick Ika Musume's cunny
You know I'm always down for some suffering. It's what makes life worthwhile.
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>feeling good
>watch or listen to something to make myself feel like shit instead

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Who /schizoid/ here?

Schizoid seems like a very robot personality disorder. Personality disorders are just memes though. I don't even think I'm schizoid, but another anon told me I was.

What are you schizoid experiences?
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normalfag personality disorder desu

it's nothing but an advantage, with this disorder you have no longing. it isn't hard to etch out a living and be a completely satisfied hermit your entire life
Why do you feel the need to make this thread? You're very obviously seeking affirmation on being schizoid. If you care so much then attempt to get diagnosed, otherwise, kill yourself teenbro.
I don't care about that, I just like learning about how other people think. Nice projection though.

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Someone should make a mass shooting themed tactical shooter. Something like the early rainbow six games or swat. You could meticulously plan out the shooting and see how your end results compare to the real thing. I could have pulled off a better NBK than Eric and Dylan, forget about the propane bombs.
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there would only be one level tho. or do you go from school to school shooting people. and does it become harder because they schools prepare based on the results of how you did at the last school.. hmm.. this game is really coming together now.
The schools are procedurally generated, so the shooting takes place differently every time. Police response times vary as well.
Based on your results from previous massacres, you're allowed different equipment as the game progresses. For example, as you get better and better at the columbine hs level, you may eventually be allowed access to explosives that work properly. The columbine level would also have opportunities for great co-op.

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089 - zMKNISl.jpg
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>tfw I only had sex once in the past 6 months

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>tfw never had sex

of course this isn't original
Tfw gf coming over in a few hours time.
Enjoy your ignorance, bro. It's just not worth it

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How do homosexuals feel about this whole gender fluid thing where people can identify as whatever they want and want to use the same bathrooms as the opposite sex from which they were born?
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sex, "gender identity," masculinity/femininity and sexual orientation are completely different things
same shit bitch you're a fucking faggot
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i understand why everyone hated gays now after i had to deal with trannies.

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I have never used deodorant. w-which one should I get?
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The good one. Not the bad one.
un-scented ones are the best. You will smell like nothing, scented ones always start smelling weird when they mix with your sweat. I use Ban Unscented roll on, even though its for women it works great for me, and ima male
The most important thing is that it is an antiperspirant. I like Arid XX dry, it is unscented. You may find you like how some deodorants smell. I really like how Old Spice smells, like a sexy sweaty man, but I prefer to use unscented. You can take the caps off in the stores to smell them before purchasing sometimes.

Do you have a best friendo?
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I have a boyfriend. Does that count, Anon?
Fucking normie scumbag get the fuck out right now or else
Why of course, ever since elementary school, only a loser wouldn't have made a best friend!

My favourite part if we have childhood memories together you only get one chance at forming!

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